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Fri Mar 31 2000

Qs: Plural Attributives, Rumanian Lang Resources

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  1. Laurie Bauer, Q: Plural attributives, references
  2. Hchalls, Rumanian

Message 1: Q: Plural attributives, references

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 16:38:53 +1200
From: Laurie Bauer <>
Subject: Q: Plural attributives, references

By 'plural attributives' I mean things like _promotions criteria_ 
where the modifying noun in a noun + noun sequence has plural form.

I have a copy of an article by Jean Dierickx called 'Why are plural 
attributives becoming more frequent?', but I can't find the 
bibliographic reference for it. I THINK it appeared in a Festschrift 
or other collection of papers ca. 1970. Does anyone have the full 

Similarly, I think that Knud Soerensen once wrote on the same topic, 
but I have been unable to trace the article through LLBA. Does 
anyone have a reference for that one?

Thanks in advance.
Laurie Bauer

Professor of Linguistics and
Programme Director for Linguistics
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Victoria University of Wellington
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New Zealand
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Message 2: Rumanian

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:56:56 EST
From: Hchalls <>
Subject: Rumanian

A former student of linguistics at Monash University, Australia, I have just 
commenced private studies on the Rumanian language. I have no linguistic 
material at hand and would appreciate any linguistic material (esp. syntax, 
morphology, phonetics, dialectology) either in German, English or Esperanto 
(Dutch or French is also acceptable) on the Rumanian language. I am willing 
to pay for some tapes (recordings) of good quality of conversational 
Rumanian. Please send all information to or
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