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Confs: ACM HyperText 2000

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  1. Einat Amitay, ACM HyperText 2000

Message 1: ACM HyperText 2000

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 11:21:10 +1000
From: Einat Amitay <>
Subject: ACM HyperText 2000

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 ACM HyperText 2000
 May 30 - June 4
 San Antonio, Texas

The HT 2000 conference is the eleventh ACM (Association for Computing
Machinery) conference on hypertext and hypermedia. The conference will
provide a forum where delegates can present, exchange and discuss
original ideas and exciting experiences relating to hypermedia
(objects, links, paths, spaces, time, collections, navigational aids,
etc.) and the use of hypermedia concepts and technologies in special
domains (e.g., authoring, publishing, human-computer interaction,
digital libraries, electronic literature, computer-supported
cooperative work, databases, operating systems, software engineering,
education, and global information systems such as the WWW, etc.).

The Hypertext 2000 conference will run back-to-back with the ACM Digital
Libraries conference, starting with Hypertext 2000 from May 30th to June
3rd, and continuing with Digital Libraries from June 2nd to June 7th.
Both conferences are held in the attractive Menger Hotel in San Antonio,
Texas. The conference URLs where you can find details of the entire
programmes can be found at and

Summary of contents:

	* Keynote Speakers

 * Technical Program

	* Workshops

 * Tutorials

 * Registration Details (including Airline and Hotel discounts) 

Keynote speakers:
- ---------------
Scott McCloud 
Scott has been writing and drawing comics since 1984. His 1993 book
Understanding Comics has become a `must-read classic' for Web designers
(Seybold Seminars Online). Scott will speak on the morning of Wednesday,
May 31. 

Jonathan Grudin 
Jonathan is a Senior Researcher in the Collaboration and Multimedia
Group at Microsoft Research. Jonathan will discuss constraints on
technology and society in his talk Irresistible forces and immovable
objects on the morning of Friday, June 2. 

Technical Program (Full Papers):
- ------------------------------
The travails of visually impaired Web travellers 
C. Goble, S. Harper & R. Stevens 
An orthogonal taxonomy for hyperlink anchor generation in video streams
using Ovaltine 
J. M. Smith, D. Stotts & S. Kim 
Generating presentation constraints from rhetorical structure 
L. Rutledge, B. Bailey, J. van Ossenbruggen, L.�Hardman & J. Geurts 
Reusable hypertext structures for distance and JIT learning 
A. Spalter & R. Simpson 
Linking by interacting: a paradigm for authoring hypertext 
M. Pimentel, G. Abowd & Y. Ishiguro 
Automatic creation of exercises in adaptive hypermedia learning systems 
S. Fischer & R. Steinmetz 
Integrating infrastructure: enabling large-scale client integration 
K. Anderson, C. Och, R. King & R. Osborne 
Investigating link service infrastructures
D. De Roure, N. Walker & L. Carr 
A pragmatics of links 
S. P. Tosca 
Arguments in hypertext 
L. Carter 
FOHM: a fundamental open hypertext model for investigating
interoperability between hypertext domains 
D. Millard, L. Moreau, H. Davis & S. Reich 
Naming as a fundamental concept of open hypermedia systems 
M. Tzagarakis, N. Karousos, D. Christodoulakis & S. Reich 
Hypermedia in the virtual project room -- toward open 3D spatial
P. Mogensen & K. Gr�nb�k 
Defining logical domains in a Web site 
W. Li, O. Kolak, Q. Vu & H. Takano 
Organizing topic-specific Web information 
S. Mukherjea 
Clustering hypertext with applications to Web searching 
D. Modha & W. S. Spangler 
The Pleasure Principle: immersion, engagement, flow 
Y. Douglas & A. Hargadon 
Toward an organic hypertext 
R. Kendall & J. Rety 
Hypertext interaction revisited 
G. Golovchinsky & C. Marshall 
Finding linking opportunities through relationship-based analysis 
J. Yoo & M. Bieber 
Ontology-supported and ontology-driven conceptual navigation on the
World Wide Web 
M. Crampes & S. Ranwez 
Automatically generated hypertext versions of scholarly articles and
their evaluation 
J. Blustein 

- -------
Hypertext Writers 
Message Morphs the Media Writers, readers, and system developers share
works in progress and discuss techniques and strategies to improve
Dates held: Tue 30th May and afternoon of Fri 2nd June

Open Hypermedia Systems
OHS6 will be open to all aspects relevant to open hypermedia systems.
The focus will centre around hypermedia middleware and integration with
front-end applications.
Date held: Tue 30th May

Structural Computing
A focus on the application of structural computing ideas to real
problems, as well as work reporting on experimental prototypes of
structural computing infrastructure.
Date held: Tue 30th May

Information Doors - Where Information Search and Hypertext Link
This workshop will consider search results as a form of hypertext,
encouraging discussion about the nature of this dynamically created
textual point-of-departure.
Date held: Tue 30th May

- --------
Hypertext 2000 and Digital Libraries 2000 share a combined tutorial
program. Most of the tutorials will be held between the two conferences
and include up-to-date tutorials in new technologies such as XML and
XLink, as well as key technologies for building and using digital
libraries. A list of the tutorials on offer is:

T1. The Synchronized Multimedia Interaction Language (SMIL)
 Lloyd Rutledge & Linda Hardman
T2. Human Factors in the Design and Testing of Hypermedia Interfaces
 Andrew Dillon
T3. CSCW & Groupware
 Jonathan Grudin & Steve Poltroc
T4. E-Books
 Gene Golovchinsky, Cathy Marshall, & Elli Mylonas
 Stephen DeRose & David Durand
T6. Information Architecture: Integrating Practice and Research
 Peter Morville & Keith Instone
T7. XLink
 Stephen DeRose & David Durand
T8. Thesauri for Knowledge-based Assistance in Hypermedia and Digital
 Dagobert Soergel
T9. Digital Libraries (Introduction)
 Ed Fox
T10. How to build a Digital Library using Open Source Software
 Ian Wittan
T11. Digital Libraries (Advanced)
 Ed Fox

- ----------
Registration is now open for Hypertext 2000. You can register either by
filling out the secure online form or by
printing the form and faxing or posting it.

Just click the "registration" item in the menu on the left side of the
conference pages, to
be taken to the registration page.

Take advantage of a range of early registration discounts by registering
before May 1st!

The conference has an official airline -- American Airlines -- that is
giving people special fares to/from the conference if they mention the
conference travel code [9950UZ].

Conference attendees also receive a special discount on rooms, $99/night
single or double, at the conference hotel -- the Menger. Please call the
Menger (at either +1(800)345-9285 or +1(210)223-4361) and mention the
conference booking code [4778].
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