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Tue Mar 14 2000

Qs: Used Academic Journals, Devoicing/Shortening

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  1. HandsOnMec, Looking for used journals
  2. Joaquim Brand´┐Żode Carvalho, Qs: devoicing/shortening

Message 1: Looking for used journals

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 21:08:24 EST
From: HandsOnMec <>
Subject: Looking for used journals


I'm seeking a resource to assist in locating second-hand or remaindered 
issues of academic journals--is anybody aware of such a resource? 
Principally, I want back issues of Sign Language Studies and the MLJ for a 
library project. Any leads would be much appreciated!


Jason E. Zinza
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Message 2: Qs: devoicing/shortening

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 09:33:57 +0100
From: Joaquim Brand´┐Żode Carvalho <>
Subject: Qs: devoicing/shortening

Dear linguist fellows,

Final devoicing (FD) and Closed syllable shortening (CSS) are two
well-known phonological processes. I am currently working on the way these
processes may interact, in particular on the possible relationship between
FD and *final* CSS (i.e., CVVC --> CVC /_#).

I know of languages : (a) lacking both FD and CSS, (b) having both FD and
CSS, and (c) having FD but not CSS. My question is the following : is the
fourth possible case attested? Do you know of languages showing CSS but not
FD? (Of course, all the languages considered here must have both voice and
length contrasts!)

Thank you very much in advance for any information. I will post a summary
of the responses.

Joaquim Brandao de Carvalho
1, rue Henri Poincare
75020 Paris
Tel./fax : 01 43 64 34 18
(If calling from outside France,
please replace the prefix '01' with '331'.)

Departement de linguistique
Faculte des Sciences Humaines et Sociales - Sorbonne
Universite Rene Descartes - Paris V

CNRS : ESA 7018, GDR 1954
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