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Mon Apr 16 2001

Sum: Instrumental Analysis of Tone

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  1. Rachel E. Shuttlesworth, Instrumental Analysis of Tone

Message 1: Instrumental Analysis of Tone

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 16:51:57 -0600
From: Rachel E. Shuttlesworth <>
Subject: Instrumental Analysis of Tone

For Query: Linguist 12.643

I recently posted to the linguist list requesting information about research
involving instrumental analysis of tone in several languages. Thanks to the
following people for their helpful input:

- Laura Koenig suggested the following article on Chinese tone: Xu,
Y. (1994). Production and perception of coarticulated tones. Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America, 95(4), 2240-2253.

- Daniel Loehr recommended Robert Ladd's textbook, "Intonational
Phonology", from Cambridge University Press.

- David Odden suggested I look at the works of Liberman, Akinlabi,
Connell, Ladd, Laniran, Clements and Rialland for information on tone 
in African languages and his article "Typological issues in tone and stress 
in Bantu", found in 1999 in Proceedings of the Symposium. Cross-Linguistic 
Studies of Tonal Phenomena: Tonogenesis, Typology, and Related Topics, ed. 
by Shigeki Kaji, which was published by Institute for the Study of 
Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo.

- Herman Chr. Snijders suggested I include Saramaccan and the
Ndyuka languages of Suriname to my list.

Thanks again for your suggestions! They have already been very helpful!

Rachel E. Shuttlesworth
Applied Linguistics
University of Alabama
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