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Mon Apr 3 2000

Confs: Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference/DIGS VI

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  1. Acrisio Pires, Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DIGS VI)

Message 1: Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DIGS VI)

Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 05:38:16 -0400
From: Acrisio Pires <>
Subject: Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DIGS VI)

Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DIGS VI) - Mayfest 2000
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
May 22nd-24th, 2000

The conference webpage now includes information on registration,
travel arrangements and the conference schedule (also reproduced below):
Look for 'Mayfest 2000/DIGS VI' in the 'News/Events' box.

Pre-registration (US$ 15) must be received by May 10 (form available on
Hotel reservations should be made as early as possible, given that DIGS
VI coincides with the University Commencement week. People willing to
attend the conference dinner ($ 20) should also register in advance,
given that the number of seats is limited.

For future updates on DIGS, you need to send a msg. with subject
'SUBSCRIBE DIGS' to Acrisio Pires <>. 
Include name/mail address in the msg.
For other questions email Cilene Rodrigues <>.

DIGS VI - Conference Schedule:

Monday, May 22nd - Atrium, Stamp Student Union

8:45 - Opening Remarks: Dean James Harris, David Lightfoot 
9:00 - Invited speaker: Ian Roberts (U. Stuttgart)
The history of the future
Discussant: Lila Gleitman (U. Pennsylvania)
10:15- Break 
10:30 - Anna Roussou (U. Cyprus) 
The grammaticalization of future in Greek: A formal approach 
11:00 - Charles D. Yang (MIT)
Grammar competition and language change: The loss of V2 in Old French
11:30 - Dirk Bury (U. College London) 
A reinterpretation of the loss of verb-second in Welsh
12:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Invited speaker: Susan Pintzuk (U. York) 
Verb-complement order in Old English: Variation as grammatical
Discussant: Jairo Nunes (U. Connecticut & UNICAMP)
3:15 - Break
3:30 - Acrisio Pires (U. Maryland) 
Infinitives, control as movement and the loss of inflection in
4:00 - Cilene Rodrigues (U. Maryland) 
Loss of verbal agreement and the null subject parameter
4:30 - Lucia Lobato (U. Brasilia) 
Causes and consequences in linguistic change: The case of Portuguese
subject position 

Tuesday, May 23rd - Maryland Room, 1100 Marie Mount Hall

9:00 - Invited speaker: Cynthia L. Allen (Australian National U.,
Case and Middle English genitive Noun Phrases
Discussant: Zeljko Boskovic (U. Connecticut)
10:15 - Break 
10:30 - Ans van Kemenade (U. Nijmegen) 
Modeling the relation between syntax and morphology in FPs: V2, modals,
lexical verbs, do-support, negation
11:00 - Georg A. Kaiser (U. Hamburg, SFT 'Multilingualism'/U. Konstanz) 
Dialect contact as a prerequisite for parametric change. A case study on
French word order change
11:30 - Chiara Polo (U. Padua)
On the relationship between word order, inflectional case and syntactic
Case from Old to Middle and Modern English 
12:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Invited speaker: Ted Briscoe (U. Cambridge)
Logistic patterns of language change
Discussant: Partha Niyogi( Bell Labs)
3:15 - Break
3:30 - Irene Philippaki-Warburton & Vassilios Spyropoulos (U. Reading)
A change of mood: The evolution of the Greek mood system
4:00 - Marie-Therese Vinet (U. Sherbrooke) 
Language change and aspect: The case of a Swiss French deficient 
object ´┐Ża
4:30 - Douglas Wharram (U. Connecticut & Memorial U. Newfoundland)
On certain differences between French and French: A study in diachronic
and microparametric syntax of 'ECM'
5:00 - Tony Kroch ( U. Pennsylvania)
Introduction to the second edition of the Penn-Helsinki Middle English
5:30 - Break
7:00 - Conference Dinner - Inn and Conference Center/Univ. of Maryland
University College

Wednesday, May 24th - Atrium, Stamp Student Union

9:00 - Invited speaker: Dianne Jonas (Yale U.) 
Residual V-to-I
Discussant: Stephen R. Anderson (Yale U.)
10:15 - Break 
10:30 - Thorhallur Eythorsson (U. Manchester) 
Dative vs. nominative: Changes in quirky subjects in Icelandic 
11:00 - John D. Sundquist (Indiana U.) 
Object shift and Holmberg's generalization in the history of Norwegian
11:30 - Eric Haeberli (U. Geneva) 
Agreement and the loss of V2 in English 
12:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Akira Watanabe (U. Tokyo)
Loss of overt Wh-movement in Old Japanese and demise of "Kakarimusubi" 
2:30 - Cathal Doherty (U. College Dublin) 
Verb movement and clause structure in Early Irish
3:00 - Paul Hirschbuhler (U. Ottawa) & Marie Labelle (UQAM) 
Clitic placement in imperatives: from Old to Contemporary French
3:30 - Break
4:00 - Susana Bejar (U. Toronto) 
Movement, morphology and learnability: The loss of inherent Case in Old
4:30 - Ana Maria Martins (U. Lisbon)
The loss of OV/VO in Portuguese: Considerations on clause structure,
word order variation and change 
5:00 - Thomas McFadden (U. Pennsylvania) 
The rise of the to dative in Middle English

Almeida Jacqueline Toribio (Pennsylvania State U.)
Inflectional variation and syntactic innovation: A Synchronic
Richard Ingham (U. of Reading)
Expletive negatives and Neg movement in Middle English
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