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Thu Jun 7 2001

Qs: Hindi Stress, Verbal Inflection

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  1. Russell Moon, Hindi stress judgments
  2. Koppen, J.M. van, verbal inflection

Message 1: Hindi stress judgments

Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 10:58:53 -0400
From: Russell Moon <>
Subject: Hindi stress judgments


I'm seeking native speakers of Hindi from India who would be
willing to assist in a short and simple stress judgment
test. The test can be conducted over email and takes less
than 3 minutes.

If interested, please contact:

Thank you,

Russell Moon
Graduate Assistant
University of Florida
Program in Linguistics
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Message 2: verbal inflection

Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 11:39:40 +0200
From: Koppen, J.M. van <>
Subject: verbal inflection

Dear all,

I am a second year PhD-student at the university of Leiden ( the
etherlands). I am working in a project investigating syntactic
variation in the dialects of Dutch (SAND-project ). Recently I
stumbled upon a strange construction in which the pronominal subject
intervenes between the verbal root and the tense affix. I am now
looking for languages which have the same - or a similar -
construction. The orders I am particularly interested in are:

	verbal root - subject (pronoun/agreement) - tense (affix) 
	verbal root - subject (pronoun) - agreement (affix) 

When you know of a language which has this - or a similar -
construction, could you please respond 
to the following e-mail address : 

I will post a summary. 

	thanks a lot,

	Marjo van Koppen.
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