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Books: Oceanic Austronesian Lang of Southern Vanuatu

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  1. Malcolm Ross, Oceanic Austronesian Languages of Southern Vanuatu

Message 1: Oceanic Austronesian Languages of Southern Vanuatu

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 16:45:50 +1000
From: Malcolm Ross <>
Subject: Oceanic Austronesian Languages of Southern Vanuatu

PACIFIC LINGUISTICS is happy to announce the publication of the three
works described below, all concerned with Oceanic Austronesian
languages of southern Vanuatu.

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The Linguistic History of Southern Vanuatu
Lynch, John
PL 509

The languages of Erromango, Tanna and Aneityum in Southern Vanuatu
form a closed subgroup of Oceanic, and have often been regarded as
'aberrant', especially in terms of their phonological history. In
this book Lynch shows that, under a cloak of aberrancy, they are in
many ways quite conservative Oceanic languages. Three chapters are
devoted to the phonological history of these languages, and there is
also a detailed discussion of historical developments in their
morphology and syntax. Appendices include lists of lexical
reconstructions and of apparent lexical innovations. 2001 ISBN: 0
85883 500 2 334 pp Price: AUS $49.50 International $45.00

Anejom~ Dictionary
Disonari blong Anejom~
Nitasviitai a nijitas antas Anejom~
Lynch, John and Philip Tepahae
PL 510
CiP:		499.5
xi+ 322 pp

Anejom~ is the language of Aneityum, the southernmost island in
Vanutatu. This dictionary, compiled by a professional Oceanic
linguist and a native speaker of the language, contains almost 5,000
Anejom~ lexical items, with definitions in both English and Bislama
(the national language of Vanuatu). Both English-Anejom~ and
Bislama-Anejom~ finderlists are provided to make the dictionary
accessible both to linguists and to ni-Vanutatu who may not speak or
read English. The dictionary uses a newly devised orthography, which
more accurately reflects the phonology of the lanugage than the one in
current use. It is hoped that the dictionay will prove valuable to
linguistis, to native speakers, and to children learning to read and
write in the language. It complements _A grammar of Anejom~_, also by
John Lynch and published by Pacific Linguistics. 2001 ISBN: 0 85883
508 8 448 pp. Price: AUS $52.80 International $48.00

An Erromangan (Sye) dictionary
Crowley, Terry
PL 508

This volume represents the most complete compilation to date of
vocabulary in the Erromangan (or Sye) language of southern Vanuatu,
along with an English-Erromangan finderlist. The introduction
provides relevant background to enable the reader to make maximum use
of information contained within dictionary entries, as well as
discussing relevant grammatical and sociolinguistic information. The
dictionary also includes separate discussions of personal names and
names of places in the Erromangan language. This volume is intended
as a supplement to _An Erromangan (Sye) grammar_ (University of
Hawai'i Press) by the same author, as well as _Ura: a disappearing
language of Southern Vanuatu_ (Pacific Linguistics), which is a
description of the most closely related language. 2000 ISBN 0 85883
492 8 xxxi + 250 pp. Price: AUS $59.40 International $54.00
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