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Thu Feb 17 2000

Confs: African Linguistics/Complete Program

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  1. Do, 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics (Revised)

Message 1: 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics (Revised)

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 12:36:51 -0500 (EST)
From: Do <>
Subject: 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics (Revised)

Boston University is pleased to announce the 31st Annual Conference on
African Linguistics (please notice that sessions 4 through 8 are

31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics ("ACAL 2000"), Boston 
University, March 2-5, 2000
Preliminary Program
N.b: all nonplenary talks are 30 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion.

Thursday March 2nd George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave.

10 a.m.-Registration: 2nd floor lobby (through Saturday)
Book displays: Ziskind Lounge (through Saturday)

Session 1a
11:40-M.J.C. Echeruo (Syracuse), Igbo gbaa verbs
12:20-A.S. Bobda (Illinois/Yaounde 1), Towards an English pronunciation 
atlas for Africa

Session 1c: Literacy 1
11 a.m.-M.A. Mohamed (UTL), Indigenous medium as a tool in education: the 
case of Swahili
11:40-S.A. Sow (Niamey), Forces et faiblesses de l'enseignement bilingue 
langue officielle/langues nationales: cas du Niger 
12:20-T. Moyo (U Zululand), The language-in-education policy and language 
politics in Malawi

Session 2a: Syntax
2 p.m.-S. Obeng, E. Yankey (Indiana), Negation in Nzema
2:40- J. Mugane (Ohio), Split categories in Gikuyu
3:20-S. Mchombo (Berkeley), On reciprocals in Bantu and the 
syntax-semantics interface

Session 2b: Loan phonology
2 p.m.-M. Bamba (Penn), Deletion of the medial consonant and nasal 
stability in Mawukakan
2:40-A. Kawu (Rutgers/Ilorin), Faithfulness and markedness in Benue-Congo 
loan phonology

Session 2c: Literacy 2
2 p.m.-I. Diallo (Ouagadougou), J. Hutchison (Boston), Limpact du 
franais sur l'enseignement primaire au Burkina Faso
2:40-K. Kone (SUNY-Cortland), Do proverbs constitute Africa's 
contribution to philosophy?
3:20-O. Alidou (Cleveland State U), The development of literacies

Plenary session
4:15-Business meeting

Friday March 3nd George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave.

Session 3a: Checking theory
9:30-E. Bokamba (Illinois), Head movement, agreement and Case-marking in 
Bantu languages
10:10-J.L. Jake (Midlands), Evidence for movement in finite control 
structures in Fur
10:50-J. Ndayiragije (W. Ontario), Deriving syntactic ergativity

Session 3b: Tone-bearing units
9:30-M. Mous, K. Traore (Leiden), Contour tones and downstep in Seme 
(Kru, Burkina Faso)
10:10-J. Ntihirageza (Chicago), Quantity-sensitivity in Kirundi
10:50-M. Paster (OSU), The TBU in G

Session 3c: Grammaticalizaton
9:30-M. Meeuwis (Antwerp), The Lingala verb *kolinga* 'to want' at an 
early stage of grammaticalization
10:10-B.B. Mbom (CUNY), Towards a typological appraisal of Basaa gender
10:50-A. Bell (Cornell), Negatives in Afrikaans: a Khoisan interference 

Session 3d: Language death
9:30-H. Fleming (Boston), Four endangered languages of unusual saliency
5:40-A. Lima (Boston Public Schools), Kriolu and language impaired 
6:20-L. Caswell (Harvard), CCI: an update - foundation, activities and 

Session 4a: Kwa syntax 1
11:40-M.C. Baker (Rutgers), A. Kawu (Rutgers), O.T. Stewart (UBC), A 
comparative analysis of serial verb constructions in Kwa languages
12:20-G. Masagbor (UQAM), Asymmetry in Yekhee double definitness 
1 p.m.-U.P. Ihionu (Maryland), Transitivity and multiple predicate 

Session 4b: OT 1
11:40-A. Akinlabi (Rutgers), Asymmetries in reduplicative and 
nonreduplicative defaults
12:20-C. Zoll (MIT), Output constraints on tone mapping
1 p.m.-C.R.C. Sheedy (UBC), Grammatical tones in Edo: an 
Optimality-Theoretical account

Session 4c: Sociolinguistics 1
11:40-E. Yankey (Indiana), A study of address forms in Nzema: a 
sociolinguistic and pragmatic approach
12:20-K.E. Essizewa (NYU), Forms of address in Kabiye: a case study of 
borrowing kinship terms of address
1 p.m.-R. Gauton, M.M. Marggraff (Pretoria), The transfer of culture when 
translating between Zulu and English, with special reference to two 
translated works: H. Rider Haggard's *Nada the Lily* and M.M. Masondo's 

Session 4d: Planning
11:40-N.E. Phaswana (MSU), 11=1+1=2: is it true for South Africa's 11 
official-language policy?
12:20-L.L. Muaka (Col. de Mexico), The effects of language attitudes on 
the development of the national language in Kenya
1 p.m.-M.L. Sanogo (Ouagadougou), Problematique du choix des langues sur 
l'education au Burkina Faso

Session 5a: Kwa syntax 2
2:40-E.O. Aboh (Genve), Focus constructions across Kwa
3:20-O. Oyelaran (WSSU), V. Manfredi (Boston), Weak focus-movement 
islands in Yoruba
4 p.m.-R.-M. Dchaine (UBC), Layered Comp in Yoruba
4:40-O. Ajiboye, R.-M. Dchaine, O.T. Stewart (UBC), The syntax of 
nominalization: evidence from Edo and Yoruba

Session 5b: OT 2
2:40-L.J. Downing (UBC), Bukusu reduplication
3:20-D. Brassil (UCSD), Kirundi reduplicated adjectives
4 p.m.-M. Cahill (SIL), Tone polarity in Konni: an Optimality-Theoretic 
4:40-B. McCall (Cleveland State), Phonological ordering of elements in 
the Luo verb

Session 5c: Sociolinguistics 2
3:20-E. Ochola (South Carolina), Evidence for a composite grammatical 
frame from Luo/English codeswitching
4 p.m.-S. Obeng (Indiana), Some pragmatic properties of Ghanaian 
political discourse: a pragmalinguistic analysis of intertextuality, 
evidentiality and contrast establishment
4:40-F. Ngom (Illinois), Religious and linguistic behaviors as means of 
anticolonial resistance in Subsaharan Africa: the case of the Murids in 

Session 5d: Area studies
2:40-N. Cyffer (Wien), Common linguistic features in languages of the 
wider Lake Chad area
3:20-G. Hudson (MSU), Alphabeticness, uniqueness and alleged deficiency 
of the Ethiopic writing system
4 p.m.-M. Garba (Temple), The Ancient Egyptian sign for lateral /L/: *L-t 
'time, moment'
4:40-D. Duke (UTArlington/SIL), The Bayaka Pygmies and their 'masters': 
factors effecting language shift

Plenary session
5:30-Ngugi wa Thiongo (NYU), "After Asmara: the future of African 
languages and literatures"
7 p.m.-Public reception

Saturday March 4th George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave.

Session 6a: Verb focus
9 a.m.-C. Stanley-Thorne (Moncton), "The coming that they came": verb 
topicalization and verb and sentence focus in Tikar
9:40-N. Hall (UMass Amherst), Factive relative clauses in Bafut

Session 6c: Afroasiatic syntax
9 a.m.-G. Halefom, J. Lumsden (UQAM), TBA
9:40-A. Benmamoun (Illinois), TBA

Session 6d: Englishes
9 a.m.-J.V. Singler (NYU), Liberian Settler English: how African is it?
9:40-M. Mutonya (Washington U), African English vowel systems: acoustic 
and perceptual analysis

Session 7a: CP structure
10:30-C.N.B. Keach (Temple), On the obligatory presence of object marking 
in Swahili relative clauses
11:10-D. Ngonyani (MSU), The relative marker in Bantu: a pronoun or 
11:50-B. Oduntan (Iowa), Wh-phrases and complementizers in Yoruba: 
evidence for a multi-layered complementizer system

Session 7b: Grammatical tone
10:30-D. Odden (Troms/OSU), Tachoni verbal tonology
11:10-L. Bickmore (Albany), Chilungu verbal tonology
11:50-L.M. Hyman, K.J. Olawsky (Berkeley), Dagbani verb tonology

Session 7c: Afroasiatic phonology
10:30-A. Idrissi (UQAM), Phonological transfer in root-and-pattern 
11:10-S. Rose (UCSD), Roots, radicals and Semitic reduplication
11:50-D. Petros-Banksira (MIT), Interactions of gemination and 

Session 7d: The (mis)education of the Creole speaker 10:30-J.H. Barnes 
(TERC), Style of argumentation in Haitian Creole
11:10-L. Hogu (Hyde Park School), Lodyans: a tool to enable success for 
secondary Haitian students with limited formal schooling
11:50-M. DeGraff (MIT), Creole morphology and the morphology of an 

Session 8a: Afro-Atlantic 1
1:30-A. Schwegler (Costa Rica/UCI), The Black ritual curse: the art of 
'sounding' in the Americas
2:10-K. Bilby (Smithsonian), Reevaluating the African lexical component 
of the Surinamese Maroon Creoles: the Aluku case
2:50-K.K.B. Fu-Kiau (Boston, Mass.), African diasporadic languages: 
unspoken but alive and powerful
3:30-M. Warner-Lewis (UWI), Challenges in translating Trinidad Yoruba 
song texts

Session 8b: Applicatives
1:30-P. Mabugu (Edinburgh), The applicative construction in Chishona
2:10-K. Demuth, J. Bulkowski, Alaka Holla (Brown), Object drop in Bantu 
languages: implications for learning the argument structure of verbs
2:50-R. Silvester (U of the North), Bantu complex predicates and 
grammatical functions: implications for the thematic hierarchy
3:30-L. Makhubu (M.I Sultan T), The effect of the applicative affix *-el* 
in isiZulu intransitive verbs

Session 8c: Laryngeal phonology
1:30-M. Russell (Illinois), Phonetic aspects of tone displacement in Zulu
2:10-M. Bradshaw (Chicago), Voicing phenomena in Suma
2:50-A. Miller-Ockhuizen (OSU), Laryngeal-pharyngeal interactions
3:30-N. Clements, S. Osu (Paris), Sonorant stops: new evidence from Ikwere

Session 8d: Morphology
1:30-I.A. Traore (Bamako), Songhay personal pronouns
2:10-S. Sow (Niamey), Le morpheme *'en* en fulfude: essai d'analyse d'une 
modalite nominale
2:50-A. Kimenyi (CSU), The verb perfective marker and consonant mutation 
in Kikongo
3:30-M. Gimba (UCLA), Verb reduplication in Bole

Session 9a: Afro-Atlantic 2
4:20-I. Miller (Schomburg Center), From West African Ekpe to Cuban 
Abakua: linguistic evidence for the presence of Africa in Cuba
5 p.m.-R. Gonzalez (Boston, Mass.), Cantos de Lucumi: interpretacion
5:40-J. Mason (Yoruba Theological Archministry), Problem areas in 
translating Yoruba texts
6:20-D. Dawson (American Museum of Natural History), TBA

Session 9b: Capeverdean language in education
4:20-M. da Luz Goncalves (Boston Public Schools), The new orthographic 
system - ALUPEK: its conception, legislation, approach, tryout: the 
Boston Experience
5 p.m.-G. Goncalves (Boston Public Schools), Bilingual education and the 
Capeverdean Program - the law, experiences, successes and program model 
for the Diaspora
5:40-A. Lima (Boston Public Schools), Kriolu and language impaired 
6:20-L. Caswell (Harvard), CCI: an update - foundation, activities and 

Session 9c: Phonology
4:20-J. Riggle (UCLA), Relational markedness in Bantu vowel harmony
5 p.m.-E. Koffi (Houghton), Unnasalized vowels in nasalizable 
environments in Anyi
5:40-S. Lyon (UCSC), An OT account of consonant gradation in Fula
6:20-K.S. Olson (Chicago/SIL), Languages in which the labial flap is found

Session 9d 4:20-M. Johnson, K. Demuth, S. Canon (Brown), Morphological 
tagging and glossing of Bantu language corpora
5 p.m.-A. Kimenyi (CSU), Life as journey metaphor in Kinyarwanda
5:40-Y. Morimoto (Stanford), The role of animacy and associational 
harmony in Bantu
6:20-S. Mchombo (Berkeley), Choppin' up Chichewa

Plenary session
8 p.m.-Dinner-dance, catered by Restaurant Sodade Terra, Jorge 
Hernandez Cultural Center, Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion, 85 West Newton 
Street, Boston.

Sunday March 5th General Classroom Building, 750 Commonwealth Ave.

Session 10a
10:00-S. Makoni (Cape Town/Michigan), The South African constitution and 
multilingualism: an argument for the disinvention of African languages
10:40-R. Schaefer (S. Illinois), F. Egbokhare (Ibadan), Emai's 
classificatory put verbs

Session 10b: Gikuyu orthography 
10 a.m.-Workshop chaired by C. Githiora and open to all ACAL participants

Session 10c: Igbo
10 a.m.-M.A.A.N. Uwalaka (Ibadan), Tense and movement in Igbo
10:40-P.A. Nwachukwu (Nsuka), Case theory, the theta-criterion and Igbo 
inherent complement predicates

Session 11b: Gikuyu orthography 2
11:40-[Workshop continues.]

Session 11c: Anaang
11:40-U.I. Idem (Uyo), The pro-drop parameter in Anaang
12:20- I. Icheji (Uyo), Anaang syllable structure

Session 12b: Gikuyu orthography 3 2 p.m.-[Workshop concludes.]

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