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Books: Syntax and Morphology

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  1. Mike Groseth, New titles from OUP in Syntax & Morphology

Message 1: New titles from OUP in Syntax & Morphology

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:22:19 -0500
From: Mike Groseth <MJGOUP-USA.ORG>
Subject: New titles from OUP in Syntax & Morphology

Syntax & Morphology

Hiroyuki Ura, Osaka University, Japan

(Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax)

"Much recent work on linguistic form and meaning has been guided by
the idea that the computational system of natural language is
essentially invariant, even rather simple, and that the apparent
variety of expressions in typologically different languages reduces
largely to small modifications in the morphological component of the
system. Ura's theory of multiple feature-checking develops the basic
idea in original and highly productive ways, providing persuasive
answers to difficult questions that arise in widely-ranging languages,
and opening up new and challenging problems. It is an impressive
achievement, which merits careful study."--Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology

Ura demonstrates that his theory of multiple feature-checking, an
extension of Chomsky's Agr-less checking theory, gives a natural
explanation for a wide range of data drawn from a variety of languages
in a very consistent way with a limited set of parameters.

January 2000 336 pp.
0-19-511839-1 paper $35.00
0-19-511838-3 cloth $65.00

Oxford University Press

ANAPHORA, DISCOURSE, AND UNDERSTANDING: Evidence from English and French
Francis Cornish, University of Toulouse-le Mirail, France

In this ambitious work, Dr. Francis Cornish sets out an original
theory of anaphora and deixis, and proposes a new and elegant
theoretical model to represent the transfer of meaning in
discourse. He brings together work by linguists, formal semanticists,
psychologists, and researchers in artificial intelligence, as well as
drawing on his own extensive experimental work on a variety of corpora
of different genres in French and English.

July 1999 304 pp.
0-19-870028-8 paper $35.00
0-19-823648-4 cloth $98.00

Oxford University Press
New in paperback!
CASE MARKING AND REANALYSIS: Grammatical Relations from Old to Early
Modern English Cynthia L. Allen, Australian National University

English underwent sweeping changes to its inflectional system in the
Middle English period and it is widely assumed that the loss of
case-marking distinctions had profound consequences for the syntax of
the language. Allen here makes a detailed study of these changes,
questioning the results of previous analyses which, she argues, posit
too direct a link between the morphological and syntactic changes.

1995 (paper June 1999) 528 pp.
0-19-823867-3 paper $35.00
0-19-824096-1 cloth $95.00

Oxford University Press
to Minimalism Second Edition Jamal Ouhalla, Queen Mary and Westfield
College, London

(An Arnold Publication)

The first edition of this book quickly established itself as one of
the clearest and most readable introductions to generative
grammar. Together with a complete introduction to the principles of
Universal Grammar, it traced the major shifts of perspective that have
influenced the developments of the theory over the last forty
years. This revised and expanded new edition introduces students with
no previous training ot Transformational Grammar. Covering the
framework known as Principles and Parameters as well as the more
recent framework known as Minimalism, it includes a range of new
exercises, making it ideal for students at all levels.

July 1999 496 pp.
0-340-74036-1 paper $24.95

Oxford University Press
SYNTACTIC THEORY: A Unified Approach
Second Edition
Robert Borsley, University of Wales, Bangor

(An Arnold Publication)

On the First Edition: "Borsley has given us a new kind of book: one
that combines the best features of other introductory texts on syntax
with serious discussion of alternatives to transformational
grammar."--Richard Hudson, University College, London

Syntactic theory is central to the study of language. This innovative
book introduces the ideas that underlie most approaches to syntax and
shows how they have been developed within two broad frameworks:
Government Binding Theory and Phrase Structure Grammar. Thoroughly
updated in the light of major recent developments, this second edition
includes expanded explanations of the main characteristics of the two
theories, summaries of the main features, exercises reinforcing key
points, and suggestions for further investigation.

May 1999 288 pp.
0-340-70610-4 paper $24.95

Oxford University Press

SYNTACTIC NUTS: Hard Cases, Syntactic Theory, and Language Acquisition
Peter W. Culicover, The Ohio State University

(Foundations of Grammar Vol. 1)

How are native speakers of a language instinctively able to make
precise linguistic judgements about marginal syntactic matters? What
does this tell us about both the structure of language and our innate
language ability as humans? These questions form the focus of
Professor Culicover's in-depth study which will appeal to both
graduate students and professionals within the fields of linguistic
theory and cognitive science.

December 1999 256 pp.
0-19-870023-7 paper $24.95
0-19-870024-5 cloth $78.00

Oxford University Press
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