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Wed Apr 25 2001

Qs: Acoustic Component/Nonmanual Sign, Focus/Bangla

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  1. Kie Zuraw, Acoustic components of nonmanual signs
  2. sharbani, Focus/Narrow Syntax/Bangla

Message 1: Acoustic components of nonmanual signs

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:30:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kie Zuraw <>
Subject: Acoustic components of nonmanual signs

I'm looking for resources on acoustic correlates of oral gestures in
signed languages. Does anyone know of work that's been done directly on
this topic, or of any videos of signers that include audio? Everything
I've come across either is video-only or has voice-over.

-Kie Zuraw
University of Southern California
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Message 2: Focus/Narrow Syntax/Bangla

Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 21:26:22 +0530
From: sharbani <>
Subject: Focus/Narrow Syntax/Bangla

 I have worked on a very large portion of Bangla Syntax in my thesis
called 'Grammar of Case and Adposition----a parametric Study', under
Minimalist framework. During the course of my study I found that Focus plays
a very big role in 'Narrow Syntax' in Bangla-the language I worked on. It
creates additional Binding possibilities----that is "creating" Quantifiers
in traditional terms. I am looking for some work which treats Focus in
'Narrow Syntax' and not as an 'Interface' condition only. Perhaps these are
'two different kinds' which can exist in the same language. Ple--ase I'll be
really grateful if somebody can help me. 

Also, I have Widows 98 and Ms Word and Acrobat Reader in my
computer. I can't download .GZ and other file types. Can some body
guide me as to how these files can be downloaded in Ms word format? I
found M. Rooth's' papers on Focus, but I am unable to read them.

Thanx in advance
Sharbani Banerji

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