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All: Linguistics Abstracts Online

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Message 1: Linguists Abstracts Online

Date: 11 Jun 2001 15:11:25 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Linguists Abstracts Online

Dear Subscribers,
Over the past three weeks, we have been bringing you news of
developments here at LINGUIST. All of the feedback we have received
has been supportive, positive, and enthusiastic. We reached our goal
of 25 Advisory Board volunteers withing a very short time, and we will
be announcing the panel this week. Again, thanks to all who generously
answered our call.

As you will remember, we have been introducing our new service,
Linguist List Plus, and highlighting the services that will be
available, exclusively through LINGUIST, with your LL+ subscription.
In addition to those already mentioned--access to Glot International
from the LINGUIST homepage, and substantial discounts on Blackwell
books and journals at The Linguist's Bookstore at Blackwell
Publishing, LINGUIST is pleased to introduce Linguistics Abstracts
Online, or LABO. Previously available only to libraries, LABO is now
available to individuals, and included in your subscription to LL+.

What is LABO?

Providing more than 20,000 abstracts from top journals, conferences,
and working papers going back to 1985 (along with a powerful search
function), Linguistics Abstracts Online is a valuable resource

	Conducting quick, accurate, and comprehensive research for
	writing papers.

	Preparing teaching materials for students.

	Compiling bibliographies and checking references.

If your library doesn't have access to LABO, or if you don't have
access to major research facilities, this LL+ service will prove

Linguist List Plus will be available in July, but until then you may
go to:
and register to receive notice when the LL+ subscription site has been 
activated. With your "Early Bird" subscription ($35) you will receive
access to LABO, a free one-year subscription to Glot International, and
substantial savings at the Linguist's Bookstore at Blackwell Publishing.
And, your subscription will help to support LINGUIST and the linguistics 
community, as Blackwell Publishing will generously donate 20% of every 
subscription to LINGUIST List.

The list of journals, conferences, and working papers currently
abstracted in LABO follows this message. And over the next 18 months,
Terry Langendoen, LINGUIST Review Editor, will be adding 90 new
journals, 10 new conferences, and 5 new working papers series. 

We at LINGUIST hope you will find all of these developments to be useful,
and, as always, we welcome your comments and thank you for your support.

Best regards,
			Linguistics Abstracts Online
			 Journals Abstracted 
	 Acta Linguistica Hungarica 
	 Actas Encontro da Associacao Portuguesa de Linguistica 
	 Actes du dix-septieme congres des algonquinistes 
	 AION. Annali del Seminario di studi del Mondo Classico. (Sezione
	 American Speech 
	 Anglistik + Englischunterricht 
	 Annales Universitatis Scientiarum Budapestinensis de Rolando Eotvos
	 Nominatae, Sectio Linguistica 
	 Annali del Dipartimento di Studi del Mondo Classico e del Mediterraneo
	 Antico - Sezione Linguistica 
	 Anthropological Linguistics 
	 Anuario de Linguistica Hispanica Anuario de Linguistica Hispanica
	 Applied Linguistics 
	 Applied Psycholinguistics 
	 Archivo Glottologico Italiano 
	 Augmentative and Alternative Communication 
	 Australian Journal of Linguistics 
	 Belgian Journal of Linguistics 
	 Brain and Language 
	 British Journal of Disorders of Communication 
	 Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology 
	 Casopis pro Moderni Filologii 
	 Cadernos de Estudos Linguisticos 
	 Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure 
	 Cahiers Linguistiques d'Ottawa 
	 Cahiers de Lexicologie 
	 Canadian Journal of Linguistics 
	 Casopis pro Moderni Filologii 
	 Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics 
	 Ceskoslovenska rusistika 
	 Cesky jazyk a literatura 
	 Child Development 
	 Chinese Language Teachers` Association Monograph 
	 Chinese Languages and Linguistics 
	 Chinese Studies 
	 Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 
	 Collection ERA 642 (Aspects, Modalite) 
	 Computational Linguistics 
	 Computer Speech and Language 
	 Computers Translation 
	 Computers and Translation 
	 Contrastive Linguistics 
	 De Nieuwe Taalgids 
	 Descriptive and Applied Linguistics 
	 Deutsche Philologie 
	 Deutsche Sprache 
	 Deutsche Sprache Heft 
	 Dialectologia et Geolinguistica 
	 Die Neueren Sprachen 
	 Discourse Processes 
	 Discourse and Society 
	 Documentacao de Estudos em Linguistica Teorica e Aplicada 
	 English Linguistics 
	 English World-Wide 
	 Estudios de Linguistica 
	 Et al SOL Lingvisticki casopis 
	 Filologiceskije Nauki 
	 First Language 
	 Folia Linguistica 
	 Forum der Letteren 
	 Fuznoslovenski Filolog 
	 General Linguistics 
	 Gengo Kenkyu 
	 Gramma: Nijmeegs Tijdschrift voor Taalkunde 
	 Grazer Linguistische Studien 
	 Hebrew Computational Linguistics 
	 Hebrew Linguistics 
	 Histoire, Epistemologie, Langage 
	 Historiographia Linguistica 
	 Human Studies 
	 Hyelvtudomanyi K&odblac;zlemeenyek 
	 ITL Review of Applied Linguistics 
	 Ife Studies in English Language 
	 Incontri Linguistici 
	 Indian Journal of Linguistics 
	 Indian Linguistics 
	 Institute for Perception Research Report 
	 Interdisciplinair Tijdschrift voor Taal- en Tekstwetenschap 
	 International Journal of American Linguistics 
	 International Journal of Applied Linguistics 
	 International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics 
	 International Journal of Lexicography 
	 International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 
	 International Journal of Sign Language 
	 International Journal of Sign Linguistics 
	 International Journal of the Sociology of Language 
	 Izvestija Akademii Nauk, Serija Literaturi i Jazika 
	 Jazykovedne aktuality 
	 Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics 
	 Journal of Celtic Linguistics 
	 Journal of Child Language 
	 Journal of Chinese Linguistics 
	 Journal of East Asian Linguistics 
	 Journal of English Linguistics 
	 Journal of French Language Studies 
	 Journal of Human Sciences 
	 Journal of Information Science and Engineering 
	 Journal of Language and Social Psychology 
	 Journal of Linguistics 
	 Journal of Literary Semantics 
	 Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 
	 Journal of Narrative and Life History 
	 Journal of Neuro-linguistics 
	 Journal of Phonetics 
	 Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 
	 Journal of Pragmatics 
	 Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 
	 Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 
	 Journal of Semantics 
	 Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 
	 Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 
	 Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 
	 Journal of West African Studies 
	 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 
	 Journal of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association 
	 Journal of the International Phonetic Association 
	 Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 
	 Juznoslovenski Filolog
	 Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny 
	 LEP Report 
	 La Linguistique 
	 Language Acquisition 
	 Language Awareness 
	 Language Sciences 
	 Language Variation and Change 
	 Language and Cognitive Processes 
	 Language and Communication 
	 Language and Education
	 Language and Linguistics in Melanesia 
	 Language and Literature 
	 Language and Philosophy 
	 Language and Speech 
	 Language and Style 
	 Language in Society
	 Language, Speech and Hearing Services in Schools 
	 Languages et Linguistique 
	 Leuvense Bijdragen 
	 Lexique Lietuviu Kalbotyros Klausimai
	 Lingivisticae Investigationes 
	 Lingua Nostra 
	 Lingua Posnaniensis 
	 Lingua e Stile 
	 Linguistic Analysis 
	 Linguistic Inquiry 
	 Linguistica Atlantica 
	 Linguistica Nuova ed Antica 
	 Linguistica Pragensia 
	 Linguistica Silesiana 
	 Linguistiche Berichte 
	 Linguistics and Education 
	 Linguistics and Philosophy 
	 Linguistische Berichte 
	 Lingvisticae Investigationes 
	 Lingvisticki casopis 
	 Listy Filologicke 
	 Literary and Linguistic Computing 
	 Literature and Language, Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences 
	 Machine Translation 
	 Magyar Nyelv 
	 Mathematical Linguistics 
	 Mediterranean Language Review 
	 Metaphor and Symbolic Activity 
	 Mind and Language 
	 Munchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 
	 Natural Language Semantics 
	 Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 
	 Nordic Journal of Linguistics 
	 Nsukka Journal of Linguistics and African Languages 
	 Nyelvtudmanyi Kozlemenyek 
	 Nyelvtudomanyi Kozlemenyek 
	 One-soon Her, Language Variation and Change
	 Oceanic Linguistics 
	 Pacific Asia Conference on Formal and Computational Linguistics 
	 Papers and Studies in Contrastive Linguistics 
	 Papers of the Nineteenth Algonquian Conference 
	 Papiere zur Linguistik 
	 Philologica Pragensia 
	 Philologicheskije nauki 
	 Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics 
	 RELC Journal 
	 ROC Computational Linguistics Workshops 
	 Radovi Razdio filoloskih znanosti 
	 Rasprave Zavoda za Jezik 
	 Reading and Writing 
	 Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes 
	 Research on Language and Social Interaction 
	 Review of Applied Linguistics 
	 Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses 
	 Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses 
	 Revista Espanola de Linguistica 
	 Revista de Linguistica Teorica y Aplicada 
	 Revue Quebecoise de Linguistique 
	 Revue Roumaine de Linguistique 
	 Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 
	 Rivista di Linguistica 
	 Russian Linguistics 
	 SOL Lingvisticki casopis 
	 Scandinavian Journal of Logopedics &amp; Phoniatrics 
	 Second Language Research 
	 Slovo a Slovesnost 
	 Sociologije i pedagogije 
	 Sophia Linguistica 
	 Southern African Journal of Applied Language Studies 
	 Special Language - Fachsprache 
	 Speech Communication
	 Speech Communication
	 Sprache und Literatur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 
	 Srpske za filologiju i lingvistiku 
	 Studi Italiani di Linguistica Teorica ed Applicata 
	 Studi Orientali e Linguistici 
	 Studi e Saggi Linguistici 
	 Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 
	 Studia Linguistica 
	 Studia Linguistics 
	 Studia Phonetica Posnaniensia 
	 Studies in Language 
	 Studies in the Linguistic Sciences 
	 Studium Linguistik 
	 Suvremena Lingvistika 
	 TABU, Bulletin voor Nederlandse Taalkunde
	 THEORIA: Revista de Teoria, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 
	 TTT, Interdisciplinair Tijdschrift voor Taal en Tekstwetenschap 
	 Te Reo 
	 Te Rev 
	 The Canadian Journal of Linguistics 
	 The Cyprus Review 
	 The Journal of Information Science and Engineering 
	 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 
	 The Linguistic Review 
	 The Papers of the Eighteenth Algonquian Conference 
	 The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics 
	 The Translator 
	 The Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies 
	 Theoretical Linguistics 
	 Theoria: Revista de Teoria, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 
	 Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse taal-en letterkunde 
	 Trabalhos em Linguistica Aplicada 
	 Transactions of the Philological Society 
	 Travaux de L'Institut de Phonetique d'Aix 
	 Travaux de Linguistique 
	 Travaux de l'Institut de Phonetique d'Aix 
	 Travaux de linguistique 
	 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies 
	 Voprosy Jazykoznanija 
	 Wellington Working Papers in Linguistics 
	 Wiener Linguistiche Gazette 
	 World Englishes 
	 Written Communication 
	 Zbornik Matice srpske za filologiju i lingvistiku 
	 Zbornik Radova 
	 Zeitschrift fur Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 
	 Zeitschrift fur Phonetik, Sprachwissenschaft und Kommunikationsforschung 
	 Zeitschrift fur Sprachwissenschaft 
	 Zhongguo Yuwen
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