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Wed Feb 16 2000

Books: English Grammar, Finno-Ugrian e-mail correction

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  1. Gillian Caglayan, Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar, C. Bache
  2. Johanna Laakso, Finno-Ugrian Society e-mail address correction

Message 1: Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar, C. Bache

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:01:57 +0100
From: Gillian Caglayan <>
Subject: Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar, C. Bache

Carl Bache
Essentials of Mastering English
A Concise Grammar

2000. 24 x 17 cm. XII, 328 p.
Paperback. DM 48,- /EUR 24,54 /�S 350,- /sFr 45,- / *US$ 24.95
ISBN 3-11-016722-0

* US$ prices apply only to orders placed in North America.

Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar is aimed
specifically at undergraduate students of English (native and
non-native) at universities, business schools and teachers' training
colleges. It is correspondingly less detailed, and difficult topics
have been made more easily accessible. It provides an introduction to
basic grammatical terms and to elementary syntactic description,
enabling students to analyse sentences and utterances down to word
level with a specification of both the form and the function of all

The book offers a thorough treatment of a great number of significant
areas in English grammar: subject-predicator concord, tense, aspect,
mood, modal verbs, determiners, the genitive, comparison, voice,
negation, constituent order (including subject-predicator inversion,
position and order of modifiers and adverbials, topicalization and
focalization, extraposition, dislocation and clefting), etc. All
rule-presentation is richly exemplified.

In addition to a word index and a subject index, it includes a
comprehensive glossary, in which all important terms and concepts
employed in the grammar are briefly defined and exemplified.

In a separate appendix the author provides tips on pronunciation and
spelling in connection with the inflection of verbs, nouns, adjectives
and adverbs.

Essentials of Mastering English:A Concise Grammar is both an ideal
companion for students wishing to acquire a high level of grammatical
proficiency and a readily accessible reference work for teachers of
English at all levels.


Part I:
Grammatical description: getting started
Sentence functions
Complex forms
Clause types and utterance functions
Missing constituents, ellipsis and pro-forms
Vocatives, interjections and dislocation

Part II:
Constituent order
Situations and participants
Voice: active versus passive
Subject-predicator concord
The complex sentence

Part III:
Adjectivals and adverbials

Appendix: tips on pronunciation and spelling

Select bibliography
Subject index
Word index


For more information please contact the publisher:
Mouton de Gruyter
Genthiner Str. 13
10785 Berlin, Germany
Fax: +49 30 26005 222

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Message 2: Finno-Ugrian Society e-mail address correction

Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 09:21:51 +0200 (EET)
From: Johanna Laakso <>
Subject: Finno-Ugrian Society e-mail address correction

Correction: in the previous book notice about new books published by
the Finno-Ugrian Society, there was an outdated e-mail address. The
address of the bookstore "Tiedekirja" (maintained by the Federation of
Finnish Learned Societies) isn't "" any more
- the address should be


- -------- Johanna Laakso <Johanna.LaaksoHelsinki.FI> ----------------
- ------- Helsingin yliopisto, Suomalais-ugrilainen laitos ------------
- --------------- -------------------
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