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Confs: Structure & Constituency/Langs of the Americas

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  1. WSCLA 5, Workshop-Structure & Constituency of Languages of the Americas, WSCLA 5 programme

Message 1: Workshop-Structure & Constituency of Languages of the Americas, WSCLA 5 programme

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 00:11:53 -0500
From: WSCLA 5 <>
Subject: Workshop-Structure & Constituency of Languages of the Americas, WSCLA 5 programme

A tentative programme has been set for the Workshop on Structure and
Constituency of Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) 5, to be held at the
University of Toronto March 24-26th, 2000.

For more information please visit the conference website at:

Or email

Tentative WSCLA 5 Programme

Friday March 24, 2000

8:30-9		Registration

9:10-9:30	Opening Remarks

9:30-10		Donna Gerdts and Tom Hukari: The Halkomelem Double Antipassive
:Towards a word-based view of argument structure

10-10:30	Carrie Gillon: Collapsing three morphemes into one:
Saanich plural reduplication

10:30-10:50	BREAK

10:50-11:20	Jan van Eijk: Word, clitic and sentence in Lillooet

11:20-11:50	David Beck: Conventionality and lexical classes

11:50-12:20	Deborah James, Sandra Clarke and Marguerite MacKenzie:
Paths of semantic change in a modal morpheme: The dubitative in Montagnais

12:20-2	LUNCH

2-3		Invited Speakers - Phil Branigan and Marguerite MacKenzie:
How much Syntax Can You Fit Into a Word? The grammar of verbal agreement
in Innu-aimun.

3-3:30		Ben Bruening and Andrea Rackowski: Configurationality and
object shift in Algonquian

3:30-3:50	BREAK

3:50-4:20	Norvin Richards: Some notes on conjunct and independent
orders in Wampanoag

4:20-4:50	Marie-Odile Junker: The role of the Participant Hierarchy
in determining word order in East Cree

4:50-5:20	Invited Speaker - Matthew Beach: Verb Elision and
Constituent Structure in Inuit

Saturday March 25, 2000

8:30-9		Coffee/Breakfast

9-9:30		George Aaron Broadwell : On the phonological
conditioning of clitic placement in Zapotec

9:30-10	Tomio Hirose : Plains Cree is Head-initial: morphophonological

10-10:30	Carrie Dyck : Defining the word in Cayuga (Iroquoian)

10:30-10:50	BREAK

10:50-11:20	Laura Bar-el and Linda Tamburri Watt: Word internal
constituency in Skwxw7mesh (Squamish Salish)

11:20-12:20	Invited Speaker - Kevin Russell: Words within Words:
Matching and mismatching domains in Cree

12:20-2	LUNCH

2-3		Invited Speaker - Karin Michelson: The lexical status of
utterance-final forms in Oneida

3-3:30		Nicole Rosen: Is a word in French a word in Michif?

3:30-4		Sonya Bird : What is a word? Evidence from a
computational approach to Navajo verbal morphology

4-4:20		BREAK

4:20-4:50	Grazyna Rowicka : Silent heads and audible dependents:
Phonotactic relations in Mohawk and Upper Chehalis

4:50-5:30	Invited Speaker - Susan Blake: TBA

Saturday Evening: Dinner Party

Sunday March 26, 2000


Roundtable: Language and Education

Invited speaker: John O'Meara Incorporating linguistic
knowledge into the teaching of indigenous languages

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