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Mon Dec 11 2000

Qs: Recognizing Collocations, Secondary Predicates

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  1. CallMeSal, Computer program for recognizing collocations
  2. satoe nakai, Acquisition of secondary predicates

Message 1: Computer program for recognizing collocations

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 03:16:40 EST
From: CallMeSal <>
Subject: Computer program for recognizing collocations

Hi, everyone. Happy Holidays. 

I'm a doctoral candidate at University of Pacific in California, researching 
collocations, or the tendency of words to co-occur in text. Just as an 
example, second language students might use expressions in writing such as 
"the economy went down," not knowing common collocations for "economy" such 
as "collapsed." I believe that academic disciplines have such particular 
phrases that they use over and over, and then individual speakers have their 
own preferred phrases. 
 I wonder if anyone could recommend a computer program that will recognize 
such phrases, words that consistently occur together within a given text, 
perhaps with a notation of frequency? If anyone could give me any pointers, 
I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. 
Stacia Levy 
University of Pacific, California USA 
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Message 2: Acquisition of secondary predicates

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 20:52:36 +0900
From: satoe nakai <>
Subject: Acquisition of secondary predicates

Dear linguists
I am a graduate school student in Japan.
And I am writing a paper about acquisition of secondary predicates.
As you know, secondary predicates can be divided into two types;
resultatives and depictives. I would like to know which is acquired first.
If you know some papers (or information) about this subject, please teach
Though I am interested in the acquisition of secondary predicates by second
language (L2) learner, I would be glad if I can get the information about
the acquisiton by first language (L1) learner.
Yours sincerely
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