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TOC: The Linguistic Review

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  1. Gillian Caglayan, New TOC: The Linguistic Review Volume 17, Issue 2-4 (2000)

Message 1: New TOC: The Linguistic Review Volume 17, Issue 2-4 (2000)

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:42:51 +0100
From: Gillian Caglayan <>
Subject: New TOC: The Linguistic Review Volume 17, Issue 2-4 (2000)

The Linguistic Review
Editor-in-chief: Harry van der Hulst
ISSN 0167-6318

Volume 17 (2000), Number 2-4 (Triple Issue)

A Review of Optimality Theory

Guest Editor: Nancy A. Ritter

THE LINGUISTIC REVIEW is proud to announce a special triple issue of
volume 17 which focuses on a critical review of the state-of-the-art of
phonological Optimality Theory (OT).

This special issue contains articles, authored by many of the leading
researchers in phonological theory, assessing the contributions that OT
has made to the field of phonology over the past seven years. The
articles review and evaluate the import, effects, and effectiveness that
OT has had, and continues to have, on phonology. This includes
discussions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of OT as a formal
theory, and the success of this approach as applied in specific
phonological domains, such as metrical structure, acquisition/learning
of grammars, suprasegmental tonal processes, language change, et alia.

This special issue presents, in a truly scientific spirit, the
assessment of a theory, which includes its developments and the various
paths that it has taken since the first seminal work on OT was
introduced. The additional benefit of this special issue to the
phonological community at large is found in a number of articles that
serve to test the value of OT as a viable approach to understanding
phonological problems, by either supporting or falsifying OT's
theoretical claims and hypotheses.


Nancy A. Ritter, Introduction

Stuart Davis, Some Analytical Issues in Optimality Theory

John Rennison, OT and TO - On the Status of Optimality Theory as a
Theory and a Formalism

K.P. Mohanan, The Theoretical Substance of the Optimality Formalism

John Coleman, Candidate Selection

George N. Clements, In Defense of Serialism

Morris Halle & William J. Idsardi, Stress and Length in Hixkaryana

Diana Archangeli, Evaluation in OT

April McMahon, The Emergence of the Optimal? Optimality Theory and Sound

Mark Hale, Marshallese Phonology, the Phonetics-Phonology Interface and
Historical Linguistics

Harry van der Hulst & Nancy A. Ritter, The SPE-heritage of Optimality

Charles Reiss, Optimality Theory from a Cognitive Science Perspective

Yishai Tobin, Comparing and Contrasting Optimality Theory with the
Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior

David Odden, Opacity and Ordering: H Deletion in Kikerewe

William J. Idsardi, Clarifying Opacity

Paul Kiparsky, Opacity and Cyclicity

Luigi Burzio, Segmental Contrast meets Output-to-Output Faithfulness

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