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Books: Theoretical/Applied Linguistics

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  1. Iman Saad, Theoretical/Applied Linguistics: Diversity in Language

Message 1: Theoretical/Applied Linguistics: Diversity in Language

Date: Mon, 4 June 2001 13:48:33 +0200
From: Iman Saad <>
Subject: Theoretical/Applied Linguistics: Diversity in Language

New Book Focuses on the Complexities between the English and Arabic
Languages. The Arabic and English languages have developed along
separate lines over the centuries. Thus, it is no surprise that even
apart from purely cultural elements, there are distinctive
characteristics of the two languages that pose particular problems to
native speakers one of one language attempting to learn the other.
Diversity in Language: Contrastive Studies in English and Arabic
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics ($ 29.50, 256 pp.) offers new
views on the contrasts between Arabic and English and on contemporary
theoretical and applied linguistics as well as sociolinguistics.

Edited by Zeinab Ibrahim, Nagwa Kassabgy, and Sabiha Aydelott,
Egyptian scholars affiliated with the American University in Cairo,
the papers in this volume, focus on four main topics - the distinctive
features of the Arabic language, comparative studies between Arabic
and English, style and form, and attitudes and comprehension - of
English and Arabic linguistics and teaching. Written by an
international panel of linguists and writers, the contributors to
Diversity in Language were participants in the First International
Conference on Contrastive Rhetoric, held at the American University in
Cairo in 1999.

The book discusses distinctive features that make the Arabic language
especially difficult for English speakers to understand fully and
intuitively. Comparative studies of English and Arabic, including
research on the acquisition of Arabic or English as a second language,
underscore the concept of diversity. Contributors also investigative
stylistics, a major source of diversity between the two languages.
Practical observations and suggestions will help teachers of Arabic
and English as a second language enable students to better understand
their second language and become more persuasive and effective in
using it.

Diversity in Language is a welcome addition to the bookshelves of
scholars and students of Arabic, contrastive rhetoric, and
linguistics. Teachers of English as a foreign language, even if their
students are not primarily from an Arab-speaking background, will
likewise benefit from the insights made in these contrastive students.

The book includes the following papers:

Arabic Language: Distinctive Features

1. El Said Badawi
An Opinion on the Meanings of I'rab in Classical Arabic: The State of the
Nominal Sentence. Summary in English

2. Huda M.M. Ghali
The Syntax of Colloquial Egyptian Proverbs

3. Devin Stewart
Understanding the Quran in English: Notes on Translation, Form, and
Prophetic Typology

Arabic and English: Comparative Studies

4. Nagwa Kassabgy and Mona Kamel Hassan
Relativization in English and Arabic: A Bidirectional Study

5. Mohammad Al-Khawalda
The Expression of Futurity in the Arabic and English Languages

6. Jehan Allam
A Sociolinguistic Study on the Use of Color Terminology in Egyptian
Colloquial and Classical Arabic

7. Nancy G. Hottel-Burkhart
The Canons of Aristotelian Rhetoric: Their Place in Contrastive
Arabic-English Studies

Writing: Learning Style and Form

8. Maha El Seidi
Metadiscourse in English and Arabic Argumentative Writing: A
Cross-Linguistic Study of Texts Written by American and Egyptian
University Students

9. Cynthia May Sheikholeslami and 
 Nabia el-Taher Makhlouf
The Impact of Arabic on ESL Expository Writing

10. Loubna Abdel Tawab Youssef
Teaching "Form" in English Verse to Arabic Poetry Readers

Language Acquisition: Attitudes and Comprehension

11. Christopher W. Horger
Dialectal Analysis of Freshman Writing Students' Attitudes toward American
and British Dialects

12. Abdel-Hakeem Kasem
The Acquisition of the English Copula by Native Speakers of Lebanese Arabic:
A Developmental Perspective

13. Salwa A. Kamel
Categories of Comprehension in Argumentative Discourse: A Cross-Linguistic


The American University in Cairo Press is celebrating its 40th year as
the Middle East's leading English-Language publisher. Books are
available through Books International (703) 661-1570 in the U.S. and
via European in Europe. For further information on Diversity in
Language and other titles, contact Chris Terry, North American
Marketing Manager at (212) 730-8800, or by fax at (212) 730-1600, or
via e-mail:


Sabiha Aydelott teaches in the Freshman Writing Program at the
American University in Cairo. She has a doctorate in education, with
specialization in reading and writing, from the University of
Tennessee, Knoxville. She has taught in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and
the United States.

Zeinab Ibrahim is the Executive Director of the Center for Arabic
Study Abroad. She received her Ph.D. from Georgetown University. Her
research is in the fields of sociolinguistics and comparative studies.

Nagwa Kassabgy received her M.A. in teaching English as a foreign
language from the American University in Cairo and is English language
instructor at AUC's English Language Institute.

Diversity in Language: Contrastive Studies in English and Arabic
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Edited by Zeinab Ibrahim, Nagwa
Kassabgy, and Sabiha Aydelott

U.S. Publication Date: February 2001

ISBN: 977 424 578 4
$ 29.50 (cloth) 256 pp. 6 x 9

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