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Books: Theoretical linguistics

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  1. LINCOM EUROPA, Theoretical linguistics: Typology of Imperative Constructions

Message 1: Theoretical linguistics: Typology of Imperative Constructions

Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 22:26:02 +0200
Subject: Theoretical linguistics: Typology of Imperative Constructions

Typology of Imperative Constructions

Russian Academy of Sciences, 
Institute of Linguistic Research, Saint-Petersburg

The present volume has been prepared by the Language Typology Workshop
of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistic Research.
The book continues the earlier studies of the Workshop addressing
grammatical categories of the verb linked to the semantic and
syntactic structure of the sentence: (ed. A.A. Kholodovich) Typology
of Causative Constructions, Nauka: Leningrad, 1969;
(ed. A.A. Kholodovich) Typology of Passive Constructions, Nauka:
Leningrad, 1974; (ed. V.P. Nedjalkov) Typology of Resultative
Constructions, Amsterdam, 1988; (ed. V.S. Xrakovskij) Typology of
Iterative Constructions, LINCOM EUROPA, Munchen, 1997; etc.
The monograph focuses on imperative sentences and verb forms used in
them. The main objective of this work is, by proceeding from the
universal definition of the imperative concept, to describe the
imperative sentences from the angle of language typology.
The volume consists of three parts. Part 1 contains two chapters:
Chapter 1, outlining the theoretical concept of the research, and
Chapter 2, presenting a questionnaire on imperative sentences and
imperative verb forms. Part 2 contains 23 chapters on imperative
sentences in structurally different languages: Aleut, Armenian,
Bamana, Cambodian, English, Eskimo, Ewe, French, German, Gypsy, Hausa,
Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Kerek, Klamath, Maori, Mongol, Nivkh,
Tagalog, Turkic languages, Vietnamese, and Javanese. These 23 chapters
are grouped into five sections in consistence with five types of
languages that are singled out basing on two major attributes: (i)
presence or absence of a specific imperative person/number paradigm,
and (ii) homogeneity or non-homogeneity of the forms in the imperative
paradigm. Part 3 provides an alternative interpretation of the
imperative paradigm that differs from the theory developed in the
preceding chapters both in its general approach and in specific
aspects of analysis.
The contributors to the volume are: researchers from Saint Petersburg
Institute of Linguistic Research (Agus Salim, T. G. Akimova, L. A.
Biriulin, N. B. Vaxtin, A. P. Volodin, E. V. Golovko, E. Yu. Gruzdeva,
I. B. Dolinina, N. A. Kozintseva, E. E. Kordi, D. M. Nasilov, A. Yu.
Rusakov, M. A. Smirnova, N. M. Spartar, V. A. Stegnij, V. S.
Xrakovskij), Oriental Faculty of the Saint Petersburg State University
(I. S. Bystrov, N. A. Dobronravin, E. A. Kuzmenkov, L. V. Malygina, A.
K. Ogloblin, G. E. Rachkov), as well as linguists from other research
institutions of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam: X. F. Isxakova, and
M. S. Polinskaja (Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of
Sciences), V. M. Alpatov (Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian
Academy of Sciences), M. B. Bergelson (Institute of the Russian
Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Kofi O. Agbodjo and
V. P. Litvinov (Pyatigorsk Pedagogical Institute), S. M. Kibardina
(Vologda Pedagogical Institute), Sh. S. Safarov (Samarkand Pedagogical
Institute), and N. V. Stankevich (Hanoi University).

The book is supplied with an extensive bibliography.

ISBN 389586 542 7. 
LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 09. 
Ca. 500 pp. USD 84 / DM 148 / � 48. 

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