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Sat Apr 14 2001

Confs: Comp Ling/ ACL-2001: SENSEVAL-2 Workshop

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  1. Priscilla Rasmussen, Comp Ling/ ACL-2001: SENSEVAL-2 Workshop

Message 1: Comp Ling/ ACL-2001: SENSEVAL-2 Workshop

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:11:19 EDT
From: Priscilla Rasmussen <>
Subject: Comp Ling/ ACL-2001: SENSEVAL-2 Workshop



 Second International Workshop on
 Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems

 JULY 5-6, 2001, TOULOUSE

Also supported by EURALEX, ELSNET, and EPSRC (grant GR/RO2337/01)

There are now many computer programs for automatically determining the
sense of a word in context. The purpose of SENSEVAL is to evaluate
the strengths and weaknesses of such programs with respect to
different words, different varieties of language, and different

The first SENSEVAL took place in the summer of 1998, for English,
French and Italian, culminating in a workshop held at Herstmonceux
Castle, Sussex, England on September 2-4.

The SENSEVAL-2 workshop will be held in conjunction with ACL/EACL
2001, in Toulouse, France, July 5-6 2001.


We now invite competitors to participate in SENSEVAL-2.

The competition window runs from April 17 - June 11. Data for the
various tasks will be available for download during different periods
within this window. See the schedule on the website for details. You
must register your system first (if you haven't already).

WORKSHOP: 5-6 July 2001 - Toulouse, France

The SENSEVAL-2 Workshop will be held on July 5-6, in conjunction with
ACL/EACL 2001 in Toulouse, France. Its purpose is to examine the
results of the competition, to discuss the state-of-the-art in
sense-tagging, and to suggest directions for the future of SENSEVAL.
July 5 will be closed to the public -- only competitors, organizers,
and funders will be permitted. July 6 will be open to all.
Registration is now open (at the ACL-2001 site). A program will
follow in due course.



Discussion list:

For current information and discussion join
(send mail to Phil Edmonds <> to join/leave)


Scott Cotton University of Pennsylvania 
Phil Edmonds Sharp Laboratories of Europe
Adam Kilgarriff ITRI, University of Brighton 
Martha Palmer University of Pennsylvania 

For questions about SENSEVAL-2 please
email to
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