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TOC: Journal de la Societe Finno-Ougrienne

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  1. Johanna Laakso, Journal de la Societe Finno-Ougrienne, Vol 88 (1999)

Message 1: Journal de la Societe Finno-Ougrienne, Vol 88 (1999)

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 15:58:52 +0200 (EET)
From: Johanna Laakso <>
Subject: Journal de la Societe Finno-Ougrienne, Vol 88 (1999)

Journal de la Soci�t� Finno-Ougrienne (ISSN 0355-0214), Vol. 88 (1999) 

Editor: Tapani Salminen (

Tosang Chung, Varhaiskantasuomen distinktiivisten etuvokaalien asema
vokaalisoinnun kannalta. [The position of Pre-Finnic distinctive front
vowels from the viewpoint of the vowel harmony.] 

Juha Janhunen, Tonogenesis in Northeast Asia: Udeghe as a tone language. 

Alpo Juntunen, SOFIN kansainv�lisess� yhteydess�. [The alleged
"Association for the Liberation of Finno-Ugrian Peoples" in an
international context.]

Leonid Kulikov, Remarks on double causatives in Tuvan and other Turkic

Johanna Laakso, Language contact hypotheses and the history of Uralic

Jorma Luutonen, The history of Permian, Mari and Chuvash plural suffixes
in the light of Indo-Aryan parallels. 

Junko Miyawaki-Okada, Was Galdan Boshoqtu Khan's mother a Khoshuud or a

Carsten N�her, Der urtungusische stimmlose velare Plosiv im Mandschu. 

Irina Nikolaeva, The semantics of Northern Khanty evidentials. 

Matti P�ll�, Migration from Finland to Viena Karelia ca. 1600-1720 and
preservation of the Kalevala poetry. 

V. A. Terent'ev, Drevnejshie tjurksko-samodijskie kontakty. 

G�bor Tolcsvai Nagy, The Hungarian language community in the period of the
�rp�d dynasty (895-1301): a socio-historical sketch.

Chronique. Communications. Activit�s. 

ISBN 952-5150-37-2

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