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Sun Jan 21 2001

Qs: wanna contraction, William's Syndrome

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  1. Gerardo Salgueiro, wanna contraction and similar phenomena
  2. John Clarke, William's Syndrome

Message 1: wanna contraction and similar phenomena

Date: 19 Jan 2000 02:23:56 -0000
From: Gerardo Salgueiro <>
Subject: wanna contraction and similar phenomena

I am a Galician student of linguistics and am interested in Generative
grammar. I�m working on the claim that traces are real, that they have
effects in the phonetic form of the structure. I have found two good
examples similar to wanna contraction in Galician and I am looking for
further relevant information in other languages. I would appreciate to
be sent as many suggestions as possible on the issue.

Thank you very much:
 Gerardo Salgueiro
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Message 2: William's Syndrome

Date: 19 Jan 2000 01:43:15 -0000
From: John Clarke <>
Subject: William's Syndrome

I am an MA student at the University of Essex studying Language
Acquisition and next term I will hopefully be involved with a research
team for my research assignment looking into particular morphological
and syntactic abilities of those with William's Syndrome. At present I
only have some basic knowledge about the disorder and would be very
interested indeed to hear from others who may be doing their MA or PhD
thesis in this area whether in the UK or not. If anyone has any
interesting information in this area they would be prepared to share
and/or discuss, I would be most grateful. Thank you.

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