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  1. ilsa, UCI Working Papers in Linguistics

Message 1: UCI Working Papers in Linguistics

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 23:15:09 -0800 (PST)
From: ilsa <>
Subject: UCI Working Papers in Linguistics

Irvine Linguistics Students Association (ILSA) is pleased to announce the
publication of UCI Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 6 (2000).


UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 6 (2000)
Edited by Ruixi Ai, Francesca Del Gobbo, Maki Irie and Hajime Ono

Articles appearing in the sixth volume are:

Hiroshi Hasegawa: A Note on Traces/Copies and LF Movement of Reflexives
Hidehito Hoshi: After Spell-Out: A Theory of Computation in PF
Hajime Ikawa: On the Presence of SPEC Elements and the Absence of
 Complements in Functional Projections in Japanese: Deriving their
Jaeshil Kim: Two Types of Phonological Strength:
 Segmental Strength vs. Positional Strength
Patricia Schneider-Zioga: Anti-Agreement and the Fine Structure of the
 Left Periphery
Matthew Whelpton: A Peripheral Modifier Infinitive: Sub-, Ad-, or
Di Wu: The Metrical Structure in Chinese Regulated Verses
Ed Zoerner and Brian Agbayani: Verbal Deletion - A Moving Experience

US$16, plus shipping and handling


Also available:
UCI Dissertations in Linguistics

Agbayani, Brian (1998) Feature attraction and Category Movement
Griffith, Teresa A (1996) Projecting Transitivity and Agreement
Ikawa, Hajime (1996) Overt Movement as a Reflex of Morphology
Ishii, Toru (1997) An Asymmetry in the Composition of Phrase
 Structure and its Consequences
Li, Xiaoguang (1997) Deriving Distributivity in Mandarin Chinese
Liu, Cheng-Sheng (1999) Anaphor in Mandarin Chinese and Binding
 at the Interface
Takano, Yuji (1996) Movement and Parametric Variation in Syntax
Tang, Sze-Wing (1998) Parametrization of Features in Syntax
Zoerner, Cyril Edward (1995) Coordination: The Syntax of &P

US$16 each, plus shipping and handling


UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 5 (1999)
Edited by Francesca Del Gobbo and Hidehito Hoshi

Articles appearing in the fifth volume are:

Brian Agbayani: A Note on English Subjects
Francesca Del Gobbo: Nominal Phrases in Mandarin and Cantonese
Teresa Griffith: Morphology is Meaningful: Verbal Markers in Tagalog
Naomi Harada: On Certain Differences between English and Japanese Verbs
Hidehito Hoshi: The Bare NP-Movement Hypothesis and "Scrambling"
Kazue Takeda: Multiple-Headed Relatives, Clefts with Multiple Foci, and
 Multiple 'Slucing'
Sze-Wing Tang: Some Speculations about the Syntax of Noun Phrases
Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai: The Hows of Why and the Whys of How
Matthew Whelpton: "The Resumptive Infinitive", Pronominal Binding
 and Control
Di Wu: An Investigation of Labial Dissimilation in Chinese

US$16, plus shipping and handling


UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 4 (1998).
Edited by Hidehito Hoshi

Articles appearing in the fourth volume are:

Brian Agbayani: Chain Types and Optionality
Naomi Harada: Toward a restrictive Theory of parameters:
 Interactions between Functional and lexical Categories
Hidehito Hoshi: Overt Case Features and "Bare NP"-Movement
Toru Ishii: Islands and Movement Types
Murat Kural: Verb Movementin English and Morphological Transparency
Chen-Sheng Liu: Parallelism and Economy
Kazue Takeda: Single Consonant Reduplication and Causative Formation in Kammu
Sze-Wing Tang: Bare and Not-so-Bare Small Clauses: Evidence from Japanese

US$16, plus shipping and handling


Volume 3 (1997) Edited by Luther Chen-Sheng Liu and Kazue Takeda

Articles appearing in the third volume are:

Brian Agbayani: Category Raising, Adjunction, and Minimality
Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng: "Partial" Wh-Movement
Naoki Fukui: Attract and the A-over-A Principle
Toru Ishii: The " Crossing" Constraint and the Minimal Link Condition
Luther Chen-Sheng Liu: Light Verb and Accusative-ing Gerund in Taiwanese
Yuji Takano: Scrambling and Partial Object Shift
Kazue Takeda: A Note on Locality of Category Movement and Feature Movement
Sze-Wing Tang: The Parametric Approach to the Resultative Construction in
 Chinese and English
Miyoko Yashui: Identification of Ellipses and Other Empty Categories

US$16, plus shipping and handling


Volume 2: Proceedings of the South Western Optimality Theory Workshop (SWOT
II). Edited by Brian Agbayani and Naomi Harada

US $14, plus shipping and handling

Volume 1. Edited by Brian Agbayani, Kazue Takeda and Sze-Wing Tang

US $14, plus shipping and handling

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'ILSA-ASUCI'. We cannot accept credit card payment. Payment must be in US
funds, drawn on a US bank. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Send order
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Irvine Linguistics Students Association,
School of Social Sciences,
University of California, Irvine,
Irvine, CA 92697, U.S.A.


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Irvine Linguistics Students Association (ILSA)
School of Social Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-5100, U.S.A.
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