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Wed Mar 15 2000

Confs: Natural Lang Understanding, VOTS-2000

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  1. Jean-Pierre Martens, VOTS-2000 workshop program

Message 1: VOTS-2000 workshop program

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:35:36 +0100 (NFT)
From: Jean-Pierre Martens <>
Subject: VOTS-2000 workshop program


 "Voice Operated Telecom Services: Do they have a bright future?"
	 Web site: http:/
	 Registration deadline: APRIL 15 !!!

Thursday, May 11

 8.45 : Registration
 9.15 : Opening session
 9.30 : Keynote 1 by Hugh Cameron (L&H, Canada)
 Speech at the interface
 10:15 : Keynote 2 by Denis Johnston (BT, UK)
 Speech Technology - Shaking the foundations
 11:00 : Coffee break
 11:30 ; Oral session 1
 - Els den Os (KPN, Netherlands)
 Usability of automatic speech recognition in telecommunication
	 - Rudi Vuerinckx (L&H, Belgium)
	 Evaluation of the robustness of ASR systems on cellular phone
 12:30 : General discussion

 13.00 : Lunch

 14.00 : Poster and demo session
 - Anita Cremers (KPN, Netherlands) 
 Adaptive speech interfaces: some user experiences
 - Gies Bouwman (KUN, Netherlands)
	 Weighting phone confidence measures for automatic speech 
	 - G. Carsten (IBM, Germany)
	 ISA: A traffic jam information system based on the IBM ViaVoice
 telephony toolkit
	 - Hishashi Kawai (KDD, Japan)
	 A realistic application of digit recognition - prank call 
	 rejection for international help desk
	 - Odette Scharenborg (KUN, Netherlands)
	 Connected digit recognition with class specific word models
	 - Sari Accaino (L&H, Belgium)
	 Modeling extra events for telephony
	 - Algimantas Rudzionis (KUT, Lithuania)
	 Noisy speech detection and endpointing
	 - Ben Milner (BT, UK)
	 Mobile and IP access to network-based speech recognizers
 15:30 : Coffee break
 16:00 : Keynote 3 by Petri Haavisto (Nokia, Finland)
 [title to be confirmed]
 16:45 : Keynote 4 by Sadaoki Furiu (TiTech, Japan)
	 Steps towards natural human-machine communication in the 
 21st century
 17:30 : General discussion

 19:30 : Dinner

Friday, May 12

 9.30 : Keynote 5 by Volker Steinbiss (Philips, Germany)
 Speech dialogue systems in the telecom network
 10:15 : Keynote 6 by Fred Lundin (Telia, Sweden)
 Development of a public voice dialling telephone service
 11:00 : Coffee break
 11:30 : Oral session 2
 - Gunnar Lehtinen (ETH, Switzerland)
	 IDAS : Interactive directory assistance service
 - Marcus Hennecke (TEMIC, Germany)
	 Easy configuration of natural language understanding systems 
 12:30 : General discussion
 13.00 : Lunch

 14:00 : Keynote 7 by Christian Dugast (Nuance, France)
 Case studies to help understand the new generation network
 14:45 : Keynote 8 by Roger Moore (20/20 Speech, UK)
	 The future of speech-based services: bringing in the benefit
 15:30 : General discussion
 16:00 : Closing session (15 minutes)
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