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Wed Mar 29 2000

Books: Typology, Austronesian Discourse

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  1. Gillian Caglayan, Approaches to the Typology of Word Classes, Vogel & Comre (eds)
  2. Joan Wylie, Austronesian Discourse: Conversational Palauan, D. Tkel

Message 1: Approaches to the Typology of Word Classes, Vogel & Comre (eds)

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 09:56:57 +0100
From: Gillian Caglayan <>
Subject: Approaches to the Typology of Word Classes, Vogel & Comre (eds)

New Publication by Mouton de Gruyter!!!!

Petra M. Vogel and Bernard Comrie (Editors)
Approaches to the Typology of Word Classes

2000. 23 x 15,5 cm. XIII, 514 pages.
Cloth. DM 228,- /EUR 116,57 /�S 1664,- /sFr 203,- /approx. US$ 143.00
ISBN 3-11-016102-8
Paperback. DM 78,- /EUR 39,88 /�S 569,- /sFr 71,- /approx. US$ 49.00
ISBN 3-11-016783-2
(Empirical Approaches to Language Typology 7)

The history of word class research is characterised by two extreme
positions. Up to the 19th century it was believed that word classes
were invariably of the Latin or Greek type and universal. In contrast
to that, in the 20th century the view prevailed that every language
had its own specific and unique word class system. In the last
decades, however, it has become apparent that despite the large number
of word classes and word-class systems there are typological
restrictions with regard to the conceptualisation of semantic features
and morphosyntactic structures.

This book approaches word classes and their categorial manifestations
from the perspective of typology and language universals research. The
authors in this volume discuss word class categorisation in general
(Part I) as well as word classes and word class systems of individual
languages (Part II) from a typological-universal viewpoint and from
diachronic and cross-linguistic perspectives.

This book will be of interest to scholars interested in linguistic
typology, grammaticalization theories, morphology, syntax and


I. General studies:
Jan Anward: A dynamic model of part-of-speech differentiation;
D. N. S. Bhat: Word classes and sentential functions;
William Croft: Parts of speech as language universals and as
language-particular categories;
Nicholas Evans: Kinship verbs;
David Gil: Syntactic categories, cross-linguistic variation and
universal grammar;
Jan Rijkhoff: When can a language have adjectives? An implicational
Petra M. Vogel: Grammaticalisation and part-of-speech systems;
Anna Wierzbicka: Lexical prototypes as a universal basis for
cross-linguistic identification of "parts of speech";

II. Language-particular studies:
Werner Abraham: Modal particles in German: word classification and
legacy beyond grammaticalisation;
J�rgen Broschart: The Tongan category of preverbials;
Monika Budde: Identifying substantival and adjectival pronouns: A case
study on German;
Marianne Mithun: Noun and verb in Iroquoian languages:
Multi-categorisation from multiple criteria;
Robin Sackmann: Numeratives in Mandarin Chinese;
Arnfinn Muruvik Vonen: Polynesian multifunctionality and the ambitions
of linguistic description.

Petra M. Vogel is Professor of German Linguistics at the University of
Bernard Comrie is Director of the Max-Planck-Institute of Evolutionary
Anthropology at Leipzig.

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For more information please contact the publisher:
Mouton de Gruyter
Genthiner Str. 13
10785 Berlin, Germany
Fax: +49 30 26005 222

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Message 2: Austronesian Discourse: Conversational Palauan, D. Tkel

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 20:27:20 -1000
From: Joan Wylie <>
Subject: Austronesian Discourse: Conversational Palauan, D. Tkel


The Micronesian Language Institute of the University of Guam announces a
new text book of the Palauan language.

Conversational Palauan.
Debbie TKEL.

The present volume consists of ten units each containing two lessons:
	Unit 1: General Information
		Lesson 1: Greetings and General Phrases
		Lesson 2: Common Place Names and Phrases
	Unit 2: Personal Information
		Lesson 1: Information about Selves/Family and Common Phrases
		Lesson 2: Give Information about Age, Nationality, Residence,
	Unit 3: Time
		Lesson 1: Weeks, Months
		Lesson 2: Tell Time of Day, Phrases, Review Weeks and Months
	Unit 4: Body
		Lesson 1: Parts of the Body
		Lesson 2: Clothing/Accessories and Physical Appearances
	Unit 5: Health
		Lesson 1: Emotions, Feelings, Illnesses
		Lesson 2: Injuries
	Unit 6: Home
		Lesson 1: Different Parts of a House, Household Furniture
		Lesson 2: Household Objects, Household Chores
	Unit 7: Food
		Lesson 1: Cooking Object, Local Starch Food
		Lesson 2: Local Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits
	Unit 8: Weather
		Lesson 1: Weather Conditions, Directional Phrases
		Lesson 2: More on Weather Conditions
 	 Unit 9: School
		Lesson 1: School Subjects, Activities, and School Related
		Lesson 2: School Activities and Other Useful Phrases
	Unit 10: Recreation
		Lesson 1: Shopping
		Lesson 2: Dining at a Restaurant

The volume will be of interest to all linguists, language enthusiasts,
Micronesian and Austronesian language researchers.

Unit price: $15.00	US

Shipping & handling:	
	United States & Micronesia region $4.95 US
	Asia $10.50 US
	Europe $ 9.10 US

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