LINGUIST List 12.1261

Sun May 6 2001

FYI: Fulbright Grants, Ling Contest

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  1. Barker, Heather, Fulbright Grants in Linguistics
  2. Ivan A Derzhanski, Ling Contest for Bulgarian High School Students

Message 1: Fulbright Grants in Linguistics

Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:33:25 -0400
From: Barker, Heather <>
Subject: Fulbright Grants in Linguistics

The Fulbright Scholar Program is offering 47 lecturing/research awards in
Linguistics for the 2002-2003 academic year. Awards for both faculty and 
professionals range from two months to an academic year or longer. 
While foreign language skills are needed in some countries, most Fulbright
lecturing assignments are in English.

Application deadline for 2002-2003 awards:

	*	August 1, 2001 for Fulbright traditional lecturing and
research grants worldwide.

For information, visit our Web site at < >.
Or contact:
The Council for International Exchange of Scholars
3007 Tilden St., N.W. - Suite 5-L 
Washington, D.C. 20008
Phone: 202-686-7877 
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Message 2: Ling Contest for Bulgarian High School Students

Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 19:23:53 +0300
From: Ivan A Derzhanski <>
Subject: Ling Contest for Bulgarian High School Students

A nationwide competition in linguistics for high school students
took place in Ruse on Sat 28 April. There were 21 contestants,
forming 7 teams of 3 students each.

Two different contests were held at the event: an individual one,
at which every student had to solve a set of three problems alone,
and a team one, at which they worked on a similar test in triplets,
applying a team strategy of their choice.

Each problem required the contestants to analyse linguistic data,
take notice of the relevant facts and answer questions or do some
translating or pairing up. The problems at the individual contest
involved Lithuanian--Bulgarian etymological correspondences,
the names and promotion patterns of some of the men in the world's
largest chess variant and the Yoruba number system. The problems
at the team contest were on Maori personal pronouns and sentence
structure, Chukchi vowel harmony and something I would describe
as alphabetical ordering with an attitude.

The problems with my solutions (in English) are yours for the asking.
Be sure to indicate whether you prefer PostScript, PDF or PaPeR.
(The Bulgarian text is also available, in Rich Text Format.)

All questions, comments, etc. etc. are more than welcome.

Ivan A Derzhanski < >
H: cplx Iztok bl 91, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria <>
W: Dept for Math Lx, Inst for Maths & CompSci, Bulg Acad of Sciences
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