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Fri Dec 22 2000

FYI: Czech Corpus, GGT Research Reports

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  1. Pavel Kveton, Czech National Corpus
  2. Anna Gavarro Alguero, GGT Research Reports

Message 1: Czech National Corpus

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:46:43 +0100
From: Pavel Kveton <>
Subject: Czech National Corpus

In November 2000, a 100-million representative corpus of written Czech,
called SYN2000, has been officially released for non-commercial use. 

It is a major part of the Czech National Corpus project which consists of 
other minor corpora, too, and which will be gradually released as well. 
SYN2000 is basically a contemporary modern corpus (where, for example, 
newspaper texts date from 1991-1999), which is planned for a many-sided 
research, dictionary-makers etc. An access to it can be negotiated, 
against signing a written statement, free of charge through the address which serves also as a web address with some 
additional information. Next to this, the same address offers a public 
access to some 20 million of the large corpus in a somewhat limited way, 
too. An accompanying book about the Czech National Corpus, containg a 
Manual for using SYN200, which has just come out, is available from the 
Institute of the Czech National Corpus who is responsible for the corpora 
developed under the project.

Professor Frantisek Cermak
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Message 2: GGT Research Reports

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 13:29:42 +0100
From: Anna Gavarro Alguero <>
Subject: GGT Research Reports

 The Grup de Gram�tica Te�rica of the Universitat Aut�noma de
Barcelona announces its research reports for the year 2000:

Jaume Mateu and Gemma Rigau, 'A minimalist account of conflation
processes: parametric variation at the lexicon-syntax interface' 

Linda Escobar, 'In favour of secondary predication: the Spanish
reflexive consigo' (GGT-00-2)

Gemma Rigau, 'Temporal existencial constructions in Romance' (GGT-00-3)

Anna Gavarr�, 'Proposal for a morphosyntactic coding of Catalan for

Zulema Borr�s, 'Prospective readings revisited' (GGT-00-5)

Joana Rossell�, 'Un enfocament minimista pel par�metre del subjecte nul'

Rafael Mar�n, 'Por activa y por pasiva' (GGT-00-7)

Sergio Balari, Rafael Mar�n and Teresa Vallverd�, 'Implicational
constraints, defaults and
markedness' (GGT-00-8)

Teresa Espinal, 'Property-denoting objects and incorporation in
idiomatic constructions' (GGT-00-9)

Josep Quer, 'Licensing free choice items in hostile environments: the
role of aspect and mood'

Sergio Balari, 'Natural language processing as a computational problem'

Anna Gavarr�, 'Failure to Agree in agrammatism' (GGT-00-12)

Gemma Rigau, 'Number agreement variation in Catalan dialects'

These reports are available at

Anna Gavarr�
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