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TOC: Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

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  1. Alexis Dimitriadis, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Vols 6.1 and 6.2

Message 1: Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Vols 6.1 and 6.2

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 12:32:36 -0500
From: Alexis Dimitriadis <>
Subject: Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Vols 6.1 and 6.2

Volumes 6.1 and 6.2 of the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics are now

 Volume 6.1: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
 Volume 6.2: Selected Papers from NWAV(E) 27

(See below for Tables of Contents)
* PLEASE NOTE: These volumes have been available since December (and have
* been mailed to subscribers), but have not been announced on this List
* before. 

Each volume costs $15 US, pre-paid. Subscriptions are available at the
reduced rate of $35 for 3 volumes, starting with 7.1.

Please do not order by email, as we can only process prepaid orders. (We do
welcome purchase orders and standing orders from institutional buyers).
Please send a check or money order (sorry--no credit cards!), payable to
"Penn Linguistics Club", to the following address:

 619 Williams Hall
 University of Pennsylvania
 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

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Volume 6.1 (1999): Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium

Edited by Jim Alexander, Na-Rae Han, and Michelle Minnick Fox.

 1.ERIC BAKOVIC. Assimilation to the unmarked. 
 2.MARLYSE BAPTISTA. On the non-universality of functional projections and
 the effects on parametrized variation: Evidence from Creoles. 
 acquisition tells us about underlying word order and scrambling. 
 4.EMILY BENDER. Constituting context: Null objects in English recipes
 5.CEDRIC BOECKX. Decomposing French questions. 
 6.FARIDA CASSIMJEE and CHARLES W. KISSEBERTH. A conspiracy argument for
 Optimality Theory: Emakhuwa dialectology. 
 7.BARBARA CITKO. Light-headed relatives. 
 8.KRISTIN M. EIDE and TOR A. EFARLI. Semantically charged syntax and the
 9.STEFAN ENGELBERG. Punctuality and verb semantics. 
10.MIHO FUJIWARA. Acquisition of default inflectional suffixes: Japanese
11.ELENA GAVRUSEVA and ROSALIND THORNTON. Possessor extraction in child
 English: A Minimalist account. 
12.KOOK-HEE GILL. The long-distance anaphora conspiracy: The case of
13.JEANETTE K. GUNDEL. Topic, focus, and the grammar-pragmatics
14.J.-R. HAYASHISHITA. Two ways of deriving distributive readings. 
15.BEN HERMANS. The reduplicative nature of the Bulgarian definite article.
16.RONALD KIM. The origin of the Pre-Ossetic oblique case suffix and its
17.ALEXEI KOCHETOV. A hierarchy of phonetic constraints on palatality in
18.WILLIAM MCCLURE. Japanese floating classifiers. 
19.MARTHA MCGINNIS. A-scrambling exists! 
 of American English tense and lax vowels by Japanese speakers. 
21.MASAO OCHI and TIEN-HSIN HSIN. The syntax of adjunct wh-NPs. 
22.KIERAN SNYDER. Reflexives and constraints on the borrowing of discourse
 function: Creoles and Tahitian French. 
23.MIKAEL VINKA. Two types of verb particle constructions. 


Volume 6.2 (1999): Selected Papers from NWAV(E) 27

Edited by Christine Moisset and Mimi Lipson.


 1.JULIE AUGER and JEFFREY STEELE. Vowel epenthesis in Vimeu Picard: A
 preliminary investigation. 
 2.PAMELA GRANT-RUSSELL and CILINE BEAUDET. Lexical borrowings from
 French in written Quebec English. 
 3.HIKYOUNG LEE. Variable article use in Korean Learners of English 
 4.MIMI LIPSON. The loss of auxiliary selection in English. 
 5.RAJEND MESTHRIE. Syntactic change in progress: Semi-auxiliary busy in
 South African English. 
 6.MIRIAM MEYERHOFF. The emergence of creole subject-verb agreement. 
 7.NAOMI NAGY and HILHNE BLONDEAU. Double subject marking in L2
 Montreal French. 
 8.PETER PATRICK. Testing the creole continuum. 
 9.JULIE ROBERTS. Going younger to do difference: The role of children in
 language change. 
10.NATALIE SCHILLING-ESTES. Situated ethnicities: Constructing and
 reconstructing identity in the sociolinguistic interview. 

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