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Mon Mar 6 2000

Qs: French Etymology,Spelling of hip-hop names

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  1. M Carver-Akers, Etymology of "une nuit blanche."
  2. James B. Long, Spelling of hip-hop names

Message 1: Etymology of "une nuit blanche."

Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 19:18:47 -0500 (EST)
From: M Carver-Akers <>
Subject: Etymology of "une nuit blanche."

I am looking to find someone who knows the derivation or etymology of the
contemporary French expression "une nuit blanche." I am especially
interested to know how far back in time we can trace this expression. 
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Message 2: Spelling of hip-hop names

Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 10:30:14 -0800
From: James B. Long <>
Subject: Spelling of hip-hop names


I'm working on an idea about altered spelling in names related to hip-hop 
or rap music. Here are some examples to illustrate the data I'm 
after. The general notion is that the altered spelling represents the true 

Xzibit 		"exhibit"	(name of performing group)
Eminem	"M&M"		(name of performing group)
2Pac		"Tupac"		(name of performer)
Snoop Dogg	"Snoop Dog"	(name of performer)
All-4-One	"All For One"	(name of record company)

Please contribute any examples you know of which exhibit this changed 
orthography phenomenon, especially local entities which I would probably 
miss. Feel free to contribute defunct names, since these groups and 
individuals come and go as fast as local restaurants! I'd be especially 
interested to hear about any such phenomena in languages other than English.

I'll post the entire corpus, for your edification and entertainment, when 
it is all together.

Thanks, Jim Long
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