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  1. LINCOM EUROPA, ESL/EFL: The Finite English Verb Group by Omer & Mohamed

Message 1: ESL/EFL: The Finite English Verb Group by Omer & Mohamed

Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 21:53:22 +0200
Subject: ESL/EFL: The Finite English Verb Group by Omer & Mohamed

The Finite English Verb Group
A Working Book

Majzoub R. Omer & Ayisha H. Mohamed

The Finite English Verb Group is primarily intended for ESL/EFL
teachers of English as well as undergraduate university students of
English grammar. The text is unique in its approach, combining
detailed, comprehensive discussion of theoretical concepts with
practical applications. Its main defining features are:

* It identifies and defines the major categories and sub-categories of
 meanings/forms in the finite English verb group.
* It shows the different ways in which the meanings/forms can be
 combined in the finite English verb group.
* It contains hundreds of examples, tables, figures, and diagrams which
 serve to illustrate and explain the different theoretical concepts
* It contains a large number of exercises which are meant to provide
 intensive practice for the book user.
* It contains an answer key to the questions in the exercises whose
 purpose is to provide a reference point as needed. In this way, the book
 is useful for self-study undertaken by advanced students and teachers of
 English grammar.
Dr. Majzoub R. Omer is Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at
the College of Women Education, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ayisha H.
Mohamed is Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Police
Training College, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Table of Contents:

Abbreviations and Symbols		
List of Tables and Figures	

1 Types and Positions of the Verb 
1.0	Introduction	
1.1	Verb Group Types	
1.2	Positions of the Verb Group	
1.3	Exercises	

2	Meanings in the Verb Group	
2.0	Introduction	
2.1	Lexical Meaning	
2.2	Grammatical Meaning	
2.3	Modal Meaning	
2.4	Exercises	

3 	Forms in the Verb Group
3.0	Introduction	
3.1	Formal/Positional Classification of Verb 
	Group Forms	
3.2	Functional Classification of Verb Group 
3.3	Exercises	

4 Meanings and Forms of English 
4.0	Introduction	
4.1	PresentTense	
4.2	Past Tense	
4.3	Future Tense	
4.4	Present Perfect	
4.5	Past Perfect	
4.6	Future Perfect	
4.7	Exercises	

5 	Modal Forms and Meanings		
5.0	Introduction	
5.1	The Meanings of Modal Forms	
5.2	The Forms of Modal Meanings	
5.3	Exercises	

6 Tense, Aspect, and Voice 
6.0	Introduction	
6.1	Tense, Aspect, and Voice	
6.2	Adding Continuous and Passive to 
	Tense: Structural Changes
6.3	Exercises	

7 Modal, Aspect, and Voice 
7.0	Introduction	
7.1	Modal, Aspect, and Voice	
7.2	Modal and Aspect: Time Changes	
7.3	Adding Aspect and Voice to Modal: 
	Structural Changes
7.4	Exercises	

8 Tense Forms and Modals in Other 
8.0	Introduction	
8.1	Tense Forms in Direct/Indirect Speech	
8.2	Modal Forms in Direct/Indirect Speech	
8.3	Tense Forms and Modals in Conditional 
8.4	The --ed and --� Inflections: Qther Uses	
8.5	Exercises	

9 Verb Inflections and Auxiliaries:
	A Summary of Functions
9.0	Introduction	
9.1	Verb Inflections: Functions	
9.2	Non-Modal Auxiliaries: Functions	
9.3	Modals and Non-Modals: Syntactic 
9.4 	Exercises	

Answer Key, Index

ISBN 3 89586 393 5. 
LINCOM Language Textbooks 01. 
200pp. USD 25 / DM 52 / � 18.

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