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Fri Apr 21 2000

Sum: Machine Translation of Compound Nouns

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  1. Oliver Cromm, Machine Translation of Compound Nouns

Message 1: Machine Translation of Compound Nouns

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 12:13:23 +0900 (JST)
From: Oliver Cromm <>
Subject: Machine Translation of Compound Nouns

For Query: Linguist 10.1937

Sorry for the great delay of this Summary.

I asked for resources on Machine Translation of Compound Nouns,
especially using corpora, statistics, or word similarity.

I received a lot of useful hints which I should have shared earlier.
1. and 2. are actually papers on MT of Comp. nouns, the other references
are more about extraction, interpretation, or give general literature
in the field.

- -----------------

1. Gregory Grefenstette sent me his paper from the 
ASLIB "Translating and the Computer 21 Conference"

"The WWW as a Resource for Example-Based MT Tasks",

which Christian Jacquemin also pointed to. 

2. Francis Bond <> referred two papers in TMI-99 by
Takaaki Tanaka <> and 
Kumiko Ohmori <>, 

3. Gabriel Pereira Lopes refered the work of 
Antonio Ribeiro <>, 
Gael Dias <> and 
Joaquim Ferreira da Silva <>
in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Also, Henny Klein pointed to an Gael Dias-abstract at

On request, J. da Silva sent one paper of his.

4. Maria Lapata <> sent an abstract of her paper
"The Acquisition and Interpretation of Compound Nouns"

5. Ingo Plag <> gave the reference to

Compound comprehension in isolation and in context. The contribution of
conceptual and discourse knowledge to the comprehension of novel noun-noun
compounds. By RALF MEYER. Linguistische Arbeiten, Band 2999 Tuebingen: 
Niemeyer, 1993. Pp. XIII, 224. Paper DM/SFr 106.00

and sent a review he has written of this book.

6. Piroska Lendvai <> quoted two interesting homepages with 

7. Arthur Cater <> gave the following reference:

"English Compound Noun Interpretation Using A Lexical Database"
Dermot McLoughlin, 1999. Unpublished and unexamined M.Sc. dissertation,
Dept of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4,

together with a description of its contents.
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