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Thu Apr 19 2001

Confs: Creole Phonology and Morphology

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  1. Ingo Plag, Creole Phonology and Morphology

Message 1: Creole Phonology and Morphology

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 11:44:43 +0200
From: Ingo Plag <>
Subject: Creole Phonology and Morphology

 International Workshop on the
 Phonology and Morphology of Creole Languages
 August 22-24, 2001
 University of Siegen, Germany

Tuesday, 21 August 2001

19 h Conference warm-up and registration 

Wednesday, 22 August 2001

10.00 Conference Opening

10.20 John McWhorter (Berkeley, CA)
 The world's simplest languages are creole languages
10.55 Peter Bakker (Aarhus)
 Pidgin morpholoy: Its implications for creole
11.30 Ingo Plag/Maria Braun (Siegen)
 How transparent is creole morphology?
 A study of Early Sranan word-formation

12.05 Coffee Break

12.25 Jacques Arends (Amsterdam)
 The morphology of Lingua Franca
13.00 Rachel Selbach (Granby, Qc.)
 The morphology of the pronominal system in Solomon
 Islands Pijin is innovative

13.35 Lunch Break

15.00 Anne-Marie Brousseau (Toronto)
 The Prosodic System of Haitian Creole:
 The Role of Transfer and Markedness Values
15.35 Jeff Good (Berkeley, CA)
 Saramaccan tone raising and Saramaccan syntax
16.10 Winford James (Trinidad)
 Critical stress factors in the phonological
 organization of grammatical words in basilectal

16.45 Coffee Break

17.05 Shelome Gooden (Columbus, OH)
 Prominence Driven Reduplication:
 A Case for Distributive Reduplication in Jamaican
17.40 Hubert Devonish (Kingston)
 How Did Atlantic Creole Languages Get Their Lexicon?
 Evidence from Suprasegmentals.
19.00 Conference Dinner

Thursday, 23 August 2001

9.45 Claire Lefebvre (Montreal)
 On developing methodologies for studying the morphology
 of creole languages
10.20 Nicholas Faraclas (Papua-New Guinea)
 Suprasegmental Phonology and Morphology in Nigerian
 Pidgin and Melanesian Pidgin
10.55 Patrick Steinkr�ger (Berlin)
 Derivation in Chabacano (Zamboague�o)
11.30 Coffee Break
11.50 Margot van den Berg (Amsterdam)
 Belli jam: Morphology in 18th century Sranan
12.25 Emmanuel Nikiema/Parth Bhatt (Toronto)
 Two types of R deletion in Haitian
13.00 Albert Valdman/Iskra Iskrova (Bloomington, IN)
 A new look at nasalization in Haitian Creole

13.35 Lunch Break

14.15 Excursion (boat trip/walking/swimming)

Friday, 24 August 2001

9.45 Norval Smith (Amsterdam)
 New evidence from the past:
 To epenthesize or not epenthesize, that is the question
10.20 Ingo Plag/Sabine Lappe (Siegen)
 The diachrony of word-final epenthesis in Sranan: New
 data, new models
10.55 Magnus Huber (Regensburg)
 Cluster simplification and other phonological processes
 in Ghanaian Pidgin English: L1-influence or community

11.30 Coffee Break

11.50 Thomas Klein (Manchester)
 Markedness and universal preference in Creole
 morphophonology: The definite determiner in Haitian
12.25 Christian Uffmann (Marburg)
 Markedness, Faithfulness, and Creolization

13.00 Lunch Break

14.30 Marlyse Baptista (Athens, GA)
 Number inflection in creole languages
15.05 Alain Kihm (Paris)
 Nominal inflectional categories in creole languages
15.40 Tonjes Veenstra (Berlin)
 Creole Prototypes, Basic Varieties and inflectional
 The search for properties of the third kind
16.15 Book planning session

Alternates list

1. Steven H. Weinberger (Fairfax, VA)
Vowel Epenthesis in Creoles and First and Second Language
2. David Sutcliffe (Barcelona)
Suprasegmental juncture patterns and the function of pitch
patterns in Caribbean creoles and African American English.
3. Stefanie Hackert (Heidelberg)
Past inflection in urban Bahamian Creole English "Typically
4. Emmanuel Schang (Nancy)
Syllabic structure and creolization in Forro.
5. Dany Adone (D�sseldorf)
Morphology in two Indian Ocean Creoles

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Best regards,
Ingo Plag

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