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Wed Feb 16 2000

Confs: Berkeley Linguistics Society, 26 Feb 18-21 2000

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  1. bls, BLS 26 Feb 18-21, 2000

Message 1: BLS 26 Feb 18-21, 2000

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 16:21:07 -0800
From: bls <>
Subject: BLS 26 Feb 18-21, 2000

Conference schedule
(Please visit for abstracts of the
talks and other conference related information.)

370 Dwinelle Hall
University of California, Berkeley
February 18-21, 2000

Friday, February 18, 2000

Special session: Syntax and Semantics of the Indigenous Languages of the

8:30 Coffee

9:00 Invited Speaker: EMMON BACH,
 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 More impossible words


10:00 Multiple Antipassives in Halkomelem Salish
 Donna B. Gerdts, Simon Fraser University
 Thomas E. Hukari, University of Victoria
10:30 The semantics of the Salishan suffix *an/n'ak
 Mercedes Q. Hinkson, Simon Fraser University
11:00 Complex Predicates in Tsafiki
 Connie Dickinson, University of Oregon


12:30 Argument Structure of Klamath Bipartite Stems
 Scott DeLancey, University of Oregon
1:00 Word Order and Inverse Voice in Isthmus Mixe
 Julia Dieterman, University of Texas at Arlington
1:30 Aspectual classes and non-agentive morphosyntax in Lowland Chontal
 Loretta O'Connor, University of California, Santa Barbara
2:00 Demonstrative words in Passamaquoddy
 Eve Ng, State University of New York at Buffalo
2:30 Invited Speaker: MARIANNE MITHUN
 University of California, Santa Barbara
 Ergativity and contact on the Oregon coast: Alsea,
Siuslaw, and Coos

3:30 Coordination, clitic placement, and prosody in Zapotec
 George Aaron Broadwell, University at Albany, State University of
 New York
4:00 Grammaticalization of Olutec motion verbs under areal contact
 Roberto Zavala, University of Oregon
4:30 Multiple Movement and Wh-in-situ in Inuktitut
 Carrie Gillon, University of British Columbia
5:00 Invited Speaker: JERRY SADOCK
 University of Chicago

Saturday February 19, 2000

8:30 coffee

Session I: Aspect
9:00 Invited Speaker: MANFRED KRIFKA
 University of Texas, Austin
 Alternatives for Aspectual Particles: The semantics
 of still and already

9:45 Memorial for Suzanne Fleischman

10:15 Happening gradually
 Christopher Pinon, Universitaet Duessseldorf
10:45 Event underspecification and aspect marking in Thai
 Jean-Pierre Koenig and Nuttanart Muansuwan, State University of New
at Buffalo
11:15 Event Structure vs. Phasal Structure and Quasi-Discourse Relations
 Patrick Caudal and Laurent Roussarie, University of Paris 7


Session II: Syntax
12:30 On the topicalizing nature of multiple left-dislocations
 Eugenia Casielles, Wayne State University
1:00 Markedness and Pronoun Incorporation
 Han-Jung Lee, Stanford University
1:30 Syntactically-based lexical decomposition: the case of climb revisited
 Jaume Mateu Fontanals, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
2:00 The go (Particle) and Verb constructions in English
 Anatol Stefanowitsch, Rice University
2:30 Invited Speaker: ELLEN PRINCE
 University of Pennsylvania
 Linguistic vs. metalinguistic intuitions


Session III: Phonology
3:30 Probability in phonological generalizations: modeling optional French
final consonants
 Benjamin K. Bergen, UC Berkeley and ICSI
4:00 Sonority-Driven Reduction 
 Katherine M. Crosswhite, University of Rochester
4:30 Prominence, Augmentation, and Neutralization in Phonology
 Jennifer Smith, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
5:00 Re-examining default-to-opposite stress
 Matthew K. Gordon, University of California, Santa Barbara
5:30 Yaka nasal harmony: spreading or segmental correspondence?
 Rachel Walker, University of Southern California
6:00 Describing Syncretism: Rules of referral after fifteen years
 Arnold Zwicky, Stanford University

Laryngeal Neutralization in Lezgian
Alan C. L. Yu, University of California, Berkeley


Sunday, February 20, 2000


Session I: Aspect
9:00 invited speaker: ANGELIKA KRATZER
 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 Building Statives


10:00 Imperfective Aspect and Event Participants in English, Chinese,
 Korean and Japanese
 Juliet Wai-hong Du, University of Texas at Austin
10:30 From Imperfective to Progressive via Relative Present
 Elena Maslova, University of Bielefeld
11:00 Between perfective and past: Preterits in Turkic and
Sergei Tatevosov, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Moscow
State University

Session II: Phonetics
12:30 Compensatory lengthening without moras: A study in phonologization
 Darya Kavitskaya and Jonathan Barnes, University of California,
1:00 Trace of F2 peaks as a quantitative descriptor of aspiration
 Hansang Park, University of Texas at Austin
1:30 What is /l/?
 Joshua Guenter, University of California, Berkeley
2:00 On the accented/unaccented distinction in western Basque and the
typology of accentual systems
 Jose Ignacio Hualde, Rajka Smiljanic and Jennifer Cole, University
 of Illinois
2:30 Invited Speaker: SHERMAN WILCOX
 University of New Mexico
 Gesture, Icon, and Symbol: The Expression of
Modality in
Signed Languages


Session III: Semantics
3:30 The Need for the Resultative Network
 Cristiano Broccias, University of Pavia
4:00 A cognitive account of the English meronymic by phrase
 Monica Corston-Oliver, University of California, Berkeley
4:30 Referential Properties of Factive and Interrogative Complements
 Indicate their Semantics
 Michael Hegarty, Louisiana State University
5:00 The Distribution of Raising Constructions in French
 Michel Achard, Rice University 
5:30 Invited Speaker: MICHAEL TOMASELLO
 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
 at Leipzig
 A Usage-Based Approach to Children's Syntactic

Vowel quality and voice quality correlations: A laryngeal account of their
Graham Thurgood, California State University, Fresno

Monday, February 21, 2000


Session I: Aspect
9:00 Invited Speaker: BETH LEVIN
 Stanford University
 Aspect, Lexical Semantic Representation, and
 Argument Expression


10:00 The semantics of Russian aspect: Accounting for the uses of the
 Esther Wood, University of California, Berkeley
10:30 Grammatical and Lexical Aspect in Guyanese Creole
 Jack Sidnell, Northwestern University

Session II: Historical Linguistics
11:00 Historical Development of Reported Speech in Chinese
 Jya-Lin Hwang, University of Hawaii, Manoa
11:30 Gesture, Lexical Words, and Grammar: Grammaticization Processes in ASL
 Barbara Shaffer, University of New Mexico
 Terry Janzen, University of Manitoba


Session III: Sociolinguistics
1:00 Absolute and Relative Scalar Particles in Spanish and Hindi
 Scott Schwenter and Shravan Vasishth, Ohio State University
1:30 Relation between gaze, head nodding and aizuti at a Japanese company
 Polly Szatrowski, University of Minnesota
2:00 The Korean Modal Marker keyss Revisited: A Marker of Achieved State of
 Kyung-Hee Suh, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
 Kyu-hyun Kim, Kyung Hee University
2:30 Distributed (and Dissolved) Pragmatics
 Kazuhiko Fukushima, Kansai Gaidai University
3:00 Invited Speaker: Walt Wolfram
 North Carolina State University 
 Reconstructing the History of African American
 New Data on an Old Theme

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