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Sat Jan 15 2000

Calls: Computational Semantics, General Linguistics

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  1. Johan Bos, Computational Semantics:INFERENCE IN COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS, Germany
  2. Wiebke Brockhaus, General Linguistics:Toulouse 2000, France

Message 1: Computational Semantics:INFERENCE IN COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS, Germany

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 19:39:50 +0100 (MET)
From: Johan Bos <bosCoLi.Uni-SB.DE>
Subject: Computational Semantics:INFERENCE IN COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS, Germany


 second workshop on


 Dagstuhl, Germany, July 29-30, 2000

 (Submission deadline: April 15, 2000)

- --------
Traditional inference tools (such as theorem provers and model
builders) are reaching new levels of sophistication and are now widely
and easily available. A wide variety of new tools (statistical and
probabilistic methods, ideas from the machine learning community) are
likely to be increasingly applied in computational semantics. Most
importantly of all, computational semantics seems to have reached the
stage where the exploration and development of inference is one of its
most pressing tasks - and there's a lot of interesting new work which
takes inferential issues seriously.

The Workshop on Inference in Computational Semantics (ICoS) intends to
bring researchers from areas such as Computational Linguistics,
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science,and Logics together, in
order to discuss approaches and applications of Inference in natural
language semantics.

ICoS-1 took place in Amsterdam on August 15, 1999 with an attendence
of over 50 researchers. A selection of the papers presented at ICoS-1
will be published in the Journal of Language and Computation.

ICoS-2 is endorsed by SIGSEM, the Association for Computational
Linguistics (ACL) Special Interest Group (SIG) on computational

- ---
People who would like to submit a paper, system descriptions or who
would like to attend the workshop should consider the following dates:

 Submission Deadline: April 15, 2000. 
 Notification: June 1, 2000. 
 Final Versions: July 10, 2000. 
 ICoS-2: July 29-30, 2000. 
 (COLING: July 31 - August 4, 2000)

- ------
ICoS-2 will be held the International Conference And Research Center
for Computer Science SCHLOSS DAGSTUHL. Schloss Dagstuhl is situated in
the Saarland (Germany), allowing participants to reach the COLING
conference in Saarbruecken conveniently. Transport from Dagstuhl to
Saarbruecken will be organized on sunday evening or monday morning.

- -----
There will be three invited presentations (to be announced later).
Information about contributed talks and demo's will be made available in 
due course. 

The program committee for ICoS-2 consists of the following people:

	Nicholas Asher 
	Peter Baumgartner
	Johan Bos (Chair)
	Dick Crouch 
	Nissim Francez 
	Udo Hahn
	Ewan Klein
	Michael Kohlhase (Chair)
	Alex Lascarides
	Dale Miller
	Christof Monz 
	Joachim Niehren
	Steve Pulman
	Allan Ramsay 
	Maarten de Rijke 
	Michael Schiehlen
	Matthew Stone 

- ---------
We ask you to limit the final version of your research paper to 15
pages at most (11pt, a4paper, one column). System descriptions should
be no longer than 6 pages (11pt, a4paper, one column). To yield a
uniform layout for the workshop proceedings, we encourage you to use
LaTeX and use \bibiographystyle{alpha} for citations.

Note that the final version is due July 10, 2000.
Submissions can be sent to

In addition to the workshop proceedings, we plan to publish a special
issue of the Journal of Language and Computation devoted to
ICoS-2. Shortly after the workshop, authors will be contacted by the
editors for special issue, inviting them to contribute; we may ask you
to incorporate comments/discussions/... arising during ICoS-2 into
your paper. Details on the publication schedule for the special issue
as well as formatting instructions will be announced at the workshop.

- -----------------
If you have any questions, please contact the local organizers 
Johan Bos and Michael Kohlhase via

For actual information concerning ICoS-2 please consult
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Message 2: General Linguistics:Toulouse 2000, France

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 18:44:11 -0000
From: Wiebke Brockhaus <>
Subject: General Linguistics:Toulouse 2000, France

Toulouse 2000


International Conference 7-9 JULY 2000
Linguistics and the English Language/Linguistique et langue anglaise
Universit� de Toulouse-Le Mirail (France)

The D�partement d'Etudes du Monde Anglophone of the Universit� 
de Toulouse-Le Mirail is organizing a conference on linguistics and 
the English language from Friday morning 7th July to Sunday 
afternoon 9th July 2000. This conference is organized in partnership 
with the University of California at Santa Barbara and the North-West 
Centre for Linguistics in Great Britain (see 

The main fields covered are phonology, morphology, syntax, 
semantics, pragmatics, language and cognition, �nonciation, 
translation theory, corpus linguistics and stylistics. 

Full papers will be allocated 45 minutes (paper 35 minutes, questions: 
10 minutes). There will also be a poster session. Please specify 
whether you are submitting a full paper or a paper for the poster 
session. Given the number of proposals already accepted, we may 
have to transfer full papers to poster papers with the contributors' 

Coordinators: Jacques Durand/Dennis Philps

Proposals in the form of a 1 page summary should be submitted by 
email before 1 April 2000 to : 

Jacques Durand at the following address :
with copy to Dennis Philps (

Summary programme
Vendredi 7 juillet 2000
9h-9h45 Accueil des participants
9h45-10h15 Ouverture du colloque
10h15-10h30 Pause caf�
10h30-11h30 Conf�rence Pl�ni�re I (Francis Katamba)
11h30-12h15 Ateliers

12h30-14h Repas

14h-14h45 Ateliers
14h45-15h30 Ateliers
15h30-16h00 Pause caf�
16h00-16h45 Ateliers
16h45-17h45 Conf�rence Pl�ni�re II (Lionel Guierre)

19h Cocktail

Samedi 8 juillet 2000
9h-9h45 Ateliers
9h45-10h30 Ateliers
10h30-11h30 Posters et pause caf�
11h30-12h30 Conf�rence pl�ni�re III (Peter Trudgill)

12h-30-14h Repas

14h-14h45 Ateliers
14h45-15h30 Ateliers
15h30-16h00 Pause caf�
16h00-16h45 Ateliers
16h45-17h45 Conf�rence Pl�ni�re IV (Henri Adamczewski)

17h45 Cocktail
20h Banquet

Dimanche 9 juillet 2000

9h30-10h15 Ateliers
10h15-11h Ateliers
11h-11h30 Pause caf�
11h30-12h30 Conf�rence Pl�ni�re V (R. Langacker)

The conference is organized in the form of a series of parallel papers.
Among the parallel sessions, the following four will play a central role :
Phonology (Brockhaus, Carr, Durand), 
Morphology (Katamba),
Syntax/Semantics (Lapaire, Rotg�, Philps), 
Syntax (Rowlett)
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