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TOC: Reading and Writing, Vol 12, Issue 1/2

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Message 1: Reading and Writing. Vol. 12, Issue 1/2

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 02:15:59 +0100 (MET)
From: kap-listman <>
Subject: Reading and Writing. Vol. 12, Issue 1/2

Reading and Writing
An Interdisciplinary Journal

ISSN 0922-4777

Vol. 12, Issue 1/2, March 2000.

TITLE: Orthographic and cognitive factors in the concurrent development
of basic reading skills in two languages
AUTHOR(S): Esther Geva, Linda S. Siegel
KEYWORD(S): Individual differences, Orthography and reading, Reading
development in bilinguals.
PAGE(S): 1-30

TITLE: Investigating the causes of reading comprehension failure:
 The comprehension-age match design
AUTHOR(S): Kate Cain, Jane Oakhill, Peter Bryant
KEYWORD(S): Ability-match designs, Causal relations, Reading comprehension,
Word reading accuracy.
PAGE(S): 31-40

TITLE: Dyslexia and second language reading: A second bite at
the apple?
AUTHOR(S): Louise Miller-Guron, Ingvar Lundberg
KEYWORD(S): Dyslexia, English, Orthography, Phonological skill, Reading
efficiency, Second language, Swedish, Word recognition.
PAGE(S): 41-61

TITLE: Are nonword and other phonological deficits indicative
of a failed reading process?
AUTHOR(S): G. Brian Thompson, Rhona S. Johanston
KEYWORD(S): Developmental reading disability, Nonword reading, Phonics
instruction, Phonological awareness, Phonological deficit,
Word regularity effect.
PAGE(S): 63-97

TITLE: Explaining social class differences in growth of reading
skills from beginning kindergarten through fourth-grade:
The role of phonological awareness, rate of access, and
print knowledge
AUTHOR(S): Steven A. Hecht, Stephen R. Burgess, Joseph
K. Torgesen, Richard K. Wagner, Carol A. Rashotte
KEYWORD(S): Decoding, Reading acquisition, Reading comprehension, Social
class, Socio-economic status.
PAGE(S): 99-128

TITLE: IQ vs phonological recoding skill in explaining differences
 between poor readers and normal readers in word recognition:
 Evidence from a naming task
AUTHOR(S): Mercedes Rodrigo Lopez, Juan E. Jimenez Gonzalez
KEYWORD(S): Reading disabilities, Phonological recoding, Word recognition,
Intelligence quotient, Linguistic parameters.
PAGE(S): 129-142

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