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  1. M.Groefsema, LAGB Spring Meeting at UCL

Message 1: LAGB Spring Meeting at UCL

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 06:17:02 +0000
From: M.Groefsema <>
Subject: LAGB Spring Meeting at UCL

LAGB Spring Meeting 2000: University College London

Second Circular

The 2000 Spring Meeting will be held from 6 to 8 April at University
College London, where the Association will be the guests of the Department
of Linguistics and Phonetics. The Local Organiser is Karen Froud

Enquiries about the meeting should be addressed to:
Karen Froud, Dept of Lingusitics and Phonetics, University College London,
Gower Street, LONDON WC1E 6BT.


The accommodation for conference participants is in two locations, both
within five minutes' walk from the conference location.

+ Accommodation in Ramsay Hall (Maple Street, W1) , one of UCL's halls of
residence, consists of single bedrooms, with hand wash basins and shared
bathroom facilities, offered on a half-board basis (i.e. breakfast and
dinner provided) at the bargain price of �28.00 per person per night. This
can be booked through the local organiser.

+ Accommodation in the Tavistock Hotel (Tavistock Square, WC1) consists of
either single or twin bedrooms with ensuite facilities, television and
radio, and the price includes full breakfast. The Tavistock also has a
wine-bar and restaurant, and a pay garage is available for guests. Prices
are �65.00 per night for a single room and �83.60 for a twin room. If you
choose to book hotel accommodation, please contact the Tavistock Hotel
directly on 0171 636 8383 (you have to ask for reservations), saying that
you are attending the LAGB conference as they have reserved a certain
number of rooms for us (our contact there is Shauna, who is the
reservations manager).

 Please note that accommodation in Central London in the spring is at a
premium, and the rooms reserved for our conference delegates will be
allocated on a first-come first-served basis: please complete and return
the attached booking form as quickly as possible to be sure of a place. UCL
accommodation must be requested and paid for by February 22nd 2000 at the
latest; accommodation can be requested later than this but without any
guarantee of success.
 Conference presentations will take place in the main building of the
College on Gower Street.

REGISTRATION: Registration will take place in the South Cloister from
12.30 on Thursday 6 April.

BAR: The Old Refectory Bar (just off the South Cloister) is open 12-2 weekdays,
but closed at weekends. Lunch is in the UCL Union Coffee Bar, which also
has a bar. There also is a bar in Ramsay Hall which is open every evening
for residents and anyone else they would like to invite.

Public transport links to UCL are excellent. It is five to ten minutes'
walk from the British Rail and Underground stations at Euston and King's
Cross. It is also very close to several other stations for the London
Underground: Warren Street (Victoria and Northern lines), Euston Square
(Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines), Goodge Street
(Northern line)
and Russell Square (Picadilly line - a direct link from Heathrow airport)
are all within ten minutes' walk. Buses, including the A2 direct service to
and from Heathrow airport, run to and from nearby Russell Square, King's
Cross and Euston Station. Gatwick and Luton airports are readily accessible
via British Rail links from King's Cross Thameslink, and trains to and from
Stansted airport run from Liverpool Street Station (a short tube journey
from Euston Square). Black cabs are also readily available, though these
can prove expensive. Driving in London is not recommended because of the
high density of traffic and the difficulty and expense of parking. UCL
cannot offer parking facilities to conference delegates, though parking if
required is available (for a fee) at nearby hotels.
 Further travel details, including a map of the London Underground,
London Bus Services map, and a London Connections map, will be sent out
with the
booking packs.

There is no parking for delegates. In fact, it is very hard to find a
space to park near UCL, and in addition parking is extremely expensive.
Delegates are recommended to come by public transport.

The Linguistics Association 2000 Lecture on Thursday evening will be
delivered by Professor Mark Steedman (University of Edinburgh). The title
will be "The Syntactic Process".

There will be a Language Tutorial on Bengali, given by Gillian Ramchand

There will be a workshop (Thursday afternoon) on grammar and intonation,
organised jointly by Jill House and John Maidment (both UCL). The speakers
include Carlos Gussenhoven (Nijmegen).

On Friday there will be a special session entitled "Linguistics at School:
The National Literacy Strategy" with talks by Paul Higgins (Regional
Director of the National Literacy Strategy) and Mollie Sayer.

There will be a Wine Party on the Thursday evening, sponsored by the
Department of Linguistics and Phonetics.

On Friday evening, there will be a Wine reception hosted by Cambridge
University Press.


 Professor Richard Hudson, Department of Phonetics and Linguistics,
University College London, Gower Street, LONDON WC1E 6BT. E-mail:

 Honorary Secretary
 Professor Anna Siewierska, Department of Linguistics, University of
Lancaster, Bailrigg, LANCASTER LA1 4YW, E-mail:

 Membership Secretary
 Dr. David Willis, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Manchester,

 Meetings Secretary
 Dr. Marjolein Groefsema, Dept. of Linguistics, University of
Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, ALDENHAM, Herts. WD2 8AT. E-mail:

 Dr. Paul Rowlett, School of Languages, University of Salford,
SALFORD M5 4WT. E-mail:

 Assistant Secretary
 Dr Gillian Ramchand, Linacre College, Oxford University, OXFORD OX1
3JA. Email:

Internet home page: The LAGB internet home page is now active at the
following address:

Electronic network: Please join the LAGB electronic network which is used
for disseminating LAGB information and for consulting members quickly. It
can be subscribed to by sending the message "add lagb" to:

Future Meetings:

14-16 September 2000 University of Durham.
5-7 April 2001 University of Leeds.
4-6 September 2001 University of Reading.
Spring 2002 (provisional) Edge Hill College.

The Meetings Secretary would very much like to receive offers of future
venues, particularly from institutions which the LAGB has not previously
visited or from places with newly established linguistics programmes.

In addition to the LAGB Spring Meeting, the Department of Phonetics and
SYNTAX AND PRAGMATICS. The conference addresses theoretical questions posed by
movement phenomena that seem to be motivated by pragmatic
considerations. Invited speakers are Luigi Rizzi and Ruth Kempson.

The conference is partly supported by the LAGB and UCL. It will be held at
UCL before the LAGB meeting, on 5-6 April.

For more information contact:
Syntax/Pragmatics Conference Committee, Department of Phonetics and
Linguistics, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, OR (Dirk Bury).


Thursday 6 April 2000

1.00 LUNCH

2.00 Workshop on Grammar and Intonation:
 Organisers: Jill House (UCL) and John Maidment (UCL).

4.00 TEA

4.30 Workshop continues

5.30-7.00 DINNER

8.00 Linguistics Association 2000 Lecture

 Professor Mark Steedman
 (University of Edinburgh)

 "The Syntactic Process"

 by the Department of Linguistics and Phonetics

Friday 7 April 2000

Session A
9.00 Patrick Honeybone (Edge Hill) "German dorsal fricatives
 revisited - problematic constraintsand part-time assimilation"
9.40 Martin Kr�mer (Heinrich-Heine, D�sseldorf) "Local conjunction and
 alignment: alternatives to output-output correspondence"
10.20 Elinor Reynolds (Oxford) "Word-initial gemination in Tamil"

Session B
9.00 Nana Aba Appiah Amfo (Trondheim) "A relevance theoretical analysis
 of a modal particle in Akan"
9.40 Anna Feldman (Ohio State and Jerusalem) "ze: codification of
 'hearer-old' information"
10.20 Richard Breheny (Cambridge) "Justifying the strongest meaning"

Session C
9.00 Ioanna Sitaridou (Manchester) "Lexical subjects in Portuguese and
 Spanish infinitival clauses"
9.40 Th�rhallur Eyth�rsson and Delia Bentley (Manchester) "Perfective
 auxiliary selection and the semantics of unaccusatives"
10.20 Toby Ayer (Oxford) "Denominal verbs and lexical semantics: English and

11.00 COFFEE

11.30 Language Tutorial: Bengali
 Gillian Ramchand (Oxford)

1.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00 Matthew Baerman (Surrey) "Contrary syncretic structure"
2.40 Andrew Spencer (Essex) "Gender as an inflectional category"
3.20 Elena Filimonova (Konstanz) "On noun phrase hierarchy and
 relational marking: some counter-facts"

Session B
2.00 Robyn Carston (UCL) "The source of unarticulated constituents"
2.40 Didier Maillat (Oxford) "Interpreting directional prepositions:
 empirical evidence for behind"
3.20 Josef Taglicht (Jerusalem) "Actually, there's more to it than meets
 the eye"

Session C
2.00 Asya Pereltsvaig (McGill) "Are all small clauses created equal?
 Evidence from Russian and Italian"
2.40 Seiko Ayano (Mie and Durham) "Not all stranded Ps are "Stranded""
3.20 Joachim Wermter (Indiana) "Subject scrambling and the
 interpretation of weak Dps in German and Dutch"

Special session: Linguistics at School: The National Literacy Strategy
2:00 Paul Higgins (Regional Director of the National Literacy Strategy):
 The NLS.
2:40 Mollie Sayer: a linguistic view of the NLS.
3:20 Discussion

4.00 TEA

Session A
4.30 Kriszta Szendroi (UCL) "A stress driven approach to the syntax of focus"

Session B
4.30 Susan Pintzuk and Leendert Plug (York) "The effect of poetic
 on word order in Old English verse"

Session C
4.30 Alastair Butler (York) "A comparability constraint"

5.10 LAGB Annual General Meeting

6.10 Wine reception hosted by Cambridge University Press.

Saturday 8 April 2000

Session A
9.40 Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam (Allameh Tabataba'i) "A case for "double-
 dissociation", "modularity" and "innateness": the linguistic
 disabilities of highly isolated and mentally retarded twins"
10.20 Gary Morgan (UCL) Neil Smith (UCL), Ianthi Tsimpli (Cambridge) and
 Bencie Woll (City) "Language against the odds: the learning of BSL
by a
 polyglot savant"

Session B
9.00 Robert D Borsley (Essex) "Agreement and missing NP's in Welsh"
9.40 Jasper Holmes (Groningen) and Richard Hudson (UCL) "Just because X
 doesn't mean Y"
10.20 David Tugwell (Brighton) "Equal treatment for unequal coordination"

Session C
9.00 Martin Everaert (Utrecht) "Is there an anaphor agreement effect? A
 to Woolford (1999)"
9.40 Julia Barron (Surrey) "The indirect relation of case and agreement in
 Basque verbal morphology"
10.20 Valia Kordoni (T�bingen) "Psych verb constructions in Modern Greek: at
 the Morphology-syntax interface"

11.00 COFFEE

Session A
11.30 Francine Swets (Meertens) "Tilburg Dutch in elements"
12.10 Evan Mellander (McGill) "Rhythmic shortening and inherent
prominence in

Session B
11.30 Melinda Whong-Barr and Bonnie Schwartz (Durham) "Distinct
 paths: a child L2 study of the English dative alternation"
12.10 Denise Leigh (Oxford) "Bilinguals and anaphora"

Session C
11.30 M.D. Cole (Manchester) "Null thematic subjects and accessibility"
12.10 Claudia Felser (Essex) "Do object expletives exist? Evidence from
 German was...w construction"

13.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00 Danijela Trenkic (Cambridge) "Is there a DP in Serbo-Croation (SC) -
 evidence from the effect of adjectival premodification on the use of
 English articles by SC learners of English"

Session B
2.00 Heather Goad (McGill and UCL) "Are children's grammars 'possible'

Session C
2.00 Phoevos Panagiotidis (Essex) "The categorial features of functional

2.40 Language Tutorial: Bengali
 Gillian Ramchand (Oxford)



UCL accommodation cannot be guaranteed unless booked before February 22nd
2000, so it is important to book accommodation NOW. Accommodation in UCL
(at the prices quoted) may still be available after this date, but it
cannot be guaranteed. Payment cannot be refunded after 22nd February.


Please send this form and your payment to the local organiser, Karen Froud.
You may pay by credit card, so you can use either paper (Department of
Phonetics and Linguistics, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT) or email

A. Accommodation
This form should be used only for booking UCL accommodation (in Ramsay
Hall). For hotel booking, see above.

Room plus breakfast and dinner,  �28 per night - fully refundable up to
22nd February.
 Night of Weds 5th April �.........
 Night of Thurs 6th April �..........
 Night of Friday 7th April �..........
(For other nights, please contact the local organiser.)

B. Meals - must be booked by Friday March 3rd.
 Lunch Thurs 6th April,  �6 �..........
 Lunch Friday 7th April,  �6 �..........
 Lunch Saturday 8th April,  �6 �..........

C. Conference fee - may be paid at any time before the conference, but MUST
be paid by all participants, regardless of whether they use conference
accommodation and meals.
 �20 (LAGB member), �25 (non-member) �..........

D. Total enclosed �.........

E. Your details
Email address:
Mailing address (if you want conference details on paper):

F. Payment method:
F1. Sterling cheque payable to "University College London" ........

F2. Credit card: Visa/Mastercard ........
 Card number: ........
 Expiry date: ........
 Name on card: ........
 Billing address: ........

 Signature (if by post)

(Please note that we do not have an email secure link for credit-card

Special requirements

Please contact the local organiser directly for special dietary
requirements or for baby-sitting.
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