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Mon Mar 13 2000

Qs: Auditory Stimulation, Eng Lang Variation

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  1. Karel de Pauw, Tomatis Auditory Stimulation Therapy
  2. John Hillis, Regional/social Eng. lang. variations

Message 1: Tomatis Auditory Stimulation Therapy

Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 05:56:43 -0000
From: Karel de Pauw <>
Subject: Tomatis Auditory Stimulation Therapy

I wonder whether anyone on the Linguislist have any comments on the 
following :

I understand that some 40 years ago a French ENT specialist Tomatis, 
pioneered a therapy based on auditory stimulation. A friend of mine, a 
cellist, had treatment along these lines in South Africa, 20 years ago, 
while recovering from a concussional state. I never heard of it during 
my psychiatric training in the UK but recently came accross several 
websites describing the method of therapy and its indications. 
References on Tomatis that I found on the internet are eg and

I don't quite get the gist of the method but it's apparently based on 
auditory stimulation with various sounds that have been modified 
electronically. It's claimed to be of use in a variety of conditions, 
eg attention deficit, autism and dyslexia. I would like to find out 
more about the validity of Tomatis' theoretical claims and clinical 
results. I hesitate to be too judgmental but I have my doubts about it 
all - however there are apparently quite a number of centres in North 
America offering treatment with his method.

Collegial regards

Dr Karel W de Pauw

Consultant and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry
Roundhay Wing
St James's University Hospital
Leeds LS9 7TF
Tel 00 44 113 2065519
Fax 00 44 113 2065803
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Message 2: Regional/social Eng. lang. variations

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 03:31:24 -0500
From: John Hillis <jhillisBATELCO.COM.BH>
Subject: Regional/social Eng. lang. variations

Can anyone suggest where I might be able to find material online about
regional and social variations in spoken and written English?

Thank you.

John Hillis
University of Bahrain
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