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  1. Jussi Niemi, Recent Volumes in Language Studies, University of Joensuu

Message 1: Recent Volumes in Language Studies, University of Joensuu

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:12:02 +0200
From: Jussi Niemi <Jussi.NiemiJoensuu.FI>
Subject: Recent Volumes in Language Studies, University of Joensuu

Recent Volumes of Studies in Languages, University of Joensuu

Series Editor: Jussi Niemi,,

Sales: Joensuu University Library, fax: +358-13-251 2691,

Jussi Niemi, Terence Odlin, Janne Heikkinen (eds.): Language Contact,
Variation, and Change. Studies in Languages 32, University of Joensuu 1998.


Endre Brunstad: Purism towards English: A Comparative Analysis of
Language Planning in the Nordic Language Communities; Wolfgang
U. Dressler: What is the Core of Morphology?; Zsuzsa Duray:
Sociolinguistic Considerations of Extralinguistic Factors Determining
Language Death in the Nganasan Minority Community of Russia;
Sirkka-Liisa Hahmo and Tette Hofstra: Echoes from Early Bilingualism
Round the Baltic Sea: Germanic Influences on the Balto-Finnic Lexicon;
Panu Hallamaa: Fieldwork among Speakers of Endangered Languages:
Methodology, Reality, and Social Advocacy; Helena Halmari:
Case-Assignment and Adverbials in Finnish-English Bilingual Sentences;
Anu-Reet Hausenberg: Language Affinity and Language Contacts in the
History of Settlement of Northeast Europe; Jan Heegaard: Variational
Patterns in Vowel Length in Kalashamon; Pekka A. Hirvonen: The
Finnish-American Language Shift; Ossi Kokko: Loss and Maintenance of
Linguistic Features in Language Attrition; Ago K�nnap: Radically
Renewing Uralistics and the Siberian Contact Area of the Uralic
Languages; Minna-Liisa Mathalt: Strategies of Interpretation; Terence
Odlin: An Army, a Navy, and Ebonics; Esa Penttil�, Marja Nenonen, and
Jussi Niemi: Cultural and Biological Bases of Idioms: A
Crosslinguistic Study; Helka Riionheimo: Morphological Attrition and
Interference in Language Contact: Sketching a Framework; Ilkka
Savij�rvi: Cognate Languages in Contactact: Ingria - Where Four
Baltic-Finnic Languages Meet.


Juhani J�rvikivi, Janne Heikkinen (eds.): Out Loud. Papers from the
19th Meeting of Finnish Phoneticians. Studies in Languages 33,
University of Joensuu 1999.


Toomas Aaltosaar, Matti Karjalainen, and Martti Vainio: An Access
Method for Different Databases: A Multilingual Phonetic Representation
and Analysis System; Arvo Eek and Einar Meister: The Perception of
Stop Consonants: Linking the Strongest Spectral Region of the Burst to
the Following Vowel; Antti Iivonen: Artikulaatioliikkeiden graafinen
esitt�minen suhteessa fonotaksiin ja ��nneluokkiin [English abstract:
Graphical Representation of Articulatory Gestures related to Word
Phonotactics and Speech Sound Classes]; Anna-Liisa Lehessaari: Shaken
Not Stirred: Puhe roolihahmon rakentajana; Anna-Liisa Lehessaari and
Jari Lehessaari: Hammasproteettisten rakenteiden vaikutuksesta
puheeseen; Jussi Niemi, Anneli Tikkala, Hans-J�rgen Eikmeyer, and
Matti Laine: Naturalistic Observations, Experimental Data and Computer
Simulations of Language Production: Are Word Onsets Special?; Tuija
Niemi: Keskiarvospektrit ja Euclidian Distance -arvo forensisessa
fonetiikassa; Michael L. O'Dell: Some Factors Affecting Perception of
Stop Quantity in Finnish; Minna M. Paananen: Difficulties in English
Obstruents Experienced by Finnish School Children; Tuula
Savinainen-Makkonen: Miten lapset tuottavat aikuiskielen kolmitavuiset


Nenonen, Marja & Juhani J�rvikivi (eds.). Languages, Minds and Brains:
Papers from A NorFa Summer School, Mekrij�rvi, Finland, June 22-29,
1998. Studies in Languages 34, University of Joensuu, 1999.

Contents: R. Harald Baayen, Robert Schreuder, Raymond Bertram & Fiona
Tweedie: The semantic functions of the Dutch suffix -heid: Evidence
from lexicography, lexical statistics, and psycholinguistics; Dina
Belyayeva: Neuropsychological aspects of semantic processing in
bilinguals and aphasics; Raymond Bertram, Matti Laine, R. Harald
Baayen, Robert Schreuder & Jukka Hy�n�: Affixal homonymy triggers
full-form storage, even with inflected words, even in a
morphologically rich language; Sirje Hassinen: Bilingualism in closely
related languages; Kari Hiltula: A critical look on some assumptions
underlying connectionist language acquisition research; Juhani
J�rvikivi & Jussi Niemi: The role of phonological transparency in
morphological processing: Evidence from Finnish derived words; Helena
Leheckova: Linguistic errors in impaired and imperfect language;
Magnus Magnusson: Virtual language training for people with aphasia;
Lise Menn: The case study in aphasia: Methodological and theoretical
issues; Ann-Christin M�nsson: The relation between gestures and
semantic processes; Jukka M�kisalo & Matti Laine: Verb effect in
Finnish deverbal compounds: A case study with an agrammatic; Marja
Nenonen, Matti Laine & Jussi Niemi: Idioms and aphasia: A case study
in Finnish; Jussi Niemi: Configurational vs. semantic information:
Evidence from neurologically impaired speakers; Maria Nikulina:
Discourse in the left and the right hemispheric processing; Esa
Penttil�: Constructions and idiomatic expressions; Tatiana Petrova:
Production of narrative discourse and brain functional asymmetry;
Helka Riionheimo: Morphological attrition and interference in language
contact: A processing approach; Kuzma Strelnikov: Brain functional
asymmetry and perception of acoustic characteristics of speech; Pirjo
Turunen: Structural constraints and phonological variation in the
wordpatterns of 2;6 year old children with high genetic risk for
dyslexia; John C. Trueswell, Irina Sekerina, Nicole M. Hill & Marian
Logrip: The development of on-line language comprehension abilities in

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