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Mon Jan 17 2000

Disc: NEW: 11.8 Phonetics/Ejectives/Laryngealization

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  1. David Beck, New Discussion: 11.8 Phonetics/Ejectives/Laryngealization

Message 1: New Discussion: 11.8 Phonetics/Ejectives/Laryngealization

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:54:51 -0500
From: David Beck <>
Subject: New Discussion: 11.8 Phonetics/Ejectives/Laryngealization

This comment appeared in a recent summary on

>Some of the contributors pointed me to Ladefoged's book "The
>sounds of the world's languages; unfortunately, it was this that
>made me wonder about the resemblance of laryngealized sounds and
>ejectives. They seem to be, though, phonetically totally
>different. Some of those who answered argued that phonologically,
>the difference is indeed irrelevant, as both features never
>co-occur in the same language (Jessen's description: [+constricted
>glottis, -voice] or [+checked, -voiced] in Jacobsonian terms).
>Unlike ejectives, laryngealized consonants may be voiced.

Upper Necaxa Totonac appears to be an exception to this last
generalization, as it has a creaky/plain distinction in vowels and has a
series of three ejective fricatives. Some dialects of Tepehua apparently
have creaky voice vowels and ejective stops (although I can't speak to that
from experience).

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