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Wed Apr 19 2000

Calls: Automatic NLP (TALN), Renaissance/19th Century

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  1. TALN2000, Automatic Natural Language Processing (TALN2000)
  2. Yannick Portebois, Renaissance in the 19th Century

Message 1: Automatic Natural Language Processing (TALN2000)

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 18:12:38 +0200
From: TALN2000 <>
Subject: Automatic Natural Language Processing (TALN2000)

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* *
* *
* TALN 2000 *
* Traitement Automatique du Langage Naturel *
* *
* �cole Polytechnique F�d�rale de Lausanne *
* du 16 au 18 octobre 2000 *
* *
* *
* *


 TALN 2000
 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
 Lausanne, Switzerland 
			 16-18 October 2000

submission deadline : May 5th, 2000
notification to authors : June 23th, 2000
final version due (camera-ready): August 4th, 2000
conference: 16-18 October, 2000

 Jointly organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
(Lausanne) and the University of Geneva the Seventh Conference on
Natural Language Processing (TALN 2000) will be held at the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology, (Lausanne, Switzerland), on October
16-18, 2000.
 The conference includes paper presentations, invited speakers,
tutorials and software demonstrations.
 The official conference languages are French and English.

 TALN 2000 is organised in collaboration with ATALA (Association
pour le Traitement Automatique des LAngues) and will be held jointly
with the young researcher conference RECITAL 2000 (a separate call for
papers will follow).


 Papers are invited for 30-minutes talks (including questions) in
all areas of NLP, including (but not limited to):

 lexicon	morphology	syntax		semantics
 pragmatics	discourse	parsing		generation
 abstraction/summarisation	dialogue	translation
 logical,symbolical and statistical approaches
 mathematical linguistics

 TALN 2000 also welcomes contributions in fields for which NLP
plays an important role, as long as these contributions emphasise
their NLP dimension :

	speech processing 
	text processing
	terminology, knowledge acquisition
	information retrieval
	documentary research 
	corpus-based linguistics
 mathematical linguistics
	management and acquisition of linguistic resources
	computer assisted learning
	NLP tools for linguistic modelization

 TALN 2000, also welcomes submissions focusing on NLP applications
that have been implemented, tested and evaluated and emphasising the
scientific aspects and conclusions drawn.

 Software demonstrations can be proposed, either independently or
in connection with a paper proposal. Specific sessions for the demos
will be scheduled in the program of the conference.

 The program committee will select 2 papers among the accepted
papers for publication (in an extended version) in the journal
"Traitement Automatique des Langues" (t.a.l.). For the journal, these
papers will have the status "accepted, subject to modifications", the
modifications being the formatting according to the style of the


 Authors are invited to submit original, previously unpublished
work. Submissions will be reviewed by at least 2 specialists of the
domain. Decisions will be based on the following criteria :

 - importance and originality of the paper
 - soundness of the scientific and technical content
 - comparison of the results obtained with other relevant work
 - clarity
 - relevance to the topics of the conference	

 Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the


 The maximum length for papers is 10 pages, in Times 12
(approx. 3000 words), single spaced, including figures, examples and
references. The maximum length for demo proposals is 3 pages.

 A LaTeX style file and a Word template will be available on the
web site of the conference (

 Electronic submissions must reach the organising committee before
May 5th, 2000 to the latest, at the following address:

 If electronic submission is not possible, 3 hard-copies of the
paper must reach the organising committee before April 21st 2000, at
the following address:

 Eric Wehrli - TALN 2000
 D�pt. de linguistique - LATL
 Universit� de Gen�ve
 2, rue de Candolle
 CH-1211 Gen�ve 4

File format for electronic submissions: 

 Authors should send their submission as a file attached to an
e-mail, with the subject field "TALN submission" and containing the
following information: submission title, first author's name,
affiliation, postal address, e-mail address, phone and fax number.

 The submissions are ANONYMOUS, and should therefore not include
the author's name, or any self-reference.

One of the following formats MUST be used:

 - self-contained LaTeX source (including non standard styles)
 AND PostScript version.
 - RTF (Word) document AND PostScript or PDF version.

All the PostScript versions must be for A4 paper and not US letter.


Practical information will be detailed shortly on the conference WEB
page site ( 


Eric Wehrli (Pr�sident/President)
Martin Rajman
Cristian Ciressan
Jean-C�dric Chappelier
Marie Decrauzat
Paola Merlo
Christopher Laenzlinger


Pascal Amsili, TALaNa (Paris) 
Susan Armstrong, ISSCO (Gen�ve)
Nicholas Asher, University of Texas (Austin) 
Afzal Ballim, EPFL (Lausanne)
Philippe Blache, LPL (Aix-en-Provence) 
Christian Boitet, CLIPS-GETA (Grenoble) 
Pierrette Bouillon, ISSCO (Gen�ve)
Didier Bourigault (CNRS, Paris)
Jean-Pierre Chanod, XEROX Research Center (Grenoble)
C�dric Chappelier, EPFL (Lausanne)
B�atrice Daille, IRIN (Nantes)
Dominique Estival, University of Melbourne
Claire Gardent, Universit�t des Saarlandes (Sarrbr�cken)
Damien Genthial, CLIPS-IMAG (Grenoble)
Gregory Grefenstette (XEROX)
Michael Hess, Uni Zurich
Pierre Isabelle, XEROX Research Center (Meylan)
Daniel Kayser, LIPN (Paris)
Geert-Jan Kruijff, Univerzita Karlova (Praha)
Eric Laporte, CERIL, Universit� de Marne la Vall�e
Paola Merlo, LATL (Gen�ve)
Piet Mertens, CCL K.U. Leuven
Jacques Moeschler, LATL (Gen�ve)
C�cile Paris, CSIRO (Sidney) 
Jean-Marie Pierrel, LORIA (Nancy) 
Alain Polgu�re, Universit� de Montr�al
Martin Rajman, EPFL (Lausanne)
Owen Rambow, ATT Labs-Research
G�rard Sabah, LIMSI (Paris)
Jacques Savoy, Uni Neuchatel
Jacques Vergne, GREYC (Caen)
Jean V�ronis, LPL (Aix-en-Provence)
Eric Wehrli, LATL (Gen�ve)
Francois Yvon, ENST (Paris)
Brigitte Zellner Keller (UNIL, Lausanne)
Pierre Zweigenbaum, DIAM (Paris) 

* Contact: *
* *
* Eric Wehrli - TALN 2000 *
* D�pt. de linguistique - LATL *
* Universit� de Gen�ve *
* 2, rue de Candolle *
* CH-1211 Gen�ve 4 *
* Switzerland *
* *
* Tel: +41-22-705.73.63 *
* Fax: +41-22-705.79.31 *
* email: *
* *
* *
For the organising committee of TALN 2000,
J.-C. Chappelier
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Message 2: Renaissance in the 19th Century

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 08:17:56 -0400
From: Yannick Portebois <>
Subject: Renaissance in the 19th Century

 Appel de communications / Call for papers

 Le 19e siecle "renaissant" / Renaissance in the 19th Century

 An international and interdisciplinary conference jointly organized by

 The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (U. of T.)
 The Joseph Sable Centre for 19th Century French Studies (U. of T.)

 4-6 October 2001
 at the
 University of Toronto

 The conference seeks to examine the renewed interest in the
 Renaissance evident in the works of scholars, artists, writers, and
 thinkers of the 19th Century all over Western Europe (in France,
 England, Italy, Spain, Germany...).

 We welcome proposals or panels that examine 19th Century scholarship
 on the Renaissance, the imitation and emulation of Renaissance works
 or styles, the renewed interest in humanism, neoplatonism, or in major
 figures of 15th and 16th Century Europe. Proposals for presentations
 on all aspects of the topic are welcome:

 - decorative arts 
 - literature(s) and history of the language(s)
 - history/historiography 
 - art/art history
 - architecture 
 - medecine/history of medecine
 - music/opera 
 - book history/book collectors
 - philosophy 
 - Shakespeare in the 19th Century
 - 19th Century reception of the Reformation

 &c. &c.

 Proposals may be submitted in French or English. Please submit a
 title, 100 word abstract, and one-page curriculum vitae to the
 attention of

 Prof. Yannick Portebois
 Centre for 19th Century French Studies

 by e-mail:

 by mail: Centre for 19th Century French Studies
 in the John M. Kelly Library / U.S.M.C. / Univ. of Toronto
 113 St. Joseph Street
 Toronto Ontario CANADA M5S 1J4

 Deadline for submissions: 30 August, 2000

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