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Tue Feb 8 2000

All: Cookbook Update

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Message 1: Cookbook

Date: 8 Feb 2000 16:05:30 -0000
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Subject: Cookbook


	We have had many messages of support and encouragement for our
	cookbook in honor of Jim McCawley. Thanks to all of you who sent
	suggestions for names, contributed recipes, or generously offered
	insight and assistance in this project. (And a special thanks to 
	Kela Ruuskanen, the original editor of the cookbook.)
	We have recieved some great suggestions for titles, including but
	not limited to:
	 - The Eaters' Guide to Linguists' Cooking
	 - The Eaters' Guide to Cooking Linguists
	 - Recipes in Honor of Jim McCawley (on the order of a festschrift)
	 - I'll Have Some of What They're Having
	 - What You Always Wanted to Know About Eating
	 - Thirty Million Theories of Eating
	 - Everything Touching on the Tongue: Linguists' recipes in 
	memory of JM. 
	Since most people voted for "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about
	Food: A cookbook in Honor of Jim McCawley," that is what we are
	calling it for now. But this is intended to be an ongoing project so, of
	course, we continue to welcome your opinions and suggestions.
	The cookbook is well under way. We have a working title, a few
	recipes, and some suggestions for other material commemorating Jim
	and his extraordinary culinary knowledge. We've even received an offer from a
	member of Jim's family to submit one of Jim's recipes as well as one
	of her own. 
	What we need now is more recipes from our subscribers. 
	Remember that it is the ACTIVITY of sharing recipes we love that is 
	intended to commemorate Jim McCawley's generous spirit. We 
	have no ambition to produce a gourmet cookbook, so please don't 
	feel that your recipes or cooking insights aren't impressive enough 
	to be used to commemorate Jim. We need your contributions--the 
	more, the better! 
	To add your recipe, go to: 
	and click on "Submit your own recipe to the cookbook".
	Thanks to all of you who have already shared your recipes; we are
	looking forward to receiving many more.
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