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Wed Apr 25 2001


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  1. linguistlist reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 15:19:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review. If you are
interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact
Simin Karimi at:

When asking to review a book, please include the following
in your message. Please do this even if you have given us
this information before!
 (1) The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review. If you are
interested in more than one book, list them in rank order of preference.
 (2) Your full name and highest academic degree received.
 (3) Your current affiliation if any.
 (4) A short description of your research interests.
 (5) A postal address to which the book should be sent.

Do NOT include an electronic CV or a URL for your
personal web page. These WILL be ignored.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a
copy along with further instructions. Reviews must be
completed within six weeks of receipt of the book or the
book must be returned.


Belcher, Diane, ed. (2001) Reflections on Multiliterate
Lives, Multilingual Matters, paperback, vii+211 pp.,
ISBN: 1-85359-521-7, GBP19.95.

B�rjars, Kersti, and Burridge, Kate (2001) Introducing
English Grammar, Arnold Publishers, hardback, xiii+311 pp.,
ISBN: 0-340-69172-7, $65.00.

Culicover, Peter W., and Postal, Paul M., ed. (2001)
Parasitic Gaps, MIT Press, hardback, ix+447 pp.,
ISBN: 0-262-03284-8, $55.00.

Deutscher, Guy (2000) Syntactic Change in Akkadian: The
Evolution of Sentential Complementation, Oxford University
Press, hardback, xv+204 pp., ISBN: 0-19-829988-5, $70.00.

Huang, Yan (2000) Anaphora: A Cross-linguistic Study,
Oxford University Press, hardback, xv+396 pp.,
ISBN: 0-19-823529-1, $85.00.

King, Kendall A. (2001) Language Revitalization Processes
and Prospects: Quichua in the Ecuadorian Andes,
Multilingual Matters, paperback, xii+258 pp.,
ISBN: 1-85359-494-6.

Melamed, I. Dan (2001) Empirical Methods for Exploiting
Parallel Texts, MIT Press, hardback, xi+195 pp.,
ISBN: 0-262-13380-6, $32.95.

Singh, Ishtla (2000) Pidgins and Creoles: An Introduction,
Arnold Publishers, hardback, xv+142 pp.,
ISBN: 0-340-70094-7, $65.00.

Aronoff, Mark, and Rees-Miller, Janie, ed. (2000) The
Handbook of Linguistics, Blackwell Publishers, hardback,
xvi+824 pp., ISBN: 0-631-20497-0, $125.00, Blackwell
Handbooks in Linguistics

Ayres-Bennett, Wendy, and Carruthers, Janice (2001) Studies
in the Modern French Language: Problems and Perspectives,
Longman, paperback, xix+406pp., ISBN: 0-582-29346-4,
GBP 30.99, Longman Linguistics Library

Baltin, Mark, and Collins, Chris, ed. (2000) The Handbook
of Contemporary Syntactic Theory, Blackwell Publishers,
hardback, xii+860 pp., ISBN: 0-631-20507-1, $124.95,
Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics

B�joint, Henri (2000) Modern Lexicography: An Introduction,
Oxford University Press, paperback, xii+276 pp., ISBN:

Bresnan, Joan (2000) Lexical-Functional Syntax, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback, x+446 pp., ISBN: 0-631-20974-3,
$34.95, Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics

Burton-Roberts, Noel; Carr, Philip; and Docherty, Gerard,
ed. (2000) Phonological Knowledge: Conceptual and Empirical
Issues, Oxford University Press, paperback, x+352pp.,
ISBN: 0-19-924577-0, $35.00

Butt, Miriam, and King, Traci Holloway, ed. (2000) Argument
Realization, CSLI Publications, paperback, x+244 pp.,
ISBN: 1-57586-266-2, Studies in Constraint-Based Lexicalism

Cann, Ronnie, Grover, Claire, and Miller, Philip, ed.
(2000) Grammatical Interfaces in HPSG, CSLI Publications,
paperback, xxii+292 pp., ISBN: 1-57586-314-6, Studies in
Constraint-Based Lexicalism 8

Cavedon, Lawrence, Blackburn, Patrick, Braisby, Nick, and
Shimojima, Atsushi, ed. (2000) Logic, Language and
Computation, Volume 3, CSLI Publications, paperback,
xvi+340 pp., ISBN: 1-57586-268-9, CSLI Lecture Notes 111

Chametzky, Robert A. (2000) Phrase Structure: From GB to
Minimalism, Blackwell Publishers, paperback, xi+171 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-20159-9, $32.95, Generative Syntax

Chomsky, Noam (2000) The Architecture of Language, Oxford
University Press, hardback, xv+89 pp., ISBN: 0-19-564834-X,
$35.00, Edited by Nirmalangshu Mukherji, Bibudhendra
Narayan Patnaik, and Rama Kant Agnihotri.

Cowie, A. P., ed. (2001) Phraseology: Theory, Analysis, and
Applications, paperback ed., Oxford University Press,
paperback, xiv+258pp., ISBN: 0-19-829964-8, $24.95

Danziger, Eve (2001) Relatively Speaking: Language,
Thought, and Kinship among the Mopan Maya, Oxford
University Press, hardback, x+125 pp., ISBN: 0-19-509910-9,

D�rnyei, Zolt�n (2001) Teaching and Researching Motivation,
Longman, paperback, xii+295pp., ISBN: 0-582-38238-6,
GBP 22.99, Applied Linguistics in Action

Duranti, Alessandro, ed. (2001) Linguistic Anthropology: A
Reader, Blackwell Publishers, paperback, ix+493 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-22111-5, $34.95, Blackwell Anthologies in
Social and Cultural Anthropology

Duranti, Alessandro, ed. (2001) Key Terms in Language and
Culture, Blackwell Publishers, paperback, xvi+282 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-22666-4, $27.95

Ellis, Rod (1990) Instructed Second Language Acquisition,
7th reprinting, Blackwell Publishers, paperback,
ix+230 pp., ISBN: 0-631-16202-X, $32.95, Applied Language

Hawkins, Roger (2001) Second Language Syntax: A Generative
Introduction, Blackwell Publishers, paperback, xviii+386
pp., ISBN: 0-631-19184-4, $34.95

Hollich, George J., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy, and Golinkoff,
Roberta Michnick (2000) Breaking the Language Barrier: An
Emergentist Coalition Model of Word Learning, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback, vi+135 pp., ISBN: 0-631-22154-9,
$32.95, Monographs of the Society for Research in Child
Development, 262

Hornstein, Norbert (2000) Move! A Minimalist Theory of
Construal, Blackwell Publishers, paperback, viii+248 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-22361-4, $34.95, Generative Syntax

Johnson, Keith (2001) An Introduction to Foreign Language
Learning and Teaching, Longman, paperback, ix+336pp.,
ISBN: 0-582-29086-4, GBP 27.99, Learning about Language

Kadmon, Nirit (2001) Formal Pragmatics: Semantics,
Pragmatics, Presupposition, and Focus, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback, xi+430 pp., ISBN: 0-631-20121-1,

Kempson, Ruth, Meyer-Viol, Wilfried, and Gabbay, Dov (2000)
Dynamic Syntax: The Flow of Language Understanding,
Blackwell Publishers, paperback, xii+348 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-17613-6, $34.95

Kessler, Brett (2001) The Significance of Word Lists, CSLI
Publications, paperback, x+277 pp., ISBN: 1-57586-299-9,
Dissertations in Linguistics

Labov, William (2001) Principles of Language Change, Volume
2: Social Factors, Blackwell Publishers, paperback,
xviii+572 pp., ISBN: 0-631-17916-X, $34.95

Ladefoged, Peter (2000) Vowels and Consonants: An
Introduction to the Sounds of Languages, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback, xxii+191 pp., ISBN: 0-631-21422-7,
$34.95, CD-ROM included

Ledgeway, Adam (2000) A Comparative Syntax of the Dialects
of Southern Italy: A Minimalist Approach, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback, xvi+329 pp., ISBN: 0-631-22166-2,
$29.95, Publications of the Philological Society, 33

Lepore, Ernest (2000) Meaning and Argument: An Introduction
to Logic through Language, Blackwell Publishers, paperback,
xvi+418 pp., ISBN: 0-631-20582-9, $31.95

L�deling, Anke (2001) On Particle Verbs and Similar
Constructions in German, CSLI Publications, paperback,
xiii+178 pp., ISBN: 1-57586-302-2, Dissertations in

Mey, Jacob L. (2001) Pragmatics: An Introduction, 2nd ed.,
Blackwell Publishers, paperback, xiv+392 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-21132-2, $29.95

Minnen, Guido (2001) Efficient Processing with Constraint-
Logic Grammars Using Grammar Compilation, CSLI
Publications, paperback, viii+255 pp., ISBN: 1-57586-306-5,
Stanford Monographs in Linguistics

Price, Glanville, ed. (2000) Encyclopedia of the Languages
of Europe, paperback ed., Blackwell Publishers, paperback,
xvii+499 pp., ISBN: 0-631-22039-9, $34.95

Price, Glanville, ed. (2000) Languages in Britain &
Ireland, Blackwell Publishers, paperback, xi+240 pp.,
ISBN: 0-631-21581-6, $34.95

Rivero, Mar�a Luisa, and Ralli, Angela, ed. (2001)
Comparative Syntax of Balkan Languages, Oxford University
Press, hardback, 234pp., ISBN: 0-19-512951-2, $49.95,
Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax

Roca, Ana, ed. (2000) Research on Spanish in the United
States: Linguistic Issues and Challenges, Cascadilla Press,
paperback, xiv+450 pp., ISBN: 1-57473-013-4, $32.95

Sainsbury, Mark (2000) Logical Forms: An Introduction to
Philosophical Logic, 2nd ed., Blackwell Publishers,
paperback, vii+424 pp., ISBN: 0-631-21679-0, $29.95

Shohamy, Elana (2001) The Power of Tests: A Critical
Perspective on the Uses of Language Tests, Longman,
paperback, xxvi+182pp., ISBN: 0-582-42335-X, GBP 27.99,
Language in Social Life

Taylor, John R. (2001) Possessives in English: An
Exploration in Cognitive Grammar, Oxford University Press,
paperback, xii+368pp., ISBN: 0-19-829982-6, $35.00

Webb, Vic, and Kembo-Sure, ed. (2001) African Voices: An
Introduction to the Languages and Linguistics of Africa,
Oxford University Press, paperback, xiv+334 pp.,
ISBN: 0-19-571681-7, $19.95

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