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Wed Feb 23 2000

Calls: Student Research-NLP/Comp Ling, Senseval 2

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  1. Priscilla Rasmussen, ANLP/NAACL2000 Student Research Workshop
  2. Priscilla Rasmussen, Senseval 2 - Call for Interest

Message 1: ANLP/NAACL2000 Student Research Workshop

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:27:59 EST
From: Priscilla Rasmussen <>
Subject: ANLP/NAACL2000 Student Research Workshop


1st Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for
 Computational Linguistics 
 6th Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

This year, student members will be presenting their exciting work in
progress at the newly designed Student Research Workshop. If you've ever
wanted to provide encouragement and scientific guidance to upcoming
researchers, this is your opportunity. Registration for the workshop is
included in your conference registration fee, and we encourage everyone to
attend and participate. The workshop will take place on Sunday, April 30,
and will run all day.

Our review committee has selected eight student papers for presentation at
the workshop based on their scholarship, originality, and technical merit.
These papers (listed below) cover many areas of NLP, including:
- text planning and natural language generation
- corpus-based and statistical text processing
- information extraction and information retrieval
- machine translation
- robust parsing and syntactic error detection
- word sense disambiguation and semantic annotation
- discourse and aggregation

In addition to audience comments, a panel of established scientists, each an
expert in areas relevant to the student presentations, will be chosen to
provide the students with in-depth feedback and suggestions on future
directions, similar to the highly acclaimed Doctoral Consortia at other
conferences. This new format is intended to provide students with
invaluable exposure to outside perspectives on their work, and will also
allow them to put their work into perspective based on feedback from the
panel. If you would like to be considered to serve on the scientific panel,
please contact the workshop co-chairs at <>.

PLEASE NOTE: pre-registration for the workshop is strongly encouraged.
Please indicate your desire to attend by checking the appropriate box on the
conference registration form. Registered participants will receive detailed
information about the schedule and location of the workshop at a later date.
Up-to-date information is also available on the workshop home page

We invite you to come to the Student Research Workshop to hear some
excellent presentations by the next generation of CL scientists, and to
encourage these and other students in their ongoing and future research!

Program Committee:
 Donna Byron, University of Rochester (Co-Chair)
 Peter Vanderheyden, University of Waterloo (Co-Chair)
 Mary Harper, Purdue Univeristy (Faculty Sponsor)


"Experimenting with the Interaction between Aggregation and Text Planning"
Hua Cheng, University of Edinburgh, Division of Informatics

"Efficient Parsing Strategies for Syntactic Analysis of Captions"
Krzysztof Czuba, Carnegie Mellon University, Language Technologies Institute

"Generating Text with a Theorem Prover"
Ivan Garibay, University of Central Florida

"A Weighted Robust Parsing Approach to Semantic Annotation"
Hatem Ghorbel and Vincenzo Pallota, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de
Lausanne, LITH-MEDIA group

"Corpus-Based Syntactic Error Detection using Syntactic Patterns"
K. Gojenola and M. Oronoz, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Informatika

"The use of Error Tags in ARTFL's Encyclopedie: Does good error
identification lead to good error correction?"
Derrick Higgins, University of Chicago, Department of Linguistics

"Creating Hierarchies for Natural Language Generation"
Sarah Louise Oates, University of Brighton

"Word Sense Disambiguation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval"
Mary Xiaoyong Wang, Ted Diamond, and Anne R. Diekema, Syracuse University,
School of Information Studies


Student committee members
 David Ahn University of Rochester
 Timothy Baldwin Tokyo Institute of Technology
 Melanie Baljko University of Toronto
 Sabine Buchholz Tilburg University
 Patrick Caudal Universiti Paris 7
 Freddy Choi University of Manchester
 Paul Davis Ohio State University
 Jonathan DeCristofaro University of Delaware
 Mona Diab University of Maryland College / UMIACS
 Woody Haynes Illinois Institute of Technology
 Barbora Hladka Charles University
 Vlado Keselj University of Waterloo
 Anna Korhonen University of Cambridge
 Irene Langkilde University of Southern California / ISI
 Christophe Luc Universiti Paul Sabatier
 Diana Maynard Manchester Metropolitan University
 Lisa Michaud University of Delaware
 Derek Walker University of Geneva
 Teresa Zollo University of Rochester

Non-student committee members
 Yllias Chali University of Lethbridge
 Hsin-Hsi Chen National Taiwan University
 Sherri Condon University of Louisiana
 Deborah Dahl Unisys
 Mark Dras University of Pennsylvania
 Richard Evans University of Wolverhampton
 Martha Evens Illinois Institute of Technology
 Eileen Fitzpatrick Montclair State University
 Mary Harper Purdue University
 Kristiina Jokinen Flanders Language Valley
 Rodger Kibble University of Brighton / ITRI
 Adam Kilgariff University of Brighton / ITRI
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Message 2: Senseval 2 - Call for Interest

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:40:57 EST
From: Priscilla Rasmussen <>
Subject: Senseval 2 - Call for Interest



Following the success of the first SENSEVAL in 1998, we are now
beginning the planning for SENSEVAL-2. As before, it will proceed as
an ACL-SIGLEX activity. The evaluation will take place over a year,
concluding with a workshop in Pisa in Spring 2001.

Last time, there were evaluations for English, French and Italian.
We are keen to encourage evaluations for further languages, so would
particularly like to hear from people who are interested in setting up
evaluations for the language they work in.

If you wish to join the discussion group that works out how the
evaluation should proceed (and were not on the mailing list for the
first SENSEVAL) please let me know and I will add you to the list.

Adam Kilgarriff
SENSEVAL co-ordinator
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