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TOC: J of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg

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  1. Vadim B. Kasevich, J of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg Vol. 2, 1999

Message 1: J of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg Vol. 2, 1999

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 13:23:17 +0300 (MSK)
From: Vadim B. Kasevich <>
Subject: J of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg Vol. 2, 1999

 (Language and Language Behaviour)

 The Journal of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg

 Vol. 2, 1999

The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg
University of St. Petersburg
Universitetskaja nab. 11
St. Petersrburg 199034

Editor-in-chief: Vadim Kassevitch (University of St. Petersburg)

Editorial Board:
Valery Berkov (University of St. Petersburg), Sergey Bogdanov
(University of St. Petersburg), Alexander Bondarko (Institute of
Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences), Liya Bondarko
(University of St. Petersburg), Anatoly Domashnev (Institute of
Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences), Alexander Gerd
(University of St. Petersburg), Sakmara Ilyenko (Pedagogical
University), Viktor Khrakovsky (Institute of Linguistic Studies, Russian
Academy of Sciences), Yuri Kleiner (Associate Editor, University of St.
Petersburg). Askold Muratov (University of St. Petersburg), Margarita
Sabaneeva (University of St. Petersburg), Ivan Steblin-Kamenskij
(University of St.Petersburg), Natalia Svetozarova (Managing Editor,
University of St. Petersburg), Nikolai Vakhtin (European University, St.
Petersburg), Lyudmila Verbitskaya (University of St. Petersburg).


Editor's Note

Linguistic Theory and Synchronic Analysis

Tjeerd de Graaf. Linguistic databases and language minorities around
 the North Pacific Rim.**
Bernard H. Bichakjian. Language diversity and the Straight Flush Pattern
 of language evolution.*
Discussion (by Nikolai Kazansky, Vadim Kassevitch, with a reply
 by Bernard H. Bichakjian).*
Vladimir Pavlov. On graphic practices of word separation in 20th century
 German texts: morphology and syntax.**
Vadim Kassevitch. Language, ethnicity, and self-consciousness.**
Rebekka Frumkina. Is cognitive linguistics merely upside down 
Anatoly Liberman. Phonosemantics and etymology.**
Margarita Sabaneeva. Epistemic sentence modality in its relation to
 pragmatics and to formal logic.**
Kira Gor. Influence of second language orthography and morphology on
 interlanguage phonology: a case of vowel reduction in Russian.*
Liudmila Zubova. Linguistic experiment with grammatical gender in
 contemporary poetry.**

Historical Linguistics.

Igor Diakonoff. The earliest Semites: social and linguistic 
Yuri Kleiner. Sievers's law (Germanic languages).**
Kurt Gustav Goblirsch. The mechanism of consonant shifts in Germanic.*
Anton Zimmerling. Proto-Germanic as an SOV language?**

Schools and Trends in Linguistics. History of Linguistics.

Lev Zinder and Tatiana Stroeva. Institute of Speech Culture and Soviet
 linguistics in the 1920s-30s. Publication by 
 Liya Bondarko.**
Natalia Svetozarova. V.M. Zhirmunsky archives of German folk songs:
 history and present-day situation.**
Irina Ivanova. The beginning of the study of children's speech in Russian 
 linguistics (second half of the 19th -- early 20th c.).**
B.M. Engelgardt. Literary theory in Alexander Potebnya's linguistic
 system. Publication by Askold Muratov.


Alexander Moiseev. Urocisce (historical and etymological notes).
Anna Pavlova. On the speech of Russian immigrants in Germany.
Valery Sardushkin. The problem of grammatical gender in Albanian.


Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Austronesian
Linguistics, Leiden 22-27 August 1994. Ed. by C. Ode and W. Stokhof.
Amsterdam, 1997 (Alexander Ogloblin)
Crosscultural and crosslinguistic pragmatics. Progress and problems
(Larissa Naidich).
A new anthology of sociolinguistics (Victoria Gulida).
V.M. Alpatov. History of Linguistics (Tatiana Klubkova and Pavel

Conference reports

First annual conference of the Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg
(Yuri Kleiner and Natalia Svetozarova).
28th annual conference at the Faculty of Philology, University of St.
Petersburg (Elena Oshuiko).
11th annual UCLA Indo-European Conference (Alexander Nikolayev).
First Russian conference on translation (Fedorov Conference) (Vadim
7th Colloquium on language and culture of the Celts (Andrey
Astvatsaturov and Alexander Falileev).
I.M. Tronsky memorial conference - '99 (Evgenia Kriuchkova).

In the Seminars of the Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg.

Dates of Note

Georgy Stepanov and new trends in Romance languages research (to mark
the 80th birthday) (Anatoly Domashnev)


Igor Mikhailovich Diakonoff (1915-1999)
Evgeny Dementievich Panfilov (1921-1999)

Yazyk i rechevaya deyatel'nost' (The Journal of the Linguistic Society
of St. Petersburg): A Statement of Editorial Policy
- ------------------------------
* in English
** with a summary in English

Prof. Dr. Vadim B. Kassevitch (Univ. of St. Petersburg)
P.O.Box 14, St. Petersburg, 191025, Russia
Phone (7-812) 314-6123 (home), Fax (7-812) 3281346 (office)
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