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Sun Feb 20 2000

Qs: Code Switching Multiling, Clausal/VP-Negation

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  1. mostari hind, Code Switching Multilingualism References
  2. Idan Landau, Clausal Negation vs. VP-Negation

Message 1: Code Switching Multilingualism References

Date: 20 Feb 2000 03:57:24 -0000
From: mostari hind <>
Subject: Code Switching Multilingualism References

	I am a researcher in sociolinguistics, my research is 
 mainly concerned with code switching multilingualism,
 in the case of students of English who use Arabic, French 
 and English. 
	please send me references at the following addresses:
	 miss mostari
	 7 rue sakiet sidi youcef sidi belabbes
	 22000 Algeria 

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Message 2: Clausal Negation vs. VP-Negation

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 09:45:09 +0800
From: Idan Landau <>
Subject: Clausal Negation vs. VP-Negation

Dear all,

I'm looking for any kind of test to tell apart clausal negation from
VP-negation. The tests should be useful for languages other than English,
lacking morphological ('do' insertion) or word order (...not to leave /
not leave) cues. Scope, movement, ellipsis, whatever - any distinguishing
test is welcome (as well as relevant references).



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