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Tue Apr 11 2000

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  1. Michael Barlow, Software/Corpus Ling: MonoConc Pro 2.0 released

Message 1: Software/Corpus Ling: MonoConc Pro 2.0 released

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:53:14 -0500 (CDT)
From: Michael Barlow <>
Subject: Software/Corpus Ling: MonoConc Pro 2.0 released

Athelstan has released MonoConc Pro 2.0, a concordance program for linguists. 
For a demo of MonoConc Pro, see The software 
allows users to easily extract patterns from untagged texts and from texts 
annotated with mark-up or tags, such as the BNC (British National Corpus). An
intuitive interface makes MonoConc Pro very easy to use, yet the program 
offers a variety of options that make it powerful enough for large and complex 
text searches. Some features of the program are:

Any alphabetic language can be used
Unlimited size of corpus
Open/Save Workspace feature avoids reloading of corpus files 

Words, (normal) tags, and part-of-speech tags are distinguished
Tags (or words) can be suppressed (i.e., not displayed) 
Excellent word&tag search for use with the BNC and other tagged corpora 
Meta-tags can be defined

Word or phrase (or part of word), using wildcard characters (e.g., sp?%k*)
Advanced searches (i) Regular expression search and (ii) Tag Search 
Skipping or padding characters
Every nth hit
Context-sensitive searches

Primary and secondary sorts (1st Right, 2nd Right, 1st Left, 2nd Left, Search 
Advanced sort: Primary, secondary and tertiary sort (3L-3R)
User-defined sort and Reverse sort

Frequency information:
Automatic calculation of collocate frequencies
Advanced collocation -- 3-word, 4-word etc. collocations calculated 
Corpus frequency (alphabetic/frequency order)

KWIC (context can be characters, words or lines). Or sentence format
Delete unwanted concordance lines
Large context window
File and line number info for each hit
Tracked tags for each hit
Graph of distribution of hits throughout the corpus or throughout a corpus 

Windows 95 or higher.

The educational price for a single user is $85. (See for commercial pricing.)

Michael Barlow (

Phone: (800) 598-3880; (713) 523-2837
Fax: (713) 523-6543
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