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  1. Mike Groseth, New OUP Titles in Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics
  2. Mike Groseth, New OUP Titles on the English Language

Message 1: New OUP Titles in Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:27:49 -0500
From: Mike Groseth <MJGOUP-USA.ORG>
Subject: New OUP Titles in Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics

Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics

Donald Loritz, Georgetown University

How can an infinite number of sentences be generated from one human
mind? How did language evolve in apes? In this book Donald Loritz
addresses these and other fundamental and vexing questions about
language, cognition, and the human brain. He starts by tracing how
evolution and natural adaptation selected certain features of the
brain to perform communication functions, then shows how those
features developed into designs for human language. The result -- what
Loritz calls an adaptive grammar -- gives a unified explanation of
language in the brain and contradicts directly (and controversially)
the theory of innateness proposed by, among others, Chomsky and

October 1999 240 pp.; 91 figures
0-19-511874-X $45.00

Oxford University Press
THE ORIGINS OF COMPLEX LANGUAGE: An Inquiry into the Evolutionary
Beginnings of Sentences, Syllables, and Truth Andrew
Carstairs-McCarthy, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

This book proposes a new theory of the origins of human language
ability and presents an original account of the early evolution of
language. It explains why humans are the only language-using animals,
challenges the assumption that language is a consequence of
intelligence, and offers a new perspective on human
uniqueness. Brilliantly executed, this book draws on evidence from
archaeology, linguistics, cognitive science and evolutionary biology.

June 1999 272 pp.; 2 figures
0-19-823821-5 paper $19.95
0-19-823822-3 cloth $80.00

Oxford University Press
New in paperback!
Catherine Emmott, University of Glasgow

"a major advance in narrative analysis, the book will be an invaluable
resource for discourse analysts, cognitive scientists, and narrative
theorists alike." --David Herman, North Carolina State University

 "any future serious treatments of written narrative, and
particularly of anaphora, will have to take this work into account."
--Professor Wallace Chafe, University of California, Santa Barbara

 "This is a book which a lot of people should read. It has relevant
things to say to linguists and psychologists interested in text and
discourse analysis, narratologists, stylisticians, literary theorists,
reading theorists and those interested in the empirical study of
literature and in the teaching of literacy skills." --Professor Mick
Short, Lancaster University, Journal of Literary Semantics

There has so far been relatively little research by cognitive
linguists on the comprehension of narrative texts. This book draws on
insights from discourse analysis and artificial intelligence to
explore how readers construct and maintain mental representations of
fictional characters and contexts, and goes on to consider the
implications of cognitive modelling for grammatical theory and a
literary-linguistic model of narrative text-types.

1997 (paper June 1999) 336 pp.; 5 line illus
0-19-823868-1 paper $27.50
0-19-823649-2 cloth $80.00

Oxford University Press

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Message 2: New OUP Titles on the English Language

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:30:26 -0500
From: Mike Groseth <MJGOUP-USA.ORG>
Subject: New OUP Titles on the English Language

The English Language

Repository of the English Language
Joan C. Beal, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Thomas Spence's Grand Repository differs from the many English
pronouncing dictionaries produced in the late eighteenth century
firstly in that it was intended primarily for the lower classes, and
secondly in that it used a truly 'phonetic' script in the sense of one
sound = one symbol. In this unique account, Joan Beal pays attention
to the actual pronunciations with a view to reconstructing what was
felt to be 'correct' pronunciation in eighteenth-century Britain.

June 1999 256 pp.; frontispiece, 1 halftone
0-19-823781-2 $105.00

Oxford University Press
URBAN VOICES: Accent Studies in the British Isles
Edited by Paul Foulkes, University of Leeds, and Gerard Docherty,
University of Newcastle

(An Arnold Publication)

Bringing together a team of dialectologists, sociolinguists,
phoneticians and phonologists, this book presents exciting new data,
as well as well-known research on phonological variation and change in
urban accents across the British Isles. Each chapter is split in two
sections: the first is a detailed description of the social and
stylistic variation of a particular accent, the second is a discussion
of the implications of this data in broader theoretical terms.

January 2000 328 pp.; 23 line illus, & 7 halftones
0-340-70608-2 paper $24.95
Oxford University Press
ENGLISH IN NEW CULTURAL CONTEXTS: Reflections from Singapore
J. A. Foley, T. Kandiah, Bao Zhiming, A. F. Gupta, L. Alsagoff, Ho
Chee Lick, L. Wee, I. S. Talib, and W. Bokhorst-Heng, National
University of Singapore

This book explores the spread of English as a world language and the
different ways in which the language has developed and adaapted in new
sociocultural contexts.

August 1999 352 pp.; 4 figures
0-19-588415-9 paper $16.95
Oxford University Press

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