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Sun Jun 10 2001

Calls: Neuro-Fuzzy Technologies, Legal Discourse

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  1. ICSC-NAISO, Neuro-Fuzzy Technologies - NF 2002
  2. Anne Wagner, Legal Discourse and Social Inquiry

Message 1: Neuro-Fuzzy Technologies - NF 2002

Date: Legal Discourse and Social Inquiry
Subject: Neuro-Fuzzy Technologies - NF 2002


First International ICSC Conference on Neuro-Fuzzy Technologies
NF 2002
to be held in 
Havana, Cuba
January 16 - 19, 2002

International Computing Sciences Conventions (ICSC)
Natural and Artificial Intelligence Systems Organization (NAISO) 

During the past decade, paradigms and benefits from neuro fuzzy 
systems (NF) have been growing tremendously. Today, not only does NF
solve scientific problems, but its applications are also appearing in
our daily lives.

In order to discuss the state of the art in NF and the future of these
exciting topics; we are honored to invite you to Neuro-Fuzzy 2002. We
believe it will be an excellent opportunity to share our knowledge on NF
and contribute to its development in the next century.

This major international conference will be held in a very 
enjoyable location: Havana, the capital of Cuba, where we hope you will
experience the famous Cuban hospitality.


Honorary Chair:
Prof. Hans-Juergen Zimmermann, Germany (

General Chair:
Hans-Heinrich Bothe, Denmark (

Special Scientific Events Chair:
Alberto Ochoa, Cuba (

Scientific Program Chair:
Hans Hellendoorn, The Netherlands (

Scientific Program Co-Chair:
Pedro Gonzalez Lanza, Cuba (

Local Committee Chair:
Orestes Llanes-Santiago, Cuba (

Local Committee Co-Chair:
Abelardo del Pozo Quintero, Cuba (

Publication Chair:
Antonio Di Nola, Italy (

Publication Committee Co-Chair:
Vincenzo Loia, Italy (

Administration and Finance Chair:
ICSC-NAISO Operating Division The Netherlands

TOPICS SUGGESTED (not limited to)

- Advanced Neuro and Fuzzy Paradigms 
- Data Granulation and Fuzzy Rule Extraction 
- Advanced Training Algorithms 
- Evolutionary Computation (GA, GP, ET) and Graphical Models
- Chaotic Behavior and Fractals 
- Apllications in signal processing, control, robotics, etc. 

Of particular interest are applications from the following fields: Sound
and image processing, pattern recognition, image 
understanding, feature binding, perception, sensor fusion, 
controller design, state observation, motor control, mobile
robotics, autonomous navigation, deliberation and planning, active
anchoring, gain-scheduling, fault detection, hardware solutions, data
mining, financing, e-commerce. 

Anderson P., USA 
Antonsson A.K., USA
Baldwin J.F., United Kindom
Bandemer H., Germany 
Bezdek J., USA 
Bonnisone P., USA
Bosc P., France
Carlsson Ch., Finland 
Dubois D., France 
Esogbue A. O., USA 
Fyfe C., United Kindom 
Gallard R., Argentina
Gottwald S., Germany 
Grabisch M., France
Halmague S.K., Australia
Heiss-Czedik D., Austria
Heiss M., Austria 
Hoehle U., Germany
Jentzen Jan, Denmark 
Kalaykov Ivan, Sweden
Kandel A.,Tampa, USA
Kacprzyk J., Poland
Klement E. P., Austria 
Kruse R., Germany 
Kuncheva L., United Kindom 
Mamdani E., United Kindom 
Marichal G.N., Spain
Nauck Detlef, United Kindom 
Pap E., Yugoslavia 
Pedrycz W., Canada, 
Roubens M., Belgium 
Runkler Th., Germany 
Steele N., United Kindom
Suemitsu W. I., Brasil
Sugeno M., Japan 
Surmann H., Germany 
Takagi T., Japan 
TYrksen I. B., Toronto, Canada
Ulieru M., Canada
Vasilakos T., Greece
Verdegay, J. L., Spain
Zamarre-o J., Spain

DTU: Technical University of Denmark
IFSA: International Fuzzy Systems Association
ISPJAE: Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echeverria
ICIMAF: Instituto De Cibernetica, Matematica y Fisica
UCLV: Universidad de Las Villas
UO: Universidad de Oriente
RAC: Red de Automatica de Cuba
Ministerio de Educacion Superior de la Republica de Cuba
Ministerio de la Informatica y las Comunicaciones de la Republica de
Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente de la Republica de
ICSC-NAISO Canada / The Netherlands

Updated information on special events such as keynotes /
plenary presentations, tutorials, workshops, panel sessions,
invited / plenary sessions will be available on the NF2002 web site:

The organization of invited sessions is encouraged. Prospective 
organizers are requested to send a session proposal (consisting 
of 4-5 invited papers, the recommended session-chair and 
co-chair, as well as a short statement describing the title and the
purpose of the session) to the respective symposium chair or the
congress organizer. Invited sessions should preferably start with a
tutorial paper. The registration fee of the session organizer will be
waived, if at least 4 authors of invited papers register to the

Poster presentations are encouraged for people who wish to receive peer
feedback, and practical examples of applied research are particularly
welcome. Poster sessions will allow the presentation and discussion of
respective papers, which will also be included in the conference

Pre-conference tutorials on specific relevant topics are planned.
Proposals for a tutorial must include the title, topics covered,
proposed speakers, targeted audience and estimated length 
(preferably 2 or 4 hours). The proposal must be submitted to the general
chair, the scientific program chair and the congress 
organizer by June 30, 2001. Tutorial papers of max 15 pages can be
included in the conference proceedings. 

Interested scientists are encouraged to organize a workshop on their
particular field of research. Workshops consist of several 
presentations or open discussions on a specific subject. The 
proposal must include the title, the topics covered, the proposed
speakers, the targeted audience and the estimated length. It should be
submitted to the general chair, the scientific program chair and the
congress organizer by June 30, 2001. Joint or edited workshop papers of
max 35 pages can be included in the 
conference proceedings.

Submission of papers can be done through our web site.
If you submit a paper you will receive a notification e-mail with your
paper number. Please use this reference number in the subject line in
all correspondence and send us a draft paper by email for review by the
International Program Committee. Please do not send us any hard copies. 
Please check our website for further instructions.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2001 (extended)
Notification of Acceptance: September 30, 2001 (extended)
Delivery of Final Manuscripts: October 31, 2001
Conference NF'2002: January 16-19, 2002

ICSC- NAISO The Netherlands (Operating Division)
P.O. Box 1091
3360 BB Sliedrecht
The Netherlands
Fax: +31-184-421065 (NF'2002 Congress)

General information: (Operating Division) (Planning Division) 
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Message 2: Legal Discourse and Social Inquiry

Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 07:47:35 +0000
From: Anne Wagner <>
Subject: Legal Discourse and Social Inquiry


CALL FOR PAPERS for the following colloquium:

"LEGAL DISCOURSE AND SOCIAL INQUIRY: its interpretation and innovative

Content: This colloquium will give contributors the opportunity not only to
re-assess the linguistic descriptions of legal discourses, but also consider
the utility of this means of communication in relation to former and/or
oncoming social, political, legislative or jurisprudential developments. The
topics and aspects to be discussed could be speech acts, conversational
structures, linguistic (grammatical and lexical) phenomena in spoken and
written genres.

Convener: Anne WAGNER (

Extended date of submission:

All abstracts must be submitted to her before the end of July. The languages
used may be English, French.

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