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Books: Phonetics and Phonology

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  1. Mike Groseth, New OUP Titles in Phonetics & Phonology

Message 1: New OUP Titles in Phonetics & Phonology

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:23:54 -0500
From: Mike Groseth <MJGOUP-USA.ORG>
Subject: New OUP Titles in Phonetics & Phonology

Phonetics & Phonology

Zhiming Bao, National University of Singapore

This book argues a fresh theory about the structure of tone. Bao
investigates a wide range of tone sandhi data from various Chinese
dialects and other Asian tone languages, providing empirical support
for his proposal that tone is a formal entity which consists of
register and contour. Bao establishes a clear typological distinction
between register tone languages and contour tone languages whose
contour tones have a more complex structure.

May 1999 264 pp.
0-19-511880-4 $55.00

Oxford University Press
Rodney Sampson, University of Bristol

Drawing on a wide range of philological and linguistic materials,
Rodney Sampson provides for the first time a detailed comparative
study tracing the rise and pattern of the evolution of nasal vowels in
Romance; a family of language in which vowel nasalization has been
richly represented. Developments across all the standard varieties and
some non-standard varieties are considered, enabling broad
characteristics of vowel nasalization in Romance to be identified.

July 1999 432 pp.; 5 figs & 12 maps
0-19-823848-7 $105.00

Oxford University Press
THE PHONOLOGY OF ENGLISH: A Prosodic Optimality-Theoretic Approach
Michael Hammond, University of Arizona

"This book offers a comprehensive account of English phonology based
on distributional regularities as opposed to alternations. The book is
remarkably systematic and thorough in its presentation of the
patterning of the segmental sequences found in English syllables and
of the patterns of English word stress. The book also offers
interesting and intriguing analyses of these patterns couched within
optimality theory, for which the author provides a clear
introduction."--Stuart Davis, University of Illinois

"English Phonology examines the fascinating topic of distributional
patterns in the phonology of English, a language with a well-studied
and complex phonology, framed within Optimality Theory. It will find
an audience ranging from the student to the active researcher, and
will define research directions in theoretical phonology and English
phonology for some time to come."--Keren Rice, University of Toronto

The Phonology of English offers a new approach to English
phonology. It focuses on the prosody of the language, i.e. syllable
and foot structure, and does so from an optimality-theoretic (OT)
perspective. The book is thus intended as a detailed presentation of
novel empirical results about the sound system of English, along with
important theoretical results about phonological theory.

June 1999 384 pp.
0-19-870029-6 paper $24.95
0-19-823797-9 cloth $95.00

Oxford University Press

New in paperback!
Geert Booij, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

(The Phonology of the World's Languages)

"I would recommend this book to anyone with a background in generative
phonology and with knowledge of Dutch and/or another West Germanic
language. It provides a good basis for further study and should be
the first text one turns to when embarking on the study of Modern
Dutch phonology."--Germanic Notes and Reviews

This second volume in the Phonology of the World's Languages series is
the first comprehensive phonological description of Dutch. Booij's
analysis engages a number of current issues in phonological theory,
and particular attention is paid to the relation between morphology,
syntax, and prosodic structure at word- and at sentence-level.

1995 (paper June 1999) 224 pp.; 8 figures
0-19-823869-X paper $29.95
0-19-824027-9 cloth $55.00

Oxford University Press

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