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Tue Dec 12 2000

Sum: First Language Acquisition of Arabic

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  1. Amr IBRAHIM, Acquisition of Arabic as a mother tongue

Message 1: Acquisition of Arabic as a mother tongue

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 08:46:09 +0100
From: Amr IBRAHIM <>
Subject: Acquisition of Arabic as a mother tongue

In LINGUIST List: Vol-11-2392. on Sun Nov 5 I posted this query
concerning the acquisition of Arabic as a mother tongue: "Supervising
a graduate work on the acquisition of Arabic as a mother tongue from a
strictly linguistical point of view I noticed there were nearly nothing
writtten on the subject in English, French or Arabic. Is there anybody
working in the field? Is anyone familiar with serious litterature about
this question ?". Herewith the promised summary.

First of all, many thanks for the respondents:
Dorit Ravid <> (School of Education & Dpt of
Communication disorders - Tel-Aviv University)
Younes Mourchid <> (University of Southern California)
Noureddine Kahlaoui <>
Khaled Rifaat <> or <> (Dpt of
Phonetics Faculty of Arts University of Alexandria)
Louis Boumans <> (Reiksuniversiteit
Leiden, CNWS)
Y. E. Rramdani <> (Tilburg University)
Sabah M. Safi <> (King Abdulaziz University)
Asma Siddiki <> (Dpt of Experimental
Psychology - Oxford University)
Kimary Shahin <> (Dpt of English - Birzeit
Mousa Amayreh <> (Dpt of Linguistics and Phonetics
- University of Jordan)

Many respondents agree that the most important and complete work,
although a relatively old one, is that of
OMAR, Margaret Kleffner, The Acquisition of Egyptian Arabic as a Native
Language, Janua Linguarum, Series Practica, 160, The Hague: Mouton, 1973
(Formerly a Ph. D. dissertation at Georgetown University, 1970).
It is still the only book cited on the subject in the last edition I
know of M. H. BAKALLA's Bibliography of Arabic Linguistics (London:
Mansell, 1995)

Other references are:

AFTAT, Mokhtar, 1982, The Acquisition of Negation and Wh- Questions in a
Moroccan Arabic Speaking Four-Year-Old Child, Ph D Thesis, University of
AMAYREH, Mousa & DYSON, Alice, 1998, "The Acquisition of Arabic
Consonants", Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 41,
- -------------- 2000, "Phonological errors and sound changes in Arabic
speaking-children", Journal of Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, Vol.
14, n�2, 79-109)
- -------------- 2000, "Phonetic inventories of young Arabic-speaking
children", Journal of Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, Vol. 14, n�3,
BERMAN, Ruth A. & RAVID, Dorit D., 2000, "Acquisition of Israeli Hebrew
and Palestinian Arabic. A review of current research" , Hebrew Studies
41, 7-22.
MOURCHID, Younes, 1998, The Acquisition of Case-marking in Moroccan
Arabic as a first language, Master Thesis, University of Southern
RAVID, D. & FARAH R., 1998, "Rule and role in the acquisition of
Palestinian Arabic noun plurals" in Aksu-Ku, E. Erguranli-Taylan, A.
Sumru Ozsoy & A. Kuntay (eds) Perspectives on Language acquisition,
Istanbul: Bogazici University Press, 31-45.
1999, "Learning about noun plurals in early Palestinian Arabic", First
Language 19, 187-206
RAVID, D. (in press) "A developmental perspective on root perception in
Hebrew and Palestinian Arabic" in Y. Shimron (ed) The processing and
acquisition of root based morphology.
RAVID, D. & HAYEK L., (paper submitted for publication) "Learning about
different ways of expressing number in Palestinian Arabic".
SHAHIN, Kimary, 1995, "Child Language evidence on Palestinian Arabic
phonology" in Eve Clark (ed) Proceedings of the 26th Child Language
Research Forum, Stanford, CSLI, 104-116.
- ----------- (paper submitted for publication) "Remarks on Cleft Palate
Speech of Arabic-Speaking children".

I did not mention some other references I received about bilingualism or
acquisition of Arabic as a second language, or about Arabic in general.

Many thanks to all of you. You will all receive soon the Call for

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