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Mon Feb 28 2000

FYI: Concordances/On-line, New Monograph/Spreadsheet

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  2. alan harris, Monograph/Spreadsheet: Linguistic Cultures of the World/ SEMCOM

Message 1: On-line Concordances/ Free

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 10:15:25 +0000
From:> <>
Subject: On-line Concordances/ Free

On-line concordances:

What is GlossaNet?
- ----------------
The on-line version of GlossaNet allows users to retrieve words or
sequences of words from a pre-selected pool of daily newspapers. If any
match occurs, a concordance is sent to the user by email : this is a list
of the retrieved occurrences presented in their context (by default, 40
characters to the right and 40 characters to the left). Every day,
GlossaNet downloads the current edition of the selected newspaper, applies
your query and sends you the resulting concordance. You can set up
GlossaNet so that concordances be sent to you on a weekly basis.

Press corpora
- -----------
For each language (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) several
corpora are available. These are a selection of newspapers whose daily
editions are published on the Web: Le Monde (Fr), El-Mundo (Sp), Publico
(Pt) New York Times (US), etc. It's up to you! Coming soon: The Guardian
(UK), The Observer (UK) and Le Parisien (Fr).

- ---
In order to locate a simple or complex pattern in the text you have
selected, you must enter a query in the form of a 'regular expression'. A
guide is available for users who are not familiar with regular expressions.
Since the corpora are automatically parsed by means of electronic
dictionaries and finite state grammars (the LADL linguistic resources), it
is possible to use several tags in the query: formal and syntactic
categories, and inflectional information (cf. )

for example:

<�tre>en<N> match in French corpora �tait en sueur,
sera en condition, etc.
<be>in a <N> match in an English corpus was in a hurry, is
in a sweat, etc.
(M.+ Mme)<PRE><PRE> match M. Louis Durant,
Mme Marie Twha, etc.
(other examples are given on the Web site)

One profile... one query
- ----------------------
Only one query is allowed per profile. If you need to index more than one
query, create one new account (username and password) for each new query.

- ------------------------------------------------------
C�drick Fairon
Universit� Paris 7
Laboratoire d'automatique documentaire et linguistique (LADL)
2, Place Jussieu (CASE 7031)
75251 Paris CEDEX 05
tel : +33 1 44 27 56 99
fax : +33 1 44 27 68 51

LADL Web site :
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Message 2: Monograph/Spreadsheet: Linguistic Cultures of the World/ SEMCOM

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 17:53:03 -0800 (PST)
From: alan harris <>
Subject: Monograph/Spreadsheet: Linguistic Cultures of the World/ SEMCOM

SEMCOM is an online bulletin primarily for dissemination of semiotic, 
semiological, discursive, linguistic, visual and allied information 
pertaining to the study of signs. It is solely owned and operated by 
Alan C. Harris Ph.D. and is distributed free of charge to members of the 
Commission on Semiotics and Communication, National Communication Association, 
members of the Semiotic Society of America, and other "fellow travelers" who
request the service. . . // [If you would like to be included in the
SEMCOM list, please reply or send a note to with the
command, "add SEMCOM", in the body. tia, a.]


Note: the spreadsheet mentioned below can be downloaded from
The data can be used for any academic or non-commercial purpose

I thought you might find my recent monograph of interest:

 Linguistic Cultures of the World: A Statistical Reference
 (Greenwood Press)

The book gives over 150,000 stats covering 500+ language groups
worldwide (demographics, economics, geography, etc.). I would be
glad to send to you an EXCEL spreadsheet of the raw data (or to any
researcher who may find it of interest). Otherwise, the link below to
Amazon gives more qualitative details; the book, however, is largely
covered in the spreadsheet which is complementary to researchers/scholars.


Phil Parker
Professor of Economics and International Studies

 Alan C. Harris, Ph. D. TELNOS: main off: 818-677-2853
 Professor, Communication/Linguistics direct off: 818-677-2874
 Department of Communication Studies
 California State University, Northridge home: 818-366-3165
 COMMS-8257 CSUN FAX: 818-677-2663 
 Northridge, CA 91330-8257 INTERNET email: ALAN.HARRISCSUN.EDU 
 WWW homepage:
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