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Sun Mar 26 2000

FYI: New List/Code-Switching

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  1. Celso Alvarez Caccamo, New List on Code-Switching

Message 1: New List on Code-Switching

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 00:37:44 +0100
From: Celso Alvarez Caccamo <>
Subject: New List on Code-Switching


I would like to announce the creation of a new mailing list called The
Code-Switching Forum. I decided to start the list after receiving a
number of messages with queries and research questions on
code-switching which I either don't know how to answer or I don't have
the time to. The code-switching list is unmoderated, and subscription
to it is very simple: just send a blank message to . You'll receive a confirmation
message, and you're on.

I believe a number of new interesting questions are being raised
recently in the study of language alternation and related phenomena,
but, to my knowledge, no specific list on code-switching exists. Lots
of people work on what is diversely being called "code-switching", and
raise their questions in various lists. The Code-Switching Forum tries
to fill this gap and bring researchers, students and onlookers

Here is a fuller description of the list. Please distribute this
information widely. Thank you,
Celso Alvarez C�ccamo Tel. +34 981 167000 ext. 1888
Linguistica Geral, Faculdade de Filologia FAX +34 981 167151
Universidade da Corunha
15071 A Corunha, Galiza (Espanha)


The Code-Switching Forum is an unmoderated list for the discussion of
alternation of linguistic varieties (commonly called "code-switching"), 
bilingual conversation and related phenomena. Topics of interest
include (but are not restricted to):

-the definition of "code" itself
-the definition and characterization of "code-switching" itself
-"code" and linguistic variety; "code-switching" and
language alternation
-the relations between language alternation and other
interlingual phenomena
-bilingual conversation in general
-new trends in the study of language alternation
-codes, varieties and contextualization
-codes, indexicality and identity
-language alternation and conversational organization
-language alternation in literature and song
-code-switching and macro-sociolinguistic processes
-data gathering, transcription and interpretation
-universality and particularities of language

The Code-Switching Forum welcomes discussion, queries, information,
and materials. Materials and documents can be uploaded to The
Code-Switching Forum "vault", at . The "vault" has a
20MB capacity. Please use HTML or PDF formats when possible.

The Code-Switching Forum has no official or preferred language for messages.

To subscribe, send a blank message to:

Upon subscription, please wait for a few days until lots of people
jump on to the wagon, and then please introduce yourself to the list.

Thank you,

The Forum manager,
Celso Alvarez-C�ccamo
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